What Happens if a PGA Player Runs Out of Balls

In the world of professional golf, precision and accuracy are paramount. PGA (Professional Golfers’ Association) players are highly skilled individuals who rarely lose their golf balls during a round. However, the question of what happens if a PGA player runs out of golf balls is a valid one. In this article, we’ll explore the rules and procedures governing this scenario.

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Rule 5.3: The Lost Ball Rule In professional golf, Rule 5.3 of the Rules of Golf, titled “The Lost Ball Rule,” addresses situations where a player’s ball is lost. If a PGA player’s ball cannot be found within the three-minute search time limit stipulated by this rule, they must proceed under penalty of stroke and distance. This means they must return to the spot from which they last played and re-hit their shot, effectively adding one stroke to their score.

Penalty for Running Out of Balls: PGA players typically carry a full set of 14 golf clubs and several golf balls in their bags, but even the most prepared golfer can have an exceptionally bad day and run out of balls. In such a case, the penalty for running out of golf balls is significant. Each time they lose a ball and cannot find it within the three-minute limit, they incur a penalty stroke and must re-hit from the previous spot. If they run out of golf balls during a round, they could accumulate numerous penalty strokes, severely impacting their score for that hole and the overall round.

Golf Ball Provision by the PGA: To prevent such situations from occurring, the PGA often has a ball sponsor or on-site provision of golf balls during tournaments. PGA officials typically provide identical replacement golf balls to players who run out of them during a round. These replacement balls must conform to the rules of golf, ensuring fairness and consistency.

The “One Ball Rule”: In professional golf, including PGA events, there is a rule known as the “One Ball Rule.” This rule requires players to use the same brand and model of golf ball throughout the entirety of a round. If a player starts a round with a particular brand and model of golf ball, they must continue to use that same ball or a proper replacement if they run out. This rule is in place to prevent any advantage gained from switching to a different ball during a round.

Additional Considerations:

  1. Professional Golfers’ Preparedness: It’s important to highlight that professional golfers are typically well-prepared and have experienced caddies who help them manage their equipment. Caddies often carry extra golf balls in their bags, ensuring that players have an adequate supply throughout the round. This level of preparation minimizes the chances of a PGA player running out of balls.
  2. Local Rules and Tournament Specifics: Sometimes, local rules or tournament-specific rules can come into play. In some tournaments, organizers may provide additional relief options or procedures in case a player runs out of golf balls due to challenging course conditions, such as excessive rough or water hazards. These rules can vary from one event to another and may offer some flexibility.
  3. Impact on Performance: Running out of golf balls and incurring penalty strokes can significantly impact a player’s performance in a tournament. It not only increases their score for that particular hole but can also disrupt their rhythm and mental focus. In professional golf, where every stroke can make a difference in the final outcome, minimizing such mistakes is crucial.
  4. Professionalism of PGA Players: PGA players are known for their professionalism and sportsmanship. When they encounter difficulties on the golf course, they typically handle them with composure and continue to adhere to the rules of the game. This dedication to the integrity of the sport is one of the reasons why professional golf maintains its reputation for fairness and excellence.

Penalties for Running Out of Balls

Penalty TypeDescription
Stroke and DistancePlayer returns to the previous spot where the ball was last played, adds one stroke, and replays.
Lost BallAdds one stroke and returns to the previous spot or the estimated spot where the ball was lost.
Provisional BallIf declared and the original ball is lost, adds one stroke and plays the provisional ball.
Out of BoundsAdds one stroke and returns to the previous spot where the ball crossed the out-of-bounds boundary.
Water HazardAdds one stroke and plays the ball as closely as possible from where it entered the water hazard.

Number of Golf Balls Allowed

Tournament LevelMaximum Number of Balls Allowed
PGA TourNo limit on the number of balls.
US OpenNo limit on the number of balls.
The MastersNo limit on the number of balls.
The OpenNo limit on the number of balls.
Ryder CupNo limit on the number of balls.

Common Reasons for Running Out of Balls

Lost in RoughBall is difficult to find in thick rough.
Water HazardsBall lands in a water hazard and is unplayable.
Out of BoundsBall goes out of bounds and cannot be retrieved.
Dense Wooded AreasBall gets lost in dense trees or bushes.
Extreme WeatherHigh winds or heavy rain can lead to lost balls.

Consequences of Running Out of Balls

DisqualificationThe player is disqualified from the tournament.
Penalty StrokesAccumulates penalty strokes for each lost ball.
Scorecard ErrorsIncorrect scorecard can result in penalties.
FrustrationPlayer may become frustrated, affecting gameplay.
Negative ReputationMay damage a player’s reputation and image.

Strategies to Avoid Running Out of Balls

Course ManagementAvoid risky shots and stay in play to reduce ball loss.
Use Durable BallsChoose golf balls designed for durability.
Extra BallsCarry additional golf balls as spares in the bag.
Ball MarkingMark golf balls with distinctive markings for easy ID.
Stay Calm and FocusedMaintain composure and focus to minimize mistakes.


In conclusion, the scenario of a PGA player running out of golf balls is highly uncommon due to meticulous preparation, the availability of replacement balls, and the expertise of professional golfers. However, the Rules of Golf provide clear guidelines for handling such situations, ensuring that fairness and adherence to the rules are maintained in professional tournaments. Even though the likelihood of running out of golf balls is slim, it remains a testament to the strict standards upheld in the world of professional golf.


What Happens if a PGA Player Runs Out of Balls


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