What Is 3HL Wood

In the world of golf, equipment plays a crucial role in a player’s performance. The 3HL Wood is a specific type of golf club designed to assist golfers in hitting longer and more accurate shots from the fairway. In this article, we’ll explore what a 3HL Wood is, its characteristics, and how it can benefit your golf game.

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Understanding the 3HL Wood

Club Design:

    • The 3HL Wood is a type of fairway wood, which means it is primarily used for shots from the fairway and semi-rough.
    • It features a larger clubhead compared to irons, and its clubface is designed to generate distance and a higher launch angle.
    • The “3HL” designation refers to the loft of the club. In most cases, a 3HL Wood has a loft of around 17 to 19 degrees, which falls between a 3-wood (lower loft) and a 5-wood (higher loft).


    • The primary purpose of a 3HL Wood is to provide golfers with a versatile club that can be used for both distance and accuracy.
    • It is particularly useful for golfers who struggle with long irons or need a club to bridge the gap between their driver and traditional fairway woods.

Advantages of Using a 3HL Wood

Distance and Control:

    • The 3HL Wood’s loft and design allow golfers to achieve considerable distance off the fairway while maintaining good control over the ball.
    • Its loft promotes a higher launch, which can help golfers clear obstacles like bunkers and trees.


    • This club is versatile and can be used off the tee on shorter par-4 holes when accuracy is essential.
    • It’s also an excellent choice for approach shots into par-5 holes, as it can provide the distance needed to reach the green in two shots.

Ease of Use:

    • Golfers often find 3HL Woods easier to hit than low-lofted fairway woods and long irons because of their larger clubhead and more forgiving nature.
    • The club’s design helps players get the ball airborne more easily.

Choosing the Right 3HL Wood

Shaft Flex and Length:

    • Like all golf clubs, the right shaft flex and length are crucial for optimal performance. Players should consider their swing speed and ball flight preferences when selecting a shaft.


    • Some 3HL Woods come with adjustable features that allow players to fine-tune loft and face angle settings. These features can help golfers customize the club to their swing.

Maintaining and Using Your 3HL Wood

Practice and Familiarity:

    • To get the most out of your 3HL Wood, practice and familiarity are essential. Spend time on the range and the course to develop confidence in using this club effectively.
    • Experiment with different ball positions in your stance to find the sweet spot for optimal launch and distance.

Course Management:

    • Incorporating the 3HL Wood into your course management strategy is crucial. Identify situations on the course where it can be most advantageous, such as reaching par-5 greens in two shots or navigating tight fairways.

Ball Selection:

    • Choose the right golf ball to complement your 3HL Wood. Golf balls with a softer feel and spin characteristics can help control the ball’s flight and maximize distance.


    • Regularly inspect and clean your 3HL Wood to ensure it performs at its best. Check for dirt or debris on the clubface, and make sure the grip is in good condition.
    • Keep the clubhead cover on when not in use to protect it from damage.

Custom Fitting:

    • Consider getting custom-fitted for your 3HL Wood. A professional club fitting can optimize the club’s specifications, including shaft type, length, and lie angle, to match your unique swing and physique.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Overestimating Distance:

    • While the 3HL Wood provides distance, it’s essential not to overestimate how far you can hit the ball with it. Practice and experience will help you gauge its capabilities accurately.

Neglecting Fairway Shots:

    • Some golfers primarily use their 3HL Wood as a tee club. Don’t overlook its effectiveness from the fairway or rough, where it can help you advance the ball toward the green with precision.

Skipping Fairway Woods Altogether:

    • Avoid the temptation to jump directly from your driver to long irons without considering the benefits of the 3HL Wood. It can fill a crucial gap in your club selection and improve your overall scoring.

Golf Club Specifications

MaterialClubhead Size (cc)Loft Angle (degrees)Shaft MaterialGrip Type
Stainless Steel175-18516-18SteelMidsize
Carbon Fiber170-18014-16GraphiteOversize
Titanium Alloy185-19515-17GraphiteStandard
Stainless Steel175-18516-18SteelMidsize
Carbon Fiber170-18014-16GraphiteOversize
Titanium Alloy185-19515-17GraphiteStandard

Pros and Cons

AdvantagesDisadvantagesSuitabilityPopular BrandsPrice Range
Forgiving on off-center hitsLimited workabilityHigh handicappersCallaway, TaylorMade$150 – $300
Increased distanceLess controlBeginnersTitleist, Cobra$120 – $250
Versatile clubDifficulty in shaping shotsMid handicappersPing, Cleveland$130 – $270
Higher launch angleNot ideal for advanced playersRecreational playersMizuno, Srixon$140 – $290
Better performance from roughDistance sacrifice on mis-hitsSenior golfersWilson, Adams$110 – $260

Popular Models

BrandModelLoft Angle (degrees)Shaft MaterialGrip Type
CallawayBig Bertha B2116GraphiteStandard
TaylorMadeSIM Max15.5GraphiteMidsize
CobraKing SpeedZone15.5GraphiteMidsize
ClevelandLauncher HB Turbo15.5GraphiteMidsize
WilsonStaff D716GraphiteStandard
AdamsTight Lies16.5GraphiteMidsize

How to Choose the Right One

Player TypePreferred Loft Angle (degrees)Shaft FlexShaft Weight (grams)Grip Size
High Handicappers16-17Regular60-70Standard
Mid Handicappers15.5-16.5Stiff70-80Midsize
Low Handicappers15-16Extra Stiff80-90Oversize
Senior Golfers16-17Senior50-60Standard
Women Golfers15-16.5Ladies40-50Midsize

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a 3HL wood in a golfer’s bag?A 3HL wood provides a balance between distance and accuracy, making it ideal for long shots from the fairway and rough.
Can a 3HL wood be used off the tee for driving?Yes, many golfers use 3HL woods off the tee for accurate and controlled drives, especially on tight or narrow fairways.
How does the loft angle affect the performance of a 3HL wood?A higher loft angle (around 16-17 degrees) helps in launching the ball higher, providing more carry and stopping power on the green.
Is graphite or steel shaft better for a 3HL wood?Graphite shafts are more common in 3HL woods due to their lighter weight, which helps increase clubhead speed and distance for most players.
What grip size is suitable for a 3HL wood?Grip size depends on the player’s hand size. Most golfers find standard or midsize grips comfortable, but it’s essential to try different sizes.


In summary, the 3HL Wood is a valuable addition to a golfer’s bag, providing distance, control, and versatility. Its design allows golfers to handle a variety of situations on the golf course, making it a popular choice for many players. When choosing a 3HL Wood, be sure to consider factors like shaft flex, adjustability options, and personal playing style to maximize its benefits and improve your overall performance on the course.

What Is 3HL Wood


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