What Is A Golf Umbrella

A golf umbrella is a specialized type of umbrella designed to provide shelter and protection to golfers during inclement weather conditions, primarily rain, but also from the sun. It is an essential accessory for golfers, as the sport is typically played outdoors, and players need to be prepared for sudden weather changes. In this article, we will delve into the specifics of a golf umbrella, its features, and its importance for golfers.

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Features of a Golf Umbrella

1. Size and Coverage

Golf umbrellas are known for their large size and expansive coverage. They typically have a canopy with a diameter ranging from 60 to 68 inches (152 to 173 cm) or even larger. This size is significantly larger than regular umbrellas, providing ample protection not only for the golfer but also for their equipment, such as golf clubs and bags.

2. Double Canopy Design

Many golf umbrellas feature a double canopy design. This means that the umbrella has two layers of fabric. The primary purpose of this design is to enhance wind resistance. The wind can easily flow through the gaps between the layers, preventing the umbrella from turning inside out during gusty conditions.

3. Durability

Golf umbrellas are built to withstand harsh weather conditions. They are often constructed with durable materials, including reinforced fiberglass or metal shafts and sturdy, water-resistant fabric. This ensures that they can endure both rain and wind without easily succumbing to wear and tear.

4. Ergonomic Handle

The handle of a golf umbrella is typically designed for comfort and ease of use. Many golf umbrellas feature ergonomic, non-slip handles that make it comfortable to grip even in wet conditions. Some handles are designed to be compatible with golf push carts, allowing golfers to attach the umbrella for hands-free protection.

5. UV Protection

In addition to providing shelter from rain, some golf umbrellas also offer UV protection. They have a special coating on the canopy to block harmful UV rays, helping golfers stay protected from the sun’s intense rays during sunny rounds.

Importance of a Golf Umbrella

1. Weather Protection

The primary purpose of a golf umbrella is to protect golfers from adverse weather conditions, especially rain. A sudden downpour can disrupt a game of golf and leave players soaked, affecting their performance and comfort. A golf umbrella helps keep players dry and allows them to continue their game even when the weather takes a turn for the worse.

2. Equipment Protection

Golf clubs and bags can be quite expensive, and they need to be kept dry to maintain their quality and performance. A golf umbrella’s large coverage area ensures that both the golfer and their equipment stay dry during rain showers, preventing damage and rusting of clubs.

3. Sun Protection

On sunny days, a golf umbrella can provide shade and protection from harmful UV rays. This is particularly important to prevent sunburn and reduce the risk of heat-related issues while out on the golf course.

4. Wind Resistance

Golf courses are often open and exposed to the elements, making them susceptible to windy conditions. The double canopy design of golf umbrellas helps prevent them from flipping inside out, ensuring that they remain functional and reliable even in breezy weather.

How to Choose the Right Golf Umbrella

Now that we understand the significance of a golf umbrella, it’s essential to know how to choose the right one to meet your needs and preferences. Here are some factors to consider when selecting a golf umbrella:

1. Size and Coverage

The size of the umbrella is a critical factor to consider. A larger canopy provides more extensive coverage, ensuring both you and your equipment stay dry. However, larger umbrellas can be more challenging to maneuver in tight spaces or strong winds. Choose a size that strikes a balance between coverage and convenience based on your preferences and the typical weather conditions at your golf course.

2. Material and Durability

Look for a golf umbrella constructed from high-quality materials. Most golf umbrellas use water-resistant fabric, such as nylon, polyester, or pongee, which is both durable and effective at repelling rain. The frame should be sturdy, typically made of fiberglass or metal. Ensure that the umbrella’s construction can withstand wind and rain without easily breaking or flipping.

3. Wind Resistance

As mentioned earlier, the double canopy design is excellent for wind resistance. Additionally, some golf umbrellas feature vented canopies that allow wind to pass through, reducing the risk of the umbrella inverting during strong gusts. Consider these features if you frequently encounter windy conditions on the golf course.

4. Handle and Grip

The handle of the umbrella should be comfortable to hold, especially in wet conditions. Ergonomic and non-slip handles are popular choices for golf umbrellas. Some handles are also designed with a strap or loop, allowing you to attach the umbrella to a golf push cart or carry it hands-free.

5. UV Protection

If you often play golf in sunny climates, consider an umbrella with UV protection. Look for umbrellas with a UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) rating to ensure they block harmful UV rays effectively.

6. Portability

While golf umbrellas are larger than standard umbrellas, they should still be relatively easy to carry. Look for umbrellas that come with a protective sleeve or case, making it convenient to transport and store when not in use.

7. Price and Brand

The price of golf umbrellas can vary widely. Set a budget and explore options within that range. Established brands often offer reliable and well-constructed golf umbrellas, but there are also quality options from lesser-known manufacturers. Read reviews and consider the warranty offered with the umbrella to assess its overall value.

Golf Umbrella Features

FeatureDescriptionSizeMaterialWind Resistance
Canopy DiameterThe diameter of the umbrella canopy60 inchesPolyesterYes
Shaft MaterialMaterial of the umbrella’s shaftFiberglassAluminumYes
Handle TypeType of handle (e.g., ergonomic grip)RubberizedWoodenNo
Canopy ColorColor options available for the canopyBlackNavy BlueRed
UV ProtectionUV protection ratingUPF 50+UPF 30+UPF 40+
WeightWeight of the umbrella1.2 lbs1.5 lbs1.0 lbs
Folded LengthLength when the umbrella is folded36 inches42 inches32 inches
Auto-OpenDoes it have an automatic open feature?YesNoYes
Price RangePrice range for the umbrella$20 – $40$15 – $30$30 – $50
DurabilityDurability rating (out of 5)

Popular Golf Umbrella Brands

BrandDescriptionCanopy MaterialWindproof TechnologyPrice Range
TitleistKnown for high-quality golf equipmentPolyesterDouble canopy design$30 – $60
CallawayOffers a wide range of golf accessoriesNylonFiberglass shaft$20 – $50
TaylorMadePopular among professional golfersPolyesterWindSheer technology$40 – $70
NikeTrusted brand for sports gearPolyesterVented canopy$25 – $55
Procella GolfSpecializes in premium golf umbrellasPongeeDual canopy system$50 – $90
CobraKnown for innovative golf productsPolyesterReinforced frame$35 – $65
PingOffers a range of golf accessoriesNylonWind-resistant vents$30 – $60
MizunoRenowned for golf equipment and apparelPolyesterDouble canopy design$40 – $70
Sun MountainFocuses on golf gear and accessoriesPolyesterWindproof vents$30 – $60
Under ArmourOffers a variety of sports and golf-related gearNylonStormproof technology$25 – $55

Golf Umbrella Sizes

SizeDiameter (inches)
Golfing Windproof62
Double Canopy64

Golf Umbrella Materials

PolyesterLightweight, water-resistant, common choice
PongeeSoft and smooth, excellent for printing
NylonDurable and tear-resistant
FiberglassLightweight and flexible
AluminumLightweight and corrosion-resistant
WoodTraditional and aesthetically pleasing
EVA FoamComfortable handle material
Teflon CoatingWater and stain repellent
UV-ResistantBlocks harmful UV rays
SteelHeavy-duty and sturdy

Golf Umbrella Care Tips

Care TipDescription
Open and Dry After UseAllow the umbrella to fully dry before storing it.
Store in a Cool, Dry PlacePrevents mold and mildew growth.
Clean Canopy RegularlyUse mild soap and water to remove dirt and stains.
Check for Damaged Ribs or FrameRepair or replace damaged parts promptly.
Use a Protective Sleeve or CoverProtects the umbrella during storage and transport.
Avoid Strong WindsHigh winds can damage the umbrella.
Lubricate Moving Parts AnnuallyKeeps the mechanism smooth and functional.
Avoid Direct Sunlight for Extended PeriodsUV exposure can fade the canopy.
Don’t Use as a Walking AidExcessive pressure can damage the frame.
Inspect the Handle and Grip RegularlyEnsure they’re secure and comfortable.
Choose the Right Size for Your NeedsMatch the umbrella size to your preferences.



In conclusion, a golf umbrella is an essential accessory for golfers, providing protection from rain, sun, and wind while ensuring the safety of your golf equipment. By considering factors like size, material, wind resistance, handle comfort, and UV protection, you can select the perfect golf umbrella to enhance your golfing experience and keep you comfortable in various weather conditions. Remember that investing in a high-quality golf umbrella is an investment in your comfort and enjoyment on the golf course.

What Is A Golf Umbrella


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