White Golf Pants Not See Through

Golf is a popular sport that requires specific attire, including collared shirts, proper shoes, and non-distracting pants. One of the challenges with golf pants is finding a white pair that is not see through. Transparency can be embarrassing and distracting for both the player and other golfers, so it is important to choose pants that are both comfortable and opaque. In this article, we will explore the best options for white golf pants that are not see through.

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When it comes to finding opaque white golf pants, the material is key. Look for pants made from thicker materials like cotton or polyester blends. These materials tend to be more durable and less see through than thinner fabrics like linen or silk. Additionally, pants with a small percentage of spandex or elastane can provide extra stretch and comfort without compromising opacity.


In addition to material, the fit of your white golf pants can also impact how see through they appear. Avoid pants that are too tight or too loose as both can result in transparency. Instead, opt for a slim or straight fit that allows for movement while still providing coverage.


Another factor to consider when shopping for white golf pants is the brand. Some golf brands are known for producing opaque and high-quality pants, while others may have thinner or less durable materials. Look for trusted brands like Nike, Under Armour, and Adidas that offer golf-specific lines. These brands often use high-quality materials and prioritize performance on the course.


When it comes to white golf pants, the shade of white can also impact their opacity. Bright white pants may be more see through than off-white or cream-colored pants. While these shades may not be as traditional for golf attire, they can still be stylish and provide more coverage on the course.

Care and Maintenance

Proper care and maintenance of your white golf pants can also help to preserve their opacity over time. Follow the care instructions on the label and avoid using harsh detergents or bleach. It is also recommended to wash white pants separately or with like colors to prevent dye transfer. If possible, avoid drying white pants in direct sunlight or high heat as this can cause yellowing or fading.

Consider Layering

Another option for golfers concerned about transparency is to layer their clothing. Wearing shorts or leggings underneath white golf pants can provide an extra layer of coverage and prevent see through. However, be sure to choose lightweight and breathable fabrics to avoid overheating on the course.

Test Before

You Buy When shopping for white golf pants, it can be helpful to try them on in a well-lit area or even test them out under bright lighting to check for transparency. If possible, wear flesh-colored underwear to get a better idea of how the pants will look in real-life situations.

Alternative Options

If finding opaque white golf pants proves to be too challenging, there are alternative options available. Consider wearing khaki or beige golf pants as these colors are less likely to be see through. Additionally, wearing shorts or skorts can be a comfortable and stylish option for golfers in warm weather .

Top-rated white golf pants for women

NikeDri-FIT UVPolyester/spandex$704.8/5
Under ArmourLinksNylon/elastane$854.7/5
AdidasUltimate365Recycled polyester/elastane$654.6/5
Greg NormanML75Polyester/spandex$754.1/5
LululemonOn the FlyNulu™/Lycra®$984.0/5
TitleistTour SoftPolyester/spandex$703.9/5

Men’s white golf pants with moisture-wicking properties

Under ArmourShowdownPolyester/elastane$80Yes
Greg NormanPlay DryPolyester/spandex$70Yes
TitleistTour SoftPolyester/spandex$70Yes

White golf pants with stretch fabric for ease of movement

BrandStyleMaterialPriceStretch Fabric
NikeDri-FIT UVPolyester/spandex$70Yes
Under ArmourShowdownPolyester/elastane$80Yes
AdidasUltimate365Recycled polyester/elastane$65Yes
Greg NormanPlay DryPolyester/spandex$70Yes
TitleistTour SoftPolyester/spandex$70Yes

Affordable white golf pants for both men and women

Amazon EssentialsClassic-FitPolyester/elastane$254.5/5
PGA TOURFlat FrontPolyester/spandex$354.4/5
LeePerformance SeriesPolyester/spandex$404.3/5
HaggarCool 18 ProPolyester/spandex$454.2/5
IZODClassic FitPolyester/spandex$504.1/5
DockersClassic FitCotton/elastane$554.0/5
Van HeusenFlex Flat FrontPolyester/spandex$603.9/5
Calvin KleinSlim FitPolyester/spandex$653.8/5
Tommy HilfigerCorePolyester/spandex$753.6/5


Overall, finding white golf pants that are not see through requires attention to material, fit, brand, and color. By choosing thicker materials, a comfortable yet opaque fit, trusted brands, and alternative shades of white, golfers can confidently wear white pants on the course without worrying about transparency. With the right pair of pants, golfers can focus on their swing and the game ahead.


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