Who Makes Convertible Tops for Golf Carts

The production of convertible tops for golf carts is typically done by specialized manufacturers who create custom-fit products for specific golf cart models. Some popular companies that produce golf cart convertible tops include:

  1. DoorWorks – DoorWorks is a leading manufacturer of golf cart enclosures and covers, including convertible tops. Their products are designed to fit most major golf cart brands and models.
  2. Greenline Golf Cart Covers – Greenline is a company that specializes in creating durable golf cart covers and enclosures. They offer a range of convertible top options designed for various golf cart models.
  3. Bestop – Bestop is a company that produces a range of high-quality vehicle covers and accessories, including convertible tops for golf carts. Their products are known for their durability and excellent fit.
  4. Eevelle – Eevelle is a manufacturer of protective covers for a variety of vehicles, including golf carts. They offer a selection of convertible tops designed to fit popular golf cart brands and models.

Top 5 Convertible Top Manufacturers for Golf Carts

ManufacturerLocationYear EstablishedPopular ModelsWebsite
1. Club CarAugusta, GA, USA1958Precedent, Tempo, Onwardwww.clubcar.com
2. E-Z-GOAugusta, GA, USA1954TXT, RXV, Freedomwww.ezgo.com
3. Yamaha GolfKennesaw, GA, USA1979Drive2, Concierge, Adventurerwww.yamahagolfcar.com
4. MadjaxTifton, GA, USA2011Genesis, Monsoon, Madjax Wavewww.golfcartgarage.com
5. Red DotTampa, FL, USA1965Chameleon, Sunbrella, Impactwww.reddotcorp.com

Top 5 Materials Used for Convertible Tops

Material TypeDurabilityWater ResistanceUV ResistanceAestheticsCost
1. VinylHighHighModerateModerateLow
2. SunbrellaHighHighHighHighHigh
3. PolyesterModerateHighModerateModerateLow
4. AcrylicHighModerateHighHighHigh
5. CanvasModerateModerateModerateHighModerate

Top 5 Features of Convertible Tops

FeatureDescriptionEase of InstallationPopularityCustomization
1. Folding MechanismAllows the top to fold back for open-air drivingModerateHighModerate
2. Rear WindowClear window for visibilityModerateHighModerate
3. Zippered EnclosuresZippered sides for easy access and added protection from elementsModerateHighModerate
4. Storage PocketsAdded storage for accessories and valuablesEasyModerateModerate
5. Color OptionsCustomizable colors to match the golf cart bodyN/AHighHigh

Top 5 Maintenance Tips for Convertible Tops

Maintenance TipDescriptionFrequencyImportanceCost
1. Regular CleaningRemove dirt and debris to prevent stainingMonthlyHighLow
2. Water RepellentApply water repellent to maintain resistanceQuarterlyModerateLow
3. UV ProtectionApply UV protectant to prevent fading and damageQuarterlyModerateLow
4. Inspect for DamageCheck for tears, loose stitching, or wearMonthlyHighLow
5. Store ProperlyKeep dry and avoid excessive heat exposureN/AModerateLow

Top 5 Retailers for Golf Cart Convertible Tops

RetailerLocationCustomer ServiceProduct RangePricingWebsite
1. Golf Cart GarageTifton, GA, USAExcellentWideModeratewww.golfcartgarage.com
2. Buggies UnlimitedJacksonville, FL, USAExcellentWideModeratewww.buggiesunlimited.com
3. Everything CartsNashville, TN, USAGoodWideModeratewww.everythingcarts.com
4. Golf Cart KingAustin, TX, USAGoodWideModeratewww.golfcartking.com
5. AmazonOnline RetailerVariesWideVarieswww.amazon.com



Who Makes Convertible Tops for Golf Carts


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