10 Club Golf Bag

Although a minimalist approach would be best, however, if you are looking for the best combo for 10 club golf bags then I have got recommendations that will cover you up from almost all angles.

Before I begin my suggestion I am assuming that you are always carrying the 10-club golf bag. The combo discussed below will help cover all the courses. But if you are going to go to a specific course every time then you may already know the best combination needed. Because at some clubs you can manage with up to 8 clubs and complete the course.

For the others, you would need a complete bag to end on a decent score. As it is a requirement to make up a well-balanced 10-club golf bag so here is my recommendation.

The Range Combination

Get a Putter, 58-56 degree wedge, 50-52 degree wedge, 44-46 degree iron, 38-40 degree iron, 32-34 degree iron, 26-28 degree iron, 20-22 degree hybrid, 14-16 degree iron and a 10-degree driver.

It is a complete set that would help you cover most of the situations. Even if you are just starting out and on a budget then you can get the set in the above range.

I have intentionally made the degrees in range so that you can find what is available for you and then complete your bag with them. There must be something available for everybody if you are looking into the above-mentioned combination.

Already Have a Set

If you already have got the irons then you can take them to club maker. He would adjust the loft angles with the above bracket range. It would be good only if you are sure that a small change in degrees won’t damage your club set. If the above degrees fall out of range of your current equipment then going to a clubmaker would actually be very risky.

In such a case, I would recommend that you purchase a new set for yourself. Analyze your style of the game and see what suits you best in terms of the degrees mentioned above. For a 10-bag golf bag, it can be a bit challenging as you would be compromising in certain aspects but if the above combination is followed then you can be sure about getting out of tricky situations with chosen clubs.

Give a Custom Order

There are also custom options available. Most club manufacturer brands do offer custom fittings. You can call them, explain your requirement and it is very likely that they will adjust the clubs to your preference. However, this may not be the case if you already have a complete set and want to get the angles changed via your manufacturer.

If you still feel that the above combination is somewhat empty then you can give your suggestions in the comment box. You may get surprised that I have known lads who play par 70 to par 80 courses with only 4 clubs in their bags. Its the mindset they are in which helps them get through the course with just few shots above the par score.

But it is worth mentioning here that none of them whom I have known have completed any course under the par score. There are many factors why this is so but one of them certainly is that they don’t have the complete equipment to cover the entire versatility of the golf course.

The point of sharing this point here is to stress the fact that no golf bag combination is completely perfect. The ideal combination varies from person to person based on their playing style. You will need to tweak the combination based on your game. What works for you may not work for everybody.

The purpose of sharing the above combo is to create a common standing ground for everybody. It is a path which you can follow. It is not the line that you have to trace perfectly.

Rest assured, the focus should be on enjoying the game. Good quality forgiving equipment can hide your errors and make you a better player with an 8 or 10-bag golf club.

10 club golf bag



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