Best Colored Golf Ball for Fall

Are you thinking about what is the best-colored golf ball for fall then you are not alone? We all have faced this problem and it actually is a pain to find an orange ball within orange-brown foliage.

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The answer is actually quite tough to find the exact best color ball to play in the fall. There are a lot of factors involved in this such as the time of the fall you are playing golf, what time of the day is it, and what is the texture of the golf ball is it shiny or matte.

Another significant factor is the Rod and Cones in our eyes. Everybody has a different concentration of these cells in the eyes. A color appearing very sharp to your eyes may actually be just sharp to the other. There are subtle differences and they can create a difference when you are selecting a golf ball to play with during the fall.

One more contributing factor is actually the type of grass and leaves at the golf course. Different trees have different leaves. Also, how the fall changes its colors varies from one tree to another.

Bright orange may help in one course but may fail in another.

So it depends on what is color lies right in the middle that can work ‘almost’ under all conditions but still not perfect. To give you an idea white color actually can be great if you are playing the game in the second half of the day.

The sunlight is less and the light is less. White ball will reflect the most light and would appear bright under dim withering cracking leaves.

If you are playing in the first half of the day then shiny pink would actually help. As the ball would be prominent in the foliage. I am not aware of any type of leaves that turns pink when they are drying up.

If you are planning to get bright orange then they might help if you are in a golf course where the leaves turn brown instead of orange. It would be difficult to find the perfect condition for an orange ball.

Yellow ball will fail as well just like the orange ball mainly because leaves when drying up go from green to yellow to orange to rustic orange and finally dark brown.

If your ball gets into the fresh fall phase then it would be a messed up process to find the ball.

So whatever color you choose it would be a great idea to get a bright color instead of the matt color. Shiny balls are easier to spot among dead dried leaves. However, if you are playing in the second half of the day and experiencing dew then matt ball would actually be better than the shiny.

Not just because of the reflection but also because the ball would roll further away because of the low friction experienced by the shiny balls.

If you can find a multi-colored sleeve of a golf ball to practice then it can give you the optimum result. At the end of the day you would know what works best for the conditions on the golf course you play the game. Also how your eyes perceive the color on the field.

At the end of the day, the best color will actually be different for you and for somebody else. There is a difference in personal liking and of course the condition of the field.

Best Colored Golf Ball for Fall


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