160 Ball Speed

When compared among good players 160 ball speed is actually a pretty decent one. But would you be able to convert it into something more fruitful that is the main concern?

At the time of impact if you have a good swing technique then it is pretty straightforward for you to hit the ball with high launch speed. The launch monitor shows that you are in the 160s speed range but your distance is not decent. You are under 250 yards. It is something to be concerned about.

The distance gained by the 160 ball speed should be well in the range of 270 to 280 yards. The reason why you are not achieving it can be due to a wrong target line, or loads of spin on the ball or a wrong launch angle. Let’s discuss each one by one.


Wrong Target Line

Hitting the ball towards the hole but because of the wrong dynamics of your swing, you are not able to hit the ball towards the target line at the time of impact. The lack of smoothness in the swing cuts down power from the ball at the time of impact. Also, the trajectory becomes curved.

The ball travels more in the air in a curved path just like a frisbee and you get less distance. To get that fixed you need to work on your swing mechanics. A good swing has all major joints in the body in harmony.

As a result, the ball launches at right angles go straight and has more distance.

So work on your intended target line. Wrong target lines mean the wrong swing as a result of curved paths and less distance for shots off the tee.

Wrong Launch Angle

Choosing the wrong iron or by wrong swing mechanics launching the ball at higher angles. These both factors will make your ball travel lesser. 160 ball speed or 200 ball speed if you are not launching the ball at better angles then you need to work on it.

A ball launched at 45 degrees wills will travel decent. But it all boils down to the terrain you are playing. For some holes, you may need higher lofts for some lesser ones.

A good player would know the angle to get maximum distance. Sometimes staying under 45 degrees is a good way of getting more distance with 160 ball speed. While for others going above 45 degrees is sensible. So there is no one definite answer when it comes to the launch angle.

But if you are launching a ball above 60 degrees then do not expect your ball to do wonders in terms of distance. It is a clear indication that you need to work on your technique and improve the launch angle.

Too Much Spin

Let’s get into basic physics. If you are hitting the ball at 160 ball speed and still not getting the distance even with the right loft angle then what could be the problem? It is the spin. Look at the spin numbers on the launch monitor.

If you are seeing a very high spin number then it means that you are hitting the ball off center. Hitting the ball away from the center means that at the time of impact you are telling the ball to use the imparted energy not only in moving forward but also to rotate along its path.

So the imparted energy gets lost along the trajectory. As a result, you are seeing sub 250 yards distances on the ball. Practice hitting the ball in the center. You may need to see your swing in slow motion and keep the camera focused on the ball. Measure how you can improve your swing mechanics.

If you have the power in the arms then you need to fix the swing. With practice you wil be able to get consistent results close to 270-280 yards mark with 160 ball speed.

Golfers with 160+ Ball Speed

Golfer NameBall Speed (mph)Launch Angle (degrees)Spin Rate (rpm)Carry Distance (yards)
Bryson DeChambeau165112700330
Cameron Champ16492400315
Rory McIlroy162132200300
Tony Finau161122700320
Dustin Johnson160112300305
Gary Woodland160122600315
Matthew Wolff160102300315
Bubba Watson160142400305
Kyle Berkshire16082100375
J.B. Holmes160122200315


160 Ball Speed vs. Club Selection

Club TypeDistance (yds)Launch Angle (deg)Spin Rate (rpm)Shot Shape
3 Wood260142900Slight Fade
3 Iron220174200Draw
5 Iron190205100Straight
7 Iron160236100Slight Draw
9 Iron135267300Fade
52 Wedge1003210000Straight
56 Wedge853411000Draw
60 Wedge703612000Slight Fade

160 Ball Speed vs. Ball Type

Ball TypeDistance (yds)Launch Angle (deg)Spin Rate (rpm)Shot Shape
Pro V1x17322.23285Draw
Bridgestone RX16821.53430Straight
Callaway ERC165213510Fade
Srixon Z-Star16220.53600Straight
TaylorMade TP5x159203700Draw
Titleist AVX15519.53800Fade
Wilson Staff152193900Straight
Mizuno RB Tour14918.54000Draw
Vice Pro Soft146184100Fade
Maxfli Tour14317.54200Straight

160 Ball Speed vs. Swing Speed

Swing Speed (mph)Distance (yds)Launch Angle (deg)Spin Rate (rpm)Shot Shape


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