Most Expensive Scotty Cameron Headcover

The headcovers are going at ridiculous amounts these days. Especially the most expensive Scotty Cameron headcovers go for thousands of dollars in the market. The collections of headcovers have matured in the last two decades. This decade too would not go in waste for the collectors.

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Let’s have a look at the interest of people in headcovers in general:

most expensive scotty cameron headcover


The above graph represents the interest of people in golf headcovers. The line in blue is for Scotty Cameron Headcovers and then one in red is for golf headcovers in general.

So we can be sure that the headcovers have remained in demand and interest in the last decade and a half has remained consistent.

This is what was realized by Scotty Cameron and has made the head covers a collectible item. Pretty smart marketing, I have to say.

The line in the blue is a clear indicator that the interest of golfers in Scotty’s headcovers has not reduced in years. They have stood the test of time and have become desirable products for collectors.

For those who are into the game and feel that they have completed their bags with the perfect irons sets, it is not time to think about special headcovers. It may sound insane but the headcovers may actually be worth more than the entire equipment in the bag.

And Scotty’s expensive headcovers are actually seen as an opportunity. See the blue graph above again. Someone who invests in the headcover today can very likely flip it down the years at a profit. Scotty’s headcovers are going to stay in the game and are going nowhere.

However, it is worth shouting out to the amateurs here. If you are passionate about the game and love the idea of expensive headcovers then you should think twice. For the money, Scotty’s headcovers are going in the market you can get yourself complete professional golf gear.

The best customized possible irons set can help you get better at your game quicker. Instead of getting influenced by the headcovers, it is actually a good idea to invest the spare money into one on one coaching with a good instructor.

A good instructor can tell you what you are doing wrong. You will get customized drills to get you aligned properly. The technical base can be built for solid games ahead.

Once you have taken the journey and most importantly proven that your love to the game has increased then you should consider yourself as a qualifier for the headcovers game.

These collectible items grow over oneself. Just like an expensive watch, it makes no sense to wear one but once you begin to feel the confidence it instills in you then you want more of them. The same goes for headcovers. There is no point in keeping them in the cabinets. They should be on your irons. Once you feel the attention they give you, you will feel confident at your game.

At this point in your golf as a hobby game, going over the budget for Scotty’s Cameron expensive headcovers becomes justified. You can rationalize in your head that spending X amount of money for Y Scotty’s Cameron expensive headcover is actually helping your game. Their presence on your irons instills confidence in you when you hang around with other golfers on the golf course.

Final Thoughts On Scotty Cameron’s Expensive Headcovers

These headcovers are here to stay. In the last 15 years, their popularity has remained steady. They may have seen their peak in 2015 already but the overall interest of collectors in them has remained steady.

If you are looking to buy Scotty’s Headcover from an investment point of view then you need to keep the design aspect carefully in mind. If you have done the homework and feel like its the time then purchase it. In few years time, you can flip it up at a decent price.





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