Bermuda Length Shorts

Ever wondered what’s up with the Bermuda length shorts at the golf courses then you are not alone.

Golf has been the game of the elites and some rules are intentionally made to make golf players look different. You can easily spot someone with a p cap, tucked-in shirt, short and black socks, and squares to be someone heading or coming from a golf course.

Bermuda length shorts for golf was actually a norm back in the day but now some golf courses may require you to wear full trousers or they can give totally ban short shorts from their course?

What Are Bermuda Length Shorts

Any short just above the knees can be called as Bermuda length shorts. It was a norm to mention in the dress codes of the golf courses back in the day but now most golf clubs demand for shorts at least 3 inches high above their knees.

bermuda length shorts

Why Do Golf Clubs Have Dress Codes

One of the main reasons why golf clubs have dress codes is to ensure discipline on the course. Every golf course is trying to build itself as a brand and so they introduce their own dress codes .

Some of the golf courses still mention Bermuda length shorts to play at their golf course mainly because they are copying from one another because this length of shorts was mentioned in the dress codes of one of the earliest golf courses.

Also apart from uniformity by enforcing such rules what else are they actually trying to achieve?

Well, it can be a debate but one easy reason to understand can be to filter out non-serious amateurs out of their parks.

It may sound rude but this is actually one of the reasons. By introducing a dress code of Bermuda length shorts they can ensure that only those get into the golf course who will actually take the game seriously.

It is not just how good of a player you are, how much respect you are willing to give to the golf course also matters. Therefore, we can safely say that in order to filter in only the ‘sophisticated’ group golf courses are trying to project themselves as a playground for Professional players.

Think by yourself, if you are just started out playing golf and you visited a golf club with a friend what would be your observation. Apart from the expensive equipment, and lush greenery you will notice the players’ attire as well. A uniformity will give a feeling of eliteness.

In the developing nations, where the golf courses are more out of reach of a common person, rich lads actually play golf to project their wealth. Expensive golf gear with Bermuda length shorts can show them more progressive. So people would happily show off their status and golf shorts are a mean to depict that.

Do People Like Bermuda Length Shorts at Golf Clubs?

Not really, or we can say a vast majority of golfers who have a  higher handicap score are still not sure about the dress codes. They make up most of the golfer’s community. As per the surveys, most new golfers are still trying to find out what suits their playing style.

The muscle stiffness, lack of game knowledge, and then the dress codes can actually overwhelm the learning process. Bermuda length shorts can actually be comfortable to wear but what if someone is more comfortable in shorter shorts or a full trousers.

Golf courses can actually make more money by allowing more people to get in and experience this wonderful game. As more people are getting into golf each year the accessibility to the game should also be made easier.

Some Golf Clubs With Bermuda Length Shorts

There are actually quite a lot of them but I will enlist only a few which mention bermuda length shorts at their golf courese. Here are they:

Quail Ridge CC

Credit Valley Golf

Vallée du Richelieu

York Downs

The Bedens Brook

Hammock Dunes Club


Forsyth Country Club

El Caballero Country Club

Knollwood Country Club

Scarthingwell Golf Course

The Golden Bear Club

The Greenbrier

The Country Club of Florida

Vista Valley Country Club

Historic Huntington Country Club

The Club at Ruby Hill

Canoe Brook Country Club

There is no end to the list. If you are planning to take membership of any golf course make sure you are aware of their dress code rules. If you are not a fan of the Bermuda shorts then you need to look somewhere else.


Top 5 Bermuda Length Golf Shorts Brands

RankBrandMaterialPrice RangePopular Styles
1AdidasPolyester$40 – $80Ultimate365
2NikePolyester$45 – $85Flex, Dri-FIT
3Under ArmourPolyester$40 – $75Showdown, Iso-Chill
4PumaPolyester$40 – $70Jackpot
5CallawayPolyester$45 – $90Opti-Dri, Balboa

Top 5 Bermuda Length Golf Shorts Features

1Moisture WickingMaterial that wicks sweat away from skinHigh
2StretchabilityAllows for greater range of motion and comfortHigh
3BreathabilityFabric that allows air to circulate, keeping you coolHigh
4UV ProtectionFabric that provides protection from harmful UV raysMedium
5PocketsPockets for storing tees, ball markers, and scorecardMedium

Top 5 Bermuda Length Golf Shorts Colors

RankColorPopularityVersatilityMatching Shoes
1NavyHighHighWhite, Black
2BlackHighHighWhite, Black
3KhakiHighHighWhite, Brown
4WhiteMediumMediumWhite, Black
5GrayMediumMediumWhite, Black

Top 5 Golf Courses to Wear Bermuda Length Shorts

RankGolf CourseLocationDress CodeIdeal Season
1Pebble Beach Golf LinksCalifornia, USAResort CasualSpring
2Old Course at St. AndrewsScotland, UKCasualSummer
3Royal Melbourne Golf ClubVictoria, AUSSmart CasualSummer
4Augusta National Golf ClubGeorgia, USACountry ClubSpring
5Emirates Golf Club, Majlis CourseDubai, UAEResort CasualWinter

Top 5 Bermuda Length Golf Shorts Care Tips

RankCare TipDescriptionImportance
1Follow Care InstructionsCheck the label for specific washing/drying instructionsHigh
2Use Gentle DetergentUse a gentle detergent to preserve color and fabric integrityHigh
3Wash with Similar ColorsWash with like colors to prevent color bleedingMedium
4Dry on Low HeatDry on low heat or air-dry to maintain fabric elasticity and appearanceMedium





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