How to Get Tee Marks off my Driver

So you just got back after playing with your new beautiful looking driver but what made you feel bad are the ugly look tee marks on the face of your driver. We have all felt this but the good news is that there are things you can do to take off those marks without damaging your driver.

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Some argue that some added friction on top of the driver’s face can actually be good as it makes the contact between the golf ball and the driver more interlocked. So the tee marks can actually be good on the driver’s face. But if friction was such a desirable feature then why are some of the big brands making the driver faces shiny.

So it’s a myth that is busted. It is necessary that you maintain the face of your driver. Otherwise, over time you will notice that your tee shots are actually losing the distance because the impact between the ball and driver is no more ideal. In simple words, your driver’s head is not passing the momentum from your swing to the golf ball effectively.

So it is not just the ugliness on your driver’s head that is looking bad it can also make your scorecard look bad. Luckily there are steps you can do to fix the tee marks.

how to get tee marks off my driver

What works for All except for Wooden Drivers?

There is a simple hack that cleans almost all the surfaces whether your tee is made up of plastic, metal, wood, or bamboo.

Have you ever seen the alcohol strips that are used in the first aid? Yes, those 1 by 1 inch small strips can not only clean the wounds but also can clean almost any surface. Golf drivers are no different.

Try to carry these small strips in your gear to the golf course. As soon as you play the tee shot clean the driver’s head with a strip. It would be a quick fix. Alcohol dries up very quickly so you should be done with it quickly. However, I do recommend that after you are done with the scrubbing on the driver’s head give a rub on the head with a microfiber cloth. This is to ensure that the sheen from the manufacturer remains intact on the driver’s head.

How to Get Tee Marks off my Driver 2

Simple Trick To Avoid Tee Marks in Future

A simple trick that I have tried and works is to tape your tees with transparent tape. Although this trick can make it difficult to balance the ball on the tee if you have done the taping wrong if you get used to it then you may not have to clean your drivers at all.

You can tape plastic, wood, plastic, or metallic tee. There are no restrictions to this solution. There is no rocket science to it.

However, if you are a person who actually likes the tee marks on the driver and that is what you use to measure the point of contact with the ball then you should not try that.

Instead, use you can opt for plastic tees as their marks are less stubborn when it comes to the cleaning problem.

How To Clean Tee Marks from Metal Driver

All you need is microfiber cloth, liquid dishwashing soap, water and a bowl.

Damp your cloth with water.

Take a bowl of water and add a little amount of liquid dishwashing soap into it.

Scrub the driver’s face gently.

Now take another fiber cloth but this time dip it into simple water.

Use it to clean and dry the driver’s head.

How to Clean Tee Marks from Wooden Driver

Not many players are using the wooden driver now that the metallic drivers are more in reach and are durable. However, if you still have one then what you need to do is:

Take a microfiber cloth and dampen it with water.

Scrub the face of the driver where the marks are.

After the marks are gone, dry the wood face with a dried microfiber cloth.


Ideally, you should clean the head right after you play the driver shot. The reason is that a tee mark over another tee mark is hard to remove. The process of cleaning the head not only gets difficult but you can also scratch the surface of the driver and damage it.

If for any reason you are not able to clean after every first shot of the hole then try to clean as soon as you are home. Professional golfers have the staff to do this job but for a hobbyist, you have to do it by yourself and extend the life of your driver.

If you think that the marks on the driver’s head are impacting your performance then you should not focus on that but rather fix the glitches in your swing because that is the most important factor in how far your golf ball will go off the tee.




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