Where Can I Buy Single Golf Irons

Golfers who want to replace or upgrade their golf club set often face a challenge when they want to purchase a single golf iron. While many golf stores and online retailers sell complete golf club sets, not all of them offer single golf irons for sale. However, there are some options available for golfers who are looking to buy a single golf iron.

  1. Golf Club Manufacturers: The first place to check for single golf irons is the manufacturer of your existing golf clubs. Most golf club manufacturers sell individual golf clubs, including irons. You can visit their website, call customer service, or visit a golf store that carries their products to purchase a single golf iron.
  2. Golf Stores: Golf stores are a great place to find a single golf iron. Most golf stores carry individual golf clubs and can order specific clubs for customers. You can visit a local golf store or a larger retailer like Golf Galaxy or Dick’s Sporting Goods to purchase a single golf iron.
  3. Online Retailers: Several online retailers specialize in selling single golf irons. Some of these online retailers include Global Golf, 2nd Swing, and Golf Avenue. These retailers offer a wide selection of individual golf clubs, including irons, and can ship them directly to your doorstep.
  4. Auction Sites: If you are looking for a specific golf club, you may be able to find it on auction sites like eBay. Many golfers sell their individual golf clubs on these sites, so you may be able to find the exact golf club you are looking for.
  5. Used Sporting Goods Stores: Lastly, you may be able to find a single golf iron at a used sporting goods store. Many golfers trade in or sell their golf clubs at these stores, and you may be able to find a good deal on a single golf iron.
  6. Golf Club Fitting Centers: Many golf club fitting centers offer single golf irons for sale. These centers typically have a wide selection of individual golf clubs from various manufacturers, and they can help you find the right club based on your swing and playing style. You can schedule a fitting session at a golf club fitting center and purchase a single golf iron after the session.
  7. Golf Club Resellers: Golf club resellers are another option to consider when looking to buy single golf irons. These resellers often specialize in selling used or pre-owned golf clubs, but they may also have new individual golf clubs available for purchase. Some popular golf club resellers include Golf Club Brokers, Clubfinders Golf, and Golfers’ Warehouse.
  8. Social Media Marketplace: Another place to check for single golf irons is on social media marketplaces like Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist. Many golfers may be selling their golf clubs on these platforms, and you can often find good deals on individual golf irons. Be sure to meet in a public place and inspect the golf club thoroughly before making a purchase.
  9. Local Golf Courses: Lastly, you may be able to find a single golf iron at your local golf course. Many golf courses have pro shops that sell golf clubs, including individual golf irons. You can visit your local golf course and check their pro shop to see if they have the golf club you are looking for.
  10. Golf Club Rental Services: If you’re not ready to commit to purchasing a single golf iron, you may want to consider renting one. Many golf club rental services offer individual golf clubs, including irons, for rent. This can be a great option if you’re not sure which golf club you want to buy, or if you only need the club for a short period of time.
  11. Golf Forums and Communities: Golf forums and communities can be a great resource for finding single golf irons. Many forums have classified sections where members can buy and sell golf clubs. You can also post a “wanted” ad on the forum and see if any members have the golf club you’re looking for.
  12. Online Auctions: In addition to eBay, there are several other online auction sites where you may be able to find single golf irons. Some popular online auctions include Shop Goodwill, Property Room, and BidsTada.
  13. Golf Club Exchanges: Some golf club exchanges allow you to trade in your existing golf clubs for new ones. If you have an old golf club that you no longer use, you may be able to trade it in for a single golf iron. Some popular golf club exchanges include 2nd Swing and Golf Galaxy.
  14. Custom Golf Club Builders: If you’re looking for a custom golf club, you may want to consider working with a custom golf club builder. These builders can create a golf club to your exact specifications, including the loft, lie, and shaft flex. While custom golf clubs can be more expensive than off-the-shelf clubs, they can provide a better fit and performance.

In conclusion, there are many different methods you can try when looking to buy single golf irons. Checking with golf club rental services, golf forums, and online auctions, as well as working with custom golf club builders or exchanging your old golf clubs can all be effective options. With a little research and patience, you should be able to find the perfect single golf iron to add to your collection.

Retail Stores

Retail StoreLocationPhone NumberWebsiteAvailability
Dick’s Sporting GoodsVarious Locations(800) 846-9993www.dickssportinggoods.comYes
Golf GalaxyVarious Locations(800) 287-9060www.golfgalaxy.comYes
PGA Tour SuperstoreVarious Locations(888) 200-7428www.pgatoursuperstore.comYes
GolfsmithVarious Locations(866) 465-3649www.golfsmith.comYes
Edwin Watts Golf ShopsVarious Locations(888) 200-7428www.edwinwattsgolf.comYes

Online Retailers

Online RetailerWebsitePhone NumberAvailabilityReturn Policy
Golf Avenuewww.golfavenue.com(855) 792-8727Yes30-day return policy
GlobalGolfwww.globalgolf.com(866) 843-0262Yes30-day return policy
2nd Swing Golfwww.2ndswing.com(612) 216-4152Yes30-day return policy
Callaway Golf Pre-Ownedwww.callawaygolfpreowned.com(866) 843-0262Yes15-day return policy
eBaywww.ebay.comN/AYesVaries by seller

Golf Club Manufacturers

Golf Club ManufacturerWebsitePhone NumberAvailabilityReturn Policy
TaylorMade Golfwww.taylormadegolf.com(866) 530-8624Yes30-day return policy
Callaway Golfwww.callawaygolf.com(800) 588-9836Yes90-day return policy
Titleistwww.titleist.com(800) 225-8500Yes30-day return policy
Pingwww.ping.com(800) 474-6434Yes30-day return policy
Cobra Golfwww.cobragolf.com(877) 571-4653Yes30-day return policy

Specialty Golf Stores

Specialty Golf StoreLocationPhone NumberWebsiteAvailability
Club ChampionVarious Locations(888) 340-7820www.clubchampiongolf.comYes
GolfTecVarious Locations(877) 446-5383www.golftec.comYes
Club Finders GolfSan Antonio, TX(866) 279-8252www.clubfindersgolf.comYes
Fairway Golf USASan Diego, CA(858) 268-1702www.fairwaygolfusa.comYes
The Golf ExchangeCincinnati, OH(513) 351-2888www.golfexchange.comYes


Where Can i Buy Single Golf Irons


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