How to Measure Golf Swing Speed

Measuring golf swing speed is an important aspect of improving your golf game. Knowing your swing speed can help you choose the right golf club, adjust your swing technique, and enhance your overall performance on the golf course. Here are some methods to measure golf swing speed:

  1. Radar Devices: Using a radar device is one of the most accurate ways to measure golf swing speed. A radar device works by emitting radio waves that bounce off the golf club as it is swung. The device then calculates the speed of the clubhead based on the time it takes for the radio waves to return to the device. There are many radar devices available in the market, such as TrackMan, FlightScope, and Swing Caddie.
  2. Launch Monitors: Launch monitors are sophisticated devices that measure multiple aspects of your golf swing, including swing speed, ball speed, spin rate, and launch angle. These devices use high-speed cameras, microphones, and sensors to capture data about your swing and ball flight. Some popular launch monitors include TrackMan, Foresight, and SkyTrak.
  3. Golf Simulators: Golf simulators are another option for measuring golf swing speed. They use cameras and sensors to track the movement of the golf club and ball, and provide feedback on various aspects of your swing. Some golf simulators, like the Full Swing simulator, are equipped with radar devices that can measure swing speed.
  4. Swing Speed Radar: The Swing Speed Radar is a small, handheld device that uses Doppler radar technology to measure golf swing speed. It can be attached to the end of the golf club or held next to the ball as you swing. The device is affordable and portable, making it a popular choice for amateur golfers.
  5. DIY Method: If you don’t have access to any of the above equipment, you can use a simple DIY method to measure your swing speed. Place a piece of impact tape on the face of your clubhead, then take a swing and observe the mark left by the tape. Measure the distance between the two furthest points of the mark, then use an online swing speed calculator to estimate your swing speed based on the distance.
  6. Smartphone Apps: There are many smartphone apps available that use the phone’s camera to measure golf swing speed. These apps require you to record a video of your swing, then use computer vision technology to analyze the video and calculate your swing speed. Some popular apps include Golf Swing Speed Analyzer and Swing Profile.
  7. Club Fitting Centers: Many club fitting centers have equipment that can measure your swing speed. These centers often use launch monitors or radar devices to provide detailed data about your swing, ball flight, and club performance. The data can help you choose the right golf club for your swing speed and improve your overall game.
  8. Golf Instructors: Golf instructors can provide valuable feedback on your swing speed and technique. They can observe your swing, analyze your ball flight, and provide guidance on how to increase your swing speed. Additionally, some golf instructors have access to launch monitors or radar devices that can provide more detailed data about your swing.
  9. Distance and Time: If you don’t have access to any equipment, you can use a simple distance and time method to estimate your swing speed. Choose a flat area of the golf course or driving range, and mark off a distance of 100 yards. Hit several balls using the same club, and time how long it takes for the ball to travel the 100-yard distance. Then, use an online swing speed calculator to estimate your swing speed based on the time and distance.
  10. Competitive Events: If you’re interested in measuring your swing speed in a more competitive setting, you can participate in long drive competitions or other events that measure swing speed. These events typically use radar devices to provide accurate data about swing speed, and can be a fun way to challenge yourself and test your skills against other golfers.
  11. Golf Balls with Built-In Sensors: Some golf balls come equipped with sensors that can measure various aspects of your swing, including swing speed, ball speed, and spin rate. These golf balls use Bluetooth technology to connect to a smartphone app, allowing you to view detailed data about your swing. Some popular brands that offer golf balls with built-in sensors include Zepp Golf and Arccos Golf.
  12. Slow-Motion Video Analysis: Slow-motion video analysis is another method to measure golf swing speed. Record a video of your swing using a high-speed camera or smartphone, then use video editing software to slow down the footage. You can then measure the time it takes for the clubhead to travel a certain distance, and use an online swing speed calculator to estimate your swing speed.
  13. Ball Flight Data: Measuring the distance and trajectory of your golf ball can provide insight into your swing speed. Use a GPS device or range finder to measure the distance of your shots, and observe the trajectory of the ball to determine your ball speed and launch angle. Then, use an online ball flight calculator to estimate your swing speed based on the ball flight data.
  14. Impact Labels: Impact labels are small stickers that can be placed on the face of your clubhead. They are designed to leave a mark on the label when the club makes contact with the ball. By examining the mark left on the label, you can determine the point of impact and estimate your swing speed based on the distance the ball travels.
  15. Swing Speed Drills: There are several drills and exercises that can help increase your swing speed. These drills often involve using weighted clubs or resistance bands to improve your strength and technique. By regularly practicing these drills, you can improve your swing speed over time.

In conclusion, there are many different methods to measure golf swing speed, ranging from sophisticated technology to simple DIY methods. Choose the method that works best for you, and use the data to improve your golf game and achieve better results on the course.

 Golf Swing Speed Measurement Tools

Measurement ToolDescriptionProsConsCost Range
Radar GunUses Doppler radar to measure clubhead speedAccurate and reliableExpensive$200 – $500
Launch MonitorUses cameras and sensors to track club and ball dataProvides additional data such as ball spin and launch angleExpensive and requires technical knowledge to use$2,000 – $20,000
Swing Speed RadarHandheld device that uses radar to measure swing speedPortable and easy to useLess accurate than other tools$100 – $150
Smart Golf BallContains sensors that measure speed and other dataCan be used during actual playLimited to use with specific golf balls$50 – $200
Virtual CoachUses computer vision to track swing speedCan provide instant feedback and analysisLimited to use with specific apps or softwareFree – $100 per year

Golf Swing Speed Measurement Units

Measurement UnitDescriptionEquivalent Units
Miles per hour (mph)Measures speed in miles traveled per hour1 mph = 1.609 km/h
Kilometers per hour (km/h)Measures speed in kilometers traveled per hour1 km/h = 0.621 mph
Meters per second (m/s)Measures speed in meters traveled per second1 m/s = 2.237 mph or 3.6 km/h
Feet per second (ft/s)Measures speed in feet traveled per second1 ft/s = 0.682 mph or 1.097 km/h
Yards per second (yd/s)Measures speed in yards traveled per second1 yd/s = 0.611 mph or 0.986 km/h

Golf Swing Speed Averages by Skill Level

Skill LevelAverage Swing Speed (mph)
Beginner60 – 80
Intermediate80 – 95
Advanced95 – 110
Professional110 – 125+

Golf Swing Speed Exercises

ExerciseDescriptionBenefitsEquipment Needed
Medicine Ball SlamHolding a medicine ball, swing and slam it to the groundBuilds rotational power and strengthMedicine ball
Resistance Band RotationsUsing a resistance band, rotate your upper body in a golf swing motionImproves flexibility and strengthResistance band
Plyometric Box JumpsJumping onto a plyometric box in a golf swing motionBuilds explosive power and speedPlyometric box
Cable RotationsUsing a cable machine, rotate your upper body in a golf swing motionBuilds rotational strengthCable machine
Single-Leg DeadliftBalancing on one leg, perform a deadlift while holding a weightImproves balance and stabilityWeight and mat

Golf Swing Speed Tips

Focus on hip rotationProper hip rotation can increase swing speed and power
Use your legsLeg drive can help generate more speed and power
Improve flexibilityA more flexible body can generate a greater range of motion and power
Use the right equipmentProperly fitted clubs and balls can help maximize swing speed
Practice with a purposeConsistent practice with the goal of increasing swing


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