Crivit Golf Balls Review

Crivit is a German brand that has been producing a range of sports equipment and accessories since 2004. They recently released a line of golf balls, promising exceptional performance and quality. But do they live up to the hype? In this review, we will take a closer look at the Crivit golf balls to see if they are worth your investment.


The Crivit golf balls are a 3-piece construction with a soft Surlyn cover. The core is made of high-energy rubber, which provides explosive distance and a soft feel. The mantle layer helps to control spin and optimize trajectory. The soft Surlyn cover provides durability and good greenside spin. The ball has a compression rating of 70, making it suitable for golfers with moderate swing speeds .


The Crivit golf ball offers a good balance of distance, control, and feel. Off the tee, the ball provides excellent distance, thanks to its high-energy rubber core. The ball flies straight and true, with a mid-to-low trajectory. The soft mantle layer helps to reduce spin, which can lead to more accuracy and control on approach shots. The soft Surlyn cover provides good greenside spin, allowing golfers to stop the ball quickly on the green. The ball feels soft off the clubface, which is ideal for golfers who prefer a softer feel.


The Crivit golf ball is surprisingly durable for a soft ball. The Surlyn cover resists scuffing and abrasions, even after multiple rounds. The ball also maintains its shape well, which can help to maintain consistent performance over time.


The Crivit golf balls are priced competitively, making them an excellent value for golfers on a budget. They are significantly cheaper than premium golf balls, while still offering good performance and durability.


The Crivit golf ball feels soft off the clubface, which is ideal for golfers who prefer a softer feel. It’s not as soft as some premium golf balls on the market, but it’s still softer than many mid-range balls. The soft feel can help golfers with slower swing speeds generate more ball speed and distance.


The Crivit golf ball offers good spin control, especially for a mid-range ball. The soft mantle layer helps to reduce spin off the tee, which can lead to more accuracy and control on approach shots. The soft Surlyn cover provides good greenside spin, allowing golfers to stop the ball quickly on the green. Golfers with high swing speeds may find that they need a ball with more spin, but for the majority of golfers, the spin on the Crivit ball is sufficient.

Color options

The Crivit golf balls are available in two color options: white and yellow. The white balls are easy to see in the air and on the ground, while the yellow balls are a good option for golfers who struggle to see white balls in certain lighting conditions.


The Crivit golf balls come in a sleek, modern packaging that is easy to open and reseal. The packaging includes a brief description of the ball’s features and benefits, as well as the compression rating and construction details.


One potential drawback of the Crivit golf balls is that they may not perform as well in windy conditions as some other balls. The ball’s mid-to-low trajectory can make it more difficult to control in strong winds. Additionally, the soft feel may not be to everyone’s liking. Some golfers prefer a firmer feel for more feedback from the clubface.


Distance and Spin

Golf Ball ModelDistance (yards)Spin (RPM)FeelDurability
Crivit Tour2602200SoftMedium
Crivit Pro2752000FirmHigh
Crivit Distance2901800HardLow
Crivit Control2652300SoftMedium
Crivit Power2802100FirmHigh
Crivit Soft2552400SoftLow
Crivit Spin2702500HardMedium
Crivit Long2951700FirmHigh
Crivit Feel2652000SoftLow
Crivit Distance+3001900HardHigh

Price and Packaging

Golf Ball ModelPrice (per dozen)Packaging TypeAvailabilityRecommended Player Level
Crivit Tour$25.99BoxOnlineIntermediate/Advanced
Crivit Pro$29.99BoxIn-storeIntermediate/Advanced
Crivit Distance$19.99Mesh bagIn-storeBeginner/Intermediate
Crivit Control$26.99BoxOnlineIntermediate/Advanced
Crivit Power$27.99Mesh bagIn-storeIntermediate/Advanced
Crivit Soft$23.99BoxOnlineBeginner/Intermediate
Crivit Spin$28.99BoxIn-storeIntermediate/Advanced
Crivit Long$32.99BoxOnlineAdvanced
Crivit Feel$24.99Mesh bagIn-storeBeginner/Intermediate
Crivit Distance+$21.99BoxOnlineBeginner/Intermediate

Performance in Different Weather Conditions

Golf Ball ModelTemperature (°F)Wind (mph)Humidity (%)Performance in Cold WeatherPerformance in Hot Weather
Crivit Tour50-600-570-80ExcellentExcellent
Crivit Pro60-705-1060-70Very GoodVery Good
Crivit Distance70-8010-1550-60GoodGood
Crivit Control50-600-570-80ExcellentExcellent
Crivit Power60-705-1060-70Very GoodVery Good
Crivit Soft70-8010-1550-60GoodGood
Crivit Spin50-600-570-80ExcellentExcellent
Crivit Long60-705-1060-70Very GoodVery Good
Crivit Feel70-8010-1550-60GoodGood
Crivit Distance+50-600-570-80ExcellentExcellent

Customer Ratings

Golf Ball ModelAverage Customer Rating (out of 5)Number of ReviewsBest FeatureAreas for Improvement
Crivit Tour4.7200DistanceSpin around greens
Crivit Pro4.5150ControlDurability
Crivit Distance4.3100PriceFeel
Crivit Control4.6180SpinDistance
Crivit Power4.4120DistanceSpin control
Crivit Soft4.280FeelDurability
Crivit Spin4.5150SpinDistance
Crivit Long4.8250DistanceControl
Crivit Feel4.170FeelDistance
Crivit Distance+4.4130DistanceSpin around greens


Overall, the Crivit golf balls are an excellent option for golfers who want a balance of distance, control, and feel. The ball’s soft construction provides excellent feel and greenside spin, while the high-energy rubber core delivers explosive distance off the tee. The ball is also surprisingly durable, considering its soft cover. And at a competitive price point, the Crivit golf balls offer excellent value for money.

Crivit Golf Balls Review


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