What to Wear for Golf in Cold Weather

In this section, you’ll introduce the topic of playing golf in cold weather and explain why it’s important to dress appropriately for the conditions. You might want to include some statistics or facts about the weather conditions you’re likely to encounter, and why dressing appropriately can help you play your best game.

Clothing for Upper Body:

In this section, you’ll outline the different layers of clothing you should wear for your upper body to stay warm and comfortable during a round of golf in cold weather. You’ll want to discuss the importance of a thermal base layer to keep you warm, an insulating layer to trap heat, and a windproof and waterproof layer to protect you from the elements. You can also make recommendations for specific clothing items that golfers might find helpful.

Clothing for Lower Body:

This section will be similar to the previous one, but focusing on the lower body instead. You’ll want to discuss the different layers of clothing you should wear for your legs, including thermal base layers, insulating layers, and windproof and waterproof layers. You can also make recommendations for specific clothing items that golfers might find helpful.


In this section, you’ll discuss the accessories that can help you stay warm and comfortable during a round of golf in cold weather. This might include headwear, gloves, socks, and shoes. You’ll want to make recommendations for specific items that golfers might find helpful, and explain why they’re important.

Other Considerations:

In this section, you’ll cover any other factors that golfers should consider when dressing for cold weather. This might include issues of flexibility and range of motion, layering techniques, and overall comfort and mobility. You might also include any other tips or advice that you think would be helpful for golfers.


Golf Clothing for Cold Weather – Tops

Clothing ItemMaterialColorSizeFeatures
Fleece JacketPolyesterBlackLargeMoisture-wicking
Thermal ShirtMerino WoolGrayMediumBreathable
WindbreakerNylonNavy BlueSmallWater-resistant
Long-sleeve PoloCottonWhiteXLUV protection
Half-zip SweaterCashmere blendBrownSmallSoft and warm
HoodieCotton blendCharcoalLargeDrawstring hood
V-neck SweaterWool blendDark greenMediumStylish and comfortable
Quilted VestDown-filledBurgundySmallLightweight and warm
Fleece PulloverMicrofleeceTealLargeQuick-drying
Mock-neck ShirtPolyester blendLight gray stripeXLStretchy and flexible

Golf Clothing for Cold Weather – Bottoms

Clothing ItemMaterialColorSizeFeatures
Fleece PantsPolyesterBlackMediumElastic waistband
Thermal LeggingsMerino WoolNavy BlueSmallMoisture-wicking
Windproof PantsNylonKhakiLargeWater-resistant
Corduroy PantsCottonBrownXLComfortable
Waterproof ShortsPolyesterGrayMediumBreathable and quick-drying
Cargo PantsCotton blendOlive GreenSmallPockets and adjustable
Golf SkirtPolyester blendNavy BlueMediumStretchy and lightweight
Knit PantsWool blendDark grayLargeWarm and soft
Quilted PantsDown-filledBurgundySmallInsulated and lightweight
SweatpantsCotton blendHeather grayXLRelaxed fit and comfortable

Golf Clothing for Cold Weather – Accessories

BeanieWool blendBlackOne size fits allInsulated and comfortable
Thermal SocksMerino WoolGray9-11Moisture-wicking and warm
Winter GlovesPolyesterDark blueMediumTouchscreen-compatible
Ear WarmersFleeceBurgundyOne size fits allAdjustable and cozy
Neck GaiterMicrofiberNavy blueOne size fits allBreathable and versatile
Golf UmbrellaNylonRedOne size fits allWindproof and lightweight
Golf CapCotton blendLight grayOne size fits allMoisture-wicking and UV protection
SunglassesPolycarbonateBrownOne size fits allPolarized and lightweight
Hand WarmersChemical mixWhiteOne size fits allLasts up to 10 hours

Golf Shoes for Cold Weather

Shoe StyleMaterialColorSizeFeatures
Winter BootsLeatherBlack9Waterproof and insulated
SpikelessSyntheticWhite10.5Versatile and lightweight
WaterproofLeatherBrown8Comfortable and durable
InsulatedSyntheticGray9.5Breathable and warm
Snow BootsSuedeBeige11Non-slip and insulated
HybridSyntheticNavy blue8.5Waterproof and comfortable
Golf SandalsSyntheticGray9Breathable and quick-drying
Fleece-linedSynthetic leatherBlack10Warm and cushioned
Winter Golf ShoesLeatherDark brown11.5Thermal insulation and waterproof
High-topSyntheticBlack9Ankle support and water-resistant

Golf Accessories for Cold Weather

Golf Cart CoverPolyesterGrayUniversal fitWaterproof and windproof
Hand MuffFleeceBlackOne size fits allInsulated and adjustable
Cart MittensSyntheticRedOne size fits allWater-resistant and warm
Hot Drink TumblerStainless steelSilver20 ozDouble-walled insulation and spill-proof
Pocket Hand WarmerMetalSilverOne size fits allReusable and easy to activate
Golf TowelMicrofiberGreen16″ x 24″Absorbent and quick-drying
Golf Ball RetrieverAluminumBlue15 ftLightweight and easy to use
Scorecard HolderLeatherBrown4″ x 7″Durable and stylish
Swing Training AidPlasticOrangeOne size fits allHelps improve swing mechanics
Golf GPS WatchSiliconeBlackOne size fits allAccurate distances and shot tracking


In the conclusion, you’ll summarize the key points from the article and emphasize the importance of dressing appropriately for golf in cold weather. You might also include some final tips or advice for golfers who want to stay warm and comfortable on the course.

What to Wear for Golf in Cold Weather


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