Crossline vs Tour Velvet

When it comes to golf grips, there are many options available in the market. However, two popular choices are the Crossline and Tour Velvet grips. Here’s a comparison between the two:

  1. Crossline Grips

The Crossline grip is made of a unique rubber compound that provides a tacky feel, making it ideal for golfers who prefer a firmer grip. It has a distinctive pattern of intersecting lines that help to increase traction and improve control.

Advantages of Crossline Grips:

  • Offers excellent grip and control
  • Ideal for golfers with a stronger grip
  • Great for players who sweat a lot or play in wet conditions
  • Available in a range of sizes and colors
  1. Tour Velvet Grips

The Tour Velvet grip is a popular choice among professional golfers. It is made of a softer rubber compound that provides a comfortable and responsive feel. The grip has a simple design with a smooth surface and no pattern.

Advantages of Tour Velvet Grips:

  • Offers a soft, comfortable feel
  • Absorbs shock and reduces hand fatigue
  • Provides good traction without being too tacky
  • Great for players with a lighter grip

Which Grip is Right for You?

Both Crossline and Tour Velvet grips have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the right choice depends on your personal preference and playing style. Here are some factors to consider when choosing between the two:

  • Grip pressure: If you have a strong grip, the Crossline grip might be a better choice for you as it offers more traction and control. If you have a lighter grip, the Tour Velvet grip might be more suitable.
  • Playing conditions: If you play in wet or humid conditions, the Crossline grip can provide a better grip. If you play in dry conditions, the Tour Velvet grip might be more comfortable.
  • Personal preference: Ultimately, the choice between the two grips comes down to your personal preference. Try out both grips and see which one feels better in your hands.

Additional Considerations When Choosing Between Crossline and Tour Velvet Grips

In addition to grip pressure, playing conditions, and personal preference, there are some other factors to consider when choosing between Crossline and Tour Velvet grips. These include:

  • Durability: Both grips are durable and long-lasting, but the Crossline grip may wear out faster due to its tackier surface.
  • Size: Both grips are available in a range of sizes, but the Crossline grip may offer more options for players with larger hands.
  • Cost: The cost of both grips is comparable, but the Crossline grip may be slightly more expensive due to its unique design and material.

Custom Fitting Your Golf Grip

One important consideration when choosing a golf grip is custom fitting. A grip that is the right size and shape for your hand can help you achieve a more consistent and comfortable swing. Many golf stores and club fitters offer custom fitting services to help you find the right grip for your game.

Other Popular Golf Grips

While the Crossline and Tour Velvet grips are two popular options, there are many other grips available on the market. Some other popular grips include:

  • Golf Pride MCC: A hybrid grip that combines a rubber lower half with a cord upper half for a comfortable and secure feel.
  • Lamkin Z5: A multi-compound grip that provides excellent traction and a soft feel.
  • Winn Dri-Tac: A soft, comfortable grip with a non-slip surface that is ideal for players who sweat a lot.


Durability Comparison

Grip ModelMaterialGrip LifeWear ResistanceTackiness
CrosslineRubber1-2 yearsHighMedium
Tour VelvetRubber1-2 yearsMediumHigh
CrosslineCord6-8 monthsHighMedium
Tour VelvetCord6-8 monthsMediumHigh
CrosslineHybrid8-12 monthsHighHigh
Tour VelvetHybrid8-12 monthsMediumHigh
CrosslineLeather6-12 monthsHighLow
Tour VelvetLeather6-12 monthsMediumLow
CrosslineSynthetic1-2 yearsHighMedium
Tour VelvetSynthetic1-2 yearsMediumHigh

Comfort Comparison

Grip ModelMaterialShock AbsorptionVibration DampeningFeel
Tour VelvetRubberMediumHighHigh
Tour VelvetCordMediumMediumHigh
Tour VelvetHybridMediumHighHigh
Tour VelvetLeatherMediumLowLow
Tour VelvetSyntheticHighHighHigh

Size and Weight Comparison

Grip ModelMaterialSize (inches)Weight (grams)Core Size (inches)
Tour VelvetRubber10.5490.580
Tour VelvetCord10.5510.580
Tour VelvetHybrid10.5500.580
Tour VelvetLeather10.5570.580

Grip Texture Comparison

Grip ModelMaterialTexture TypeTexture DepthTexture Pattern
CrosslineRubberCriss-cross patternMediumSymmetric w/ridge
Tour VelvetRubberDouble-dash patternLowSymmetric w/o ridge
CrosslineCordTwisted cord patternHighSymmetric w/ridge
Tour VelvetCordTwisted cord patternMediumSymmetric w/ridge
CrosslineHybridCrossline patternMedium to HighAsymmetric w/ridge
Tour VelvetHybridDouble-dash patternMedium to HighSymmetric w/o ridge
CrosslineLeatherSmoothLowSymmetric w/o ridge
Tour VelvetLeatherPebbledLowSymmetric w/o ridge
CrosslineSyntheticCriss-cross patternMedium to HighSymmetric w/ridge
Tour VelvetSyntheticDouble-dash patternLow to MediumSymmetric w/o ridge

Weather Resistance Comparison

Grip ModelMaterialWater ResistanceUV ResistanceTemperature Resistance
CrosslineRubberHighMedium-10°C to 45°C
Tour VelvetRubberMediumHigh-10°C to 45°C
CrosslineCordMediumMedium-10°C to 45°C
Tour VelvetCordHighHigh-10°C to 45°C
CrosslineHybridHighHigh-10°C to 45°C
Tour VelvetHybridHighHigh-10°C to 45°C
CrosslineLeatherLowLow0°C to 35°C
Tour VelvetLeatherLowLow0°C to 35°C
CrosslineSyntheticHighHigh-10°C to 45°C
Tour VelvetSyntheticMediumHigh-10°C to 45°C

Brand Comparison

Grip ModelBrandYear IntroducedTour UsagePopularity
Tour VelvetGolf Pride1993HighHigh
Tour VelvetWinn1978LowMedium
Tour VelvetIomic2001LowLow
CrosslineAvon Grips1980LowLow
Tour VelvetPure Grips2008LowLow
CrosslineKarma Grips2001LowLow
Tour VelvetLamkin Crossline2019LowMedium

Performance Comparison

Grip ModelMaterialGrip PressureShot ConsistencyShot Distance ControlShot Trajectory
CrosslineRubberMediumHighHighMedium to High
Tour VelvetRubberMediumHighHighMedium to High
Tour VelvetCordHighHighHighHigh
Tour VelvetHybridHighHighHighHigh
Tour VelvetLeatherMediumLowLowLow


In summary, both the Crossline and Tour Velvet grips are excellent choices for golfers. They offer different advantages and disadvantages, and the choice between the two ultimately comes down to personal preference. Whether you prefer a firmer grip with more traction or a softer grip with a comfortable feel, both grips can help you improve your game.


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