Ezgo Charger Blinking Red

An EZGO golf cart charger is designed to provide your golf cart with the necessary power to keep it running efficiently. Sometimes, you may encounter issues with your charger, such as a blinking red light. This article will help you understand why your EZGO charger is blinking red and guide you through troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue.

Understanding the EZGO Charger LED Indicator:

The LED indicator on your EZGO charger provides useful information about the charging process and the state of your golf cart’s batteries. A solid green light indicates that the charger is functioning properly and charging the batteries, while a solid red light suggests a fault in the charger. A blinking red light, on the other hand, signifies that there is an issue with the charging process, which could be due to several reasons.

1. Battery Voltage too Low:

The most common reason for a red blinking light on your Ezgo charger is that the battery voltage is too low. When the charger detects that the voltage is below a certain threshold, it refuses to start charging to prevent potential damage to the batteries.

Solution: Check the voltage of your golf cart’s batteries using a voltmeter. If they are below the recommended level, you may need to replace or recharge them before attempting to use the charger.

2. Faulty Charger Connection:

Another frequent cause of the red blinking light is a faulty connection between the charger and the cart’s charging port. Loose or corroded connectors can interrupt the charging process.

Solution: Ensure that the charger’s connectors are clean, secure, and properly seated in the charging port. If necessary, clean the connections and try again.

3. Overheating:

Ezgo chargers are equipped with temperature sensors, and if they detect overheating, the charger will stop charging to prevent damage or safety hazards.

Solution: Let the charger and batteries cool down for a while before attempting to charge again. Ensure there is proper ventilation during charging to prevent overheating.

4. Internal Charger Malfunction:

In some cases, the red blinking light could indicate an internal malfunction within the charger itself. This might include issues with components, wiring, or the charger’s internal circuitry.

Solution: If you’ve ruled out other causes and the red blinking light persists, it may be necessary to consult a professional technician or contact the manufacturer for further diagnosis and potential repair or replacement.

Preventive Measures:

In addition to addressing the issue of a red blinking light on your Ezgo charger when it occurs, there are several preventive measures you can take to reduce the likelihood of encountering this problem:

  1. Regular Maintenance: Perform routine maintenance on your golf cart and its charging system. This includes cleaning and inspecting connectors, checking battery water levels (for lead-acid batteries), and keeping an eye on the overall condition of your cart’s electrical components.
  2. Proper Storage: If you’re not going to use your golf cart for an extended period, make sure to store it properly. Disconnect the charger from the cart when not in use to prevent unnecessary power drain or overheating.
  3. Quality Batteries: Invest in high-quality batteries for your golf cart. Cheaper, inferior batteries may not hold a charge or provide reliable voltage, leading to charging issues.
  4. Follow the Manual: Always adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations for charging your Ezgo golf cart. The owner’s manual will provide essential information about charging procedures and maintenance.
  5. Temperature Control: Store and charge your golf cart in a cool, dry environment. Extreme temperatures, whether too hot or too cold, can negatively affect both the batteries and the charger.
  6. Regular Inspections: Periodically inspect the charger for any visible signs of damage or wear. Address any issues promptly to prevent further damage.



Possible causes of Ezgo charger blinking red light

Battery Over VoltageBattery voltage exceeds the maximum levelDisconnect the charger and allow the battery to cool down
Battery Under VoltageBattery voltage is below the minimum levelCharge the battery for a longer time or replace the battery
Charger Over TemperatureThe charger is too hot due to environmental conditionsMove the charger to a cooler place or provide better ventilation
Charger Output Short CircuitThe charger output has a short circuitCheck the wiring and connections for any damage or loose wires
Charger Output OverloadThe charger output has too much loadReduce the load or divide the charge between multiple chargers

Blink codes for Ezgo charger blinking red light

Blink CodeDescription
1 blinkBattery voltage is too low or charger is overloaded
2 blinksCharger output voltage is too low
3 blinksCharger output voltage is too high
4 blinksCharger output has a short circuit
5 blinksCharger output is overloaded

Troubleshooting steps

Check Battery VoltageMeasure the voltage of the battery and ensure it is within the recommended range
Check Charger ConnectionCheck the charger connection and ensure it is properly connected to the battery
Check Power SourceEnsure the power source is stable and within the recommended voltage range
Check WiringCheck the wiring between the charger and the battery for any damage or loose connections
Reset the ChargerTurn off the charger, unplug it from the power source, wait for 10 seconds, and plug it back in

Recommended charging time

Battery TypeVoltageCapacityCharging Time
Lead-Acid48V100Ah12-16 hours
Lithium-Ion48V100Ah6-8 hours
Gel48V100Ah12-16 hours
AGM48V100Ah12-16 hours
Flooded48V100Ah12-16 hours

Comparison of Ezgo charger models

ModelInput VoltageOutput VoltageOutput CurrentCharging Time
Powerwise 36120V AC36V DC21A8-10 hours
Powerwise QE120V AC48V DC17A8-10 hours
Textron120V AC48V DC17A8-10 hours
Total Charge120V AC36V DC21A8-10 hours
Delta Q120V AC48V DC18A8-10 hours


Recommended charging times

Battery TypeVoltageCapacityCharging Time
Lead-Acid36V75Ah8-12 hours
Lithium-Ion36V75Ah4-6 hours
Gel36V75Ah8-12 hours
AGM36V75Ah8-12 hours
Flooded36V75Ah8-12 hours

Blink codes for Ezgo Delta Q Charger

Blink CodeDescription
1 blinkBattery voltage is too low or charger is overloaded
2 blinksCharger output voltage is too low
3 blinksCharger output voltage is too high
4 blinksCharger output has a short circuit
5 blinksCharger output is overloaded


A blinking red light on your EZGO charger indicates a problem with the charging process. By following the troubleshooting steps outlined in this article, you can identify and resolve the issue, ensuring that your golf cart’s batteries are charged efficiently and safely. If you’re unable to solve the problem on your own, consult a professional technician for assistance.


ezgo charger blinking red


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