EZGO Suspension Upgrade

EZGO golf carts are widely known for their reliability and versatility, making them a popular choice among golfers and personal transportation enthusiasts. However, the factory suspension system may not provide the desired level of comfort and performance for all users. Upgrading the suspension system can significantly improve the ride quality, handling, and overall experience of driving your EZGO golf cart. In this article, we will discuss the various options available for an EZGO suspension upgrade and how to choose the right components for your specific needs.

Understanding Your EZGO Suspension System

Before upgrading the suspension, it’s crucial to understand the existing system in your EZGO golf cart. Most EZGO golf carts come with a leaf spring suspension system, which is a simple and cost-effective solution. However, this system may not provide the smoothest ride, especially on rough terrain or when carrying heavy loads.

Types of Suspension Upgrades

There are several types of suspension upgrades available for your EZGO golf cart. Here are some popular options:

a. Heavy-Duty Leaf Springs: Upgrading to heavy-duty leaf springs can provide additional support and reduce body roll when cornering or carrying heavy loads. This option is ideal for users who frequently use their golf carts for hauling or traversing uneven terrain.

b. Independent Front Suspension (IFS) Kits: IFS kits offer improved ride quality, handling, and comfort by allowing each wheel to move independently. This option is suitable for those who want a smoother ride on various terrains and better overall performance.

c. Coil-Over Shock Absorbers: These provide a more consistent and adjustable suspension, allowing you to fine-tune your ride quality and handling. Coil-over shocks are an excellent choice for those who want to customize their suspension system to their preferences.

d. Air Suspension Systems: Air suspension systems utilize airbags that can be inflated or deflated to adjust the ride height and stiffness. This option offers the most customization and is ideal for users who want the ultimate control over their golf cart’s suspension.

Choosing the Right Components

When selecting suspension components, consider the following factors:

a. Usage: Determine how you use your golf cart – for leisurely rides, off-roading, or hauling heavy loads. Choose components that cater to your specific needs.

b. Budget: Suspension upgrades can vary significantly in cost, so set a budget and select components that offer the best value for your investment.

c. Compatibility: Ensure the components you choose are compatible with your specific EZGO golf cart model.

d. Installation: Consider whether you will perform the installation yourself or hire a professional. Some suspension upgrades may require specialized tools and expertise.

Installation Tips

a. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper installation and setup.

b. Ensure that you have the necessary tools and equipment before starting the project.

c. Work in a well-lit and ventilated area with ample space.

d. If you’re unsure about any part of the installation process, consult a professional or seek help from online forums and communities.


EZGO Suspension Upgrade Parts

Part NamePart NumberCompatible ModelsMaterialPrice
Lift KitLGCK-EL-01TXT, RXVSteel$199.99
Shock AbsorberEZGO-28415TXT, RXVAluminum$59.99
Leaf SpringLGTS-EL-01TXT, RXVSteel$89.99
Ball JointEZGO-70608TXT, RXVSteel$39.99
Shock MountLGSH-EL-01TXT, RXVSteel$29.99
Bump StopEZGO-71699TXT, RXVRubber$19.99
Sway Bar KitLGSB-EL-01TXT, RXVSteel$149.99
Steering DamperEZGO-70298TXT, RXVSteel$49.99

EZGO Suspension Upgrade Compatibility Chart

Part NameTXT (1994-2013)RXV (2008-2019)TXT (2014+)
Lift KitYesYesYes
Shock AbsorberYesYesYes
Leaf SpringYesYesYes
Ball JointYesYesYes
Shock MountYesYesYes
Bump StopYesYesYes
Sway Bar KitYesYesYes
Steering DamperYesYesYes

EZGO Suspension Upgrade Performance Comparison

Upgrade TypeBenefitsDrawbacks
Lift KitIncreased ground clearance, ability to add larger tires and wheelsHigher center of gravity, may negatively impact handling and stability at high speeds
Shock Absorber UpgradeImproved ride quality, better handling on rough terrainHigher cost, may not be necessary for all users or driving conditions
Leaf Spring UpgradeIncreased load capacity, improved suspension performance under heavy loadsHigher cost, may not be necessary for all users or driving conditions
A-arm UpgradeImproved handling and stability, more precise steering controlHigher cost, may not be necessary for all users or driving conditions
Coilover UpgradeImproved ride quality and handling, adjustable for different driving conditionsHigher cost, may require professional installation
Sway Bar KitReduced body roll, improved handling and stabilityHigher cost, may not be necessary for all users or driving conditions

EZGO Suspension Upgrade Maintenance Schedule

Maintenance TaskFrequency
Check shock absorbersEvery 6 months or 5,000 miles
Inspect leaf springsEvery 12 months or 10,000 miles
Lubricate A-armsEvery 6 months or 5,000 miles
Check ball jointsEvery 12 months or 10,000 miles
Inspect sway bar linksEvery 12 months or 10,000 miles
Check steering damperEvery 12 months or 10,000 miles
Check wheel alignmentEvery 12 months or 10,000 miles
Check tire pressureEvery 1 month or 1,000 miles
Inspect tires for wearEvery 6 months or 5,000 miles
Clean and lubricate suspension componentsEvery 6 months or 5,000 miles

EZGO Suspension Upgrade Installation Checklist

Installation TaskRequired Tools
Lift Kit InstallationFloor jack, jack stands, socket set, torque wrench, drill
Shock Absorber InstallationSocket set, torque wrench, jack stands, floor jack
Leaf Spring InstallationFloor jack, jack stands, socket set, torque wrench, hammer
A-arm InstallationSocket set, torque wrench, floor jack, jack stands
Coilover InstallationSocket set, torque wrench, floor jack, jack stands
Sway Bar Kit InstallationSocket set, torque wrench, floor jack, jack stands
Steering Damper InstallationSocket set, torque wrench, floor jack, jack stands
Wheel and Tire InstallationLug wrench, floor jack, jack stands, torque wrench
Alignment AdjustmentAlignment rack, toe gauge, camber gauge, caster gauge

EZGO Suspension Upgrade Kits

Kit NamePart NumbersCompatible ModelsPrice
Basic Lift KitLGCK-EL-01, LGTS-EL-01TXT, RXV$259.98
Heavy Duty Lift KitLGCK-EL-01, LGTS-EL-01, LGSB-EL-01TXT, RXV$409.97
Performance SuspensionEZGO-28415, LGTS-EL-01, EZGO-750361TXT, RXV$349.97
Deluxe Suspension UpgradeLGCK-EL-01, EZGO-28415, LGTS-EL-01,TXT, RXV$629.95
EZGO-750361, LGSB-EL-01

EZGO Suspension Upgrade Tire and Wheel Packages

Package NameTire SizeWheel SizeMaterialPrice
Basic Package22×11-1010×7Aluminum$599.99
Off-Road Package23×10-1414×7Steel$999.99
Street Performance205/50-1010×7Aluminum$849.99
All-Terrain Package22×10-1010×8Steel$799.99
High Performance Package22×11-1012×7Aluminum$1,199



Upgrading your EZGO golf cart’s suspension system can significantly enhance its performance, ride quality, and overall driving experience.


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