Golf Club Membership Interview Questions

An interview at golf club before joining the club? You are scratching you head what is it about? Do not worry as in this post I will discuss golf club membership interview questions in detail and hopefully you will feel comfortable before the interview.

What Are Common Golf Club Membership Interview Questions

Before you begin answering any of the questions below keep in mind that honesty is the best policy. Do not say more than what you know or have done. These questions are very likely to be just formalities. They are probably judging your temperament. It will help them understand if you are someone who would abide by the etiquette of the golf club. Keep the environment friendly and helpful for everybody else who plays at the club.


What clubs have you had the membership before?

It’s ok if this is the first time you are looking to join a club. In case, you have membership of other clubs then just take their names.

Why Do you want the Membership of this club?

Enlist a few positive factors and tell them you are looking forward to join the club and improving your game.

Have you ever taken coaching?

If yes, answer that and also take this question as an opportunity to show your interest to know about the coaching services available at the club.

Have you read the policies of the club?

You can say yes and also take this opportunity to ask them if there is any special policy point that they would like to inform you before joining the club.

Are you aware of the dress code of the club?

Take a read of the dress code. If you are appearing for the interview, it is very likely that they will allow you to play the same day. So if you just got there without dress code then make sure that you are able to clarify that you did not come to play today. If accepted to the club you will abide by the dress code. And yes you have given a thorough reading to the dress code.

In case, you could not find the dress code on the club website you can mention that in the interview and ask for a copy.

Do you know someone who plays at this club?

If yes then state that and mention that you have heard good things about the club and its membership perks.

How did you hear about the golf club?

Clearly state how you came to know about the club.

Why do you prefer our club over the other?

Enlist your reasons and mention the positives about the golf club.

Do you have any suggestions for the club?

You can compare your past experiences with the club but stress the fact that you have yet to experience this golf club. The membership would help to better compare this club with the other golf clubs.

What is the current level of the game you are at?

You can mention your handicap. If you are a beginner and the club is very competitive then you can mention the best score you have had yet.

How do you want to make the payment?

Cash, credit card or cheque whatever the mode of payment is easier for you. Clubs like quick money.

Have you ever had a bad experience at a golf club?

You could state it and then explain why you are not expecting the same from this club because you have heard of good things about them.

What is your background?

Mention where you come from, your education, style of play and the current level of your game.

What questions do you have for us?

Ask them if they do any draws, their fee structure, coaching services, membership perks etc.

Why Do Golf Clubs Have Membership Interviews

Very rarely you will actually have a very tough interview for the membership.

You can expect a tough interview and rejection with top golf clubs who have set for themselves very high standards.

Clubs that open their doors only for elite players or those with tons of cash would devise strange measures for membership selection. Also if your locality has very few golf clubs then you can expect a tough interview with a higher rejection rate.

For remaining golf clubs, interviews are actually quite straightforward. They would be more of a welcoming session than an interview.

You would see someone from the management and the captain in the interview. A meet and greet session where you get a chance to know the staff. It is very possible that they will give you a tour of the club and very likely you will be off to the tee the same day.

Do not get terrified by the interview. It is more of a gimmick by the clubs to make an image that they select people to play at their club.

So a normal person who cannot play at the golf club may perceive that this club has a selection process and is the top club in their locality.


Golf Experience Questions

QuestionExample Response
How long have you been playing golf?5 years
What is your current handicap?12
Have you ever played competitively?Yes, in local tournaments
What is your favorite course to play?Pebble Beach
Do you prefer to walk or ride in a cart?I prefer to walk

 Membership Questions

QuestionExample Response
What type of membership are you interested in?Full
Are you interested in a family membership?No, just individual
How often do you plan on using the facilities?1-2 times per week
Would you like to sign up for any additional services, such as lessons or a locker?No, just the basic membership
When would you like to start your membership?As soon as possible

 Availability Questions

QuestionExample Response
What days of the week are you available to play?Monday, Wednesday, Friday
What time of day do you prefer to play?Early morning
Are you available for weekend play?Yes, usually
Are you interested in participating in club events?Yes, I would love to
Do you have any scheduling conflicts that we should be aware of?No, I have a flexible schedule

 Payment Questions

QuestionExample Response
How would you like to pay for your membership?Credit card
Would you like to set up automatic payments?Yes, please
Do you have any questions about the payment process?No, it all seems straightforward
Are there any discounts available for long-term memberships?Yes, 10% off for a 2-year membership
Are there any additional fees for using certain facilities or services?Yes, there is a fee for reserving a tee time on weekends

 Golf Equipment Questions

QuestionExample Response
What type of clubs do you currently use?TaylorMade
How often do you upgrade your clubs?Every 2-3 years
Do you have your own golf bag?Yes, I do
What is your preferred brand of golf balls?Titleist
Do you own any specialized golf equipment, such as a rangefinder or GPS device?Yes, I own a rangefinder

 Course Preference Questions

QuestionExample Response
What type of course do you prefer to play on?Parkland
What is your favorite hole on a golf course?The 18th hole at Augusta National
Do you prefer a more challenging or easy course?I prefer a challenging course
What is your favorite aspect of a golf course?The scenery and natural surroundings
Are there any specific courses that you would like to play on?I would love to play at St. Andrews

 Golfing Goals Questions

QuestionExample Response
What are your current golfing goals?To improve my swing and lower my handicap
Have you ever achieved a hole-in-one?No, not yet
Are you interested in improving your game through lessons or coaching?Yes, I am interested in taking lessons
Would you like to participate in any competitive events or leagues?Yes, I am interested in joining a league
What is your ultimate golfing goal?To play in a major championship

 Golf Course Etiquette Questions

QuestionExample Response
Are you familiar with golf course etiquette?Yes, I am familiar with it
Do you know how to properly repair a divot?Yes, I do
Have you ever been asked to leave a golf course due to improper behavior?No, I have not
Do you know how to properly mark your ball on the green?Yes, I do
Are you familiar with the dress code for the golf course?Yes, I know what is appropriate to wear on the course

  Golf Club Facility Questions

QuestionExample Response
Are you familiar with all of the facilities available at the club?Yes, I have researched the facilities
What type of food and beverage options are available at the club?There is a restaurant and a bar on site
Are there any fitness or recreational facilities available at the club?Yes, there is a fitness center and a swimming pool
Is there a pro shop on site?Yes, there is a pro shop
Are there any social events hosted by the club?Yes, there are monthly social events for members



Consider yourself selected even before the start of the interview. The interview is more of a formality than a necessity. Consider it as an opportunity to get to know who works at the club and what extra services are available at the club.

So now that you know that golf club membership interview questions are not something to worry about. Relax and enjoy your day.

golf club membership interview questions


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  1. My dad enjoys playing golf, and now that he’s retired from his office job, he is considering joining a country club here in Naples soon to help him stay active and meet new people with similar interests. I appreciate you informing us that most country clubs have membership interviews but if they aren’t those that are exclusive to elite players, these interviews are mostly more like a welcoming session where we can get to know the staff and have a tour of the club. I’ll keep this in mind while I help my dad find a country club to join here in Naples soon.


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