Mizuno MP 30 vs MP 60

When it comes to golf irons, Mizuno is a brand that is renowned for producing high-quality clubs with exceptional performance. Two popular models from Mizuno’s MP (Mizuno Pro) series are the MP 30 and MP 60 irons. Both of these irons have gained popularity among golfers of varying skill levels. In this comparison, we will examine the features, design, and performance of the Mizuno MP 30 and MP 60 irons to help you make an informed decision on which one might be the best fit for your game.

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Mizuno MP 30 Irons:

The Mizuno MP 30 irons are a classic set designed for skilled players seeking precision and workability. Here are some key features and details:

a. Design: The MP 30 irons feature a muscle-back design, which provides a compact appearance and a thin topline preferred by better players. The clubhead is forged from carbon steel, offering a soft and solid feel at impact.

b. Construction: The MP 30 irons use a Grain Flow Forging process, ensuring precise control over the grain structure of the clubhead for enhanced performance. The weight is distributed strategically to optimize the center of gravity and promote consistent ball flight.

c. Performance: These irons are known for their exceptional feel and feedback, allowing skilled golfers to shape their shots with ease. The MP 30 irons provide a penetrating ball flight and excellent control over trajectory and spin.

d. Forgiveness: While the MP 30 irons are primarily designed for better players, they do offer some forgiveness. However, compared to game improvement irons, they have a smaller sweet spot and require consistent ball striking for optimal results.

Mizuno MP 60 Irons:

The Mizuno MP 60 irons are also aimed at skilled players but offer some additional forgiveness and playability compared to the MP 30 model. Let’s delve into the details:

a. Design: The MP 60 irons have a slightly larger clubhead compared to the MP 30, offering a touch more forgiveness while still maintaining a traditional appearance. The muscle-back design provides precise weight distribution for enhanced control.

b. Construction: Similar to the MP 30, the MP 60 irons are forged from carbon steel using Mizuno’s Grain Flow Forging process. This ensures a consistent feel and superior craftsmanship.

c. Performance: The MP 60 irons offer excellent shot-shaping capability and provide a slightly higher ball flight compared to the MP 30. These irons are well-suited for golfers who want workability but desire a bit more forgiveness without sacrificing control.

d. Forgiveness: Compared to the MP 30, the MP 60 irons offer a slightly larger sweet spot and more forgiveness on off-center hits. This can be beneficial for golfers who may not consistently strike the ball perfectly.

Shot Control and Workability:

a. Mizuno MP 30: The MP 30 irons are renowned for their exceptional shot control and workability. Skilled players appreciate the ability to shape shots and control trajectory with these irons. The compact clubhead and precise weighting contribute to the high level of control offered by the MP 30.

b. Mizuno MP 60: The MP 60 irons also provide excellent shot control and workability, although they may offer a slightly higher ball flight compared to the MP 30. This can be advantageous when trying to hold greens or shape shots with more height.

Appearance and Player Preference:

a. Mizuno MP 30: The MP 30 irons have a classic, traditional appearance that appeals to purists and players who prefer a more compact look at address. The thin topline and muscle-back design exude a sense of precision and craftsmanship.

b. Mizuno MP 60: The MP 60 irons maintain a clean and traditional appearance, similar to the MP 30. The slightly larger clubhead size may be preferred by players who desire a slightly more forgiving look without sacrificing the overall aesthetics of a player’s iron.

Feedback on Mishits:

a. Mizuno MP 30: The MP 30 irons provide immediate and precise feedback on mishits. While they offer forgiveness within the realm of player’s irons, shots struck outside the sweet spot may result in noticeable feedback and a potential loss of distance and control.

b. Mizuno MP 60: The MP 60 irons offer a touch more forgiveness on mishits compared to the MP 30. The larger sweet spot helps mitigate the loss of distance and accuracy on off-center strikes, providing a bit more consistency for golfers who may not always find the center of the clubface.

Transition and Progression:

a. Mizuno MP 30: The MP 30 irons are designed for players who have already developed a consistent and reliable swing. These irons are best suited for golfers who are confident in their ball striking and seek the utmost control and workability.

b. Mizuno MP 60: The MP 60 irons are suitable for skilled players who may still be refining their ball striking or desire a bit more forgiveness. They can serve as a bridge between the more demanding MP 30 irons and game improvement irons, providing a balance of control and forgiveness.


The price of both the Mizuno MP 30 and MP 60 irons can vary based on factors such as the set configuration (number of clubs), customization options, and any additional features. It’s recommended to check with retailers or Mizuno’s official website for the most up-to-date pricing information.

MP 30 – Specifications

ModelLoftLie AngleClub LengthHand Orientation
MP 3028°60°36.5″Right
MP 3031°60°36″Right
MP 3034°60°35.5″Right
MP 3038°60°35″Right
MP 3042°60°34.5″Right
MP 3046°60°34″Right
MP 3050°60°33.5″Right
MP 3054°60°33″Right
MP 3058°60°32.5″Right
MP 3062°60°32″Right

MP 60 – Specifications

ModelLoftLie AngleClub LengthHand Orientation
MP 6027°60°36.5″Right
MP 6031°60°36″Right
MP 6035°60°35.5″Right
MP 6039°60°35″Right
MP 6043°60°34.5″Right
MP 6047°60°34″Right
MP 6051°60°33.5″Right
MP 6055°60°33″Right
MP 6059°60°32.5″Right
MP 6063°60°32″Right

MP 30 – Features

ModelMaterialShaft FlexSwing WeightClub Type
MP 30Forged SteelRegularD2Iron
MP 30Forged SteelStiffD2Iron
MP 30Forged SteelExtra StiffD2Iron
MP 30Forged SteelRegularD2Wedge
MP 30Forged SteelStiffD2Wedge
MP 30Forged SteelExtra StiffD2Wedge
MP 30Forged SteelRegularD2Pitching Wedge
MP 30Forged SteelStiffD2Pitching Wedge
MP 30Forged SteelExtra StiffD2Pitching Wedge
MP 30Forged SteelRegularD2Sand Wedge

MP 60 – Features

ModelMaterialShaft FlexSwing WeightClub Type
MP 60Forged SteelRegularD2Iron
MP 60Forged SteelStiffD2Iron
MP 60Forged SteelExtra StiffD2Iron
MP 60Forged SteelRegularD2Wedge
MP 60Forged SteelStiffD2Wedge
MP 60Forged SteelExtra StiffD2Wedge
MP 60Forged SteelRegularD2Pitching Wedge
MP 60Forged SteelStiffD2Pitching Wedge
MP 60Forged SteelExtra StiffD2Pitching Wedge
MP 60Forged SteelRegularD2Sand Wedge


ModelLoftLie AngleClub LengthHand OrientationMaterialShaft FlexSwing WeightClub Type
MP 3028°60°36.5″RightForged SteelRegularD2Iron
MP 6027°60°36.5″RightForged SteelRegularD2Iron
MP 3031°60°36″RightForged SteelStiffD2Iron
MP 6031°60°36″RightForged SteelStiffD2Iron
MP 3034°60°35.5″RightForged SteelExtra StiffD2Iron
MP 6035°60°35.5″RightForged SteelExtra StiffD2Iron
MP 3038°60°35″RightForged SteelRegularD2Wedge
MP 6039°60°35″RightForged SteelRegularD2Wedge
MP 3042°60°34.5″RightForged SteelStiffD2Wedge
MP 6043°60°34.5″RightForged SteelStiffD2Wedge


Choosing between the Mizuno MP 30 and MP 60 irons ultimately depends on your skill level, preferences, and playing style. The MP 30 irons are ideal for highly skilled players who prioritize workability, shot shaping, and the utmost feel and feedback. On the other hand, the MP 60 irons offer a touch more forgiveness while still providing exceptional control and shot-making capability.

To make the best decision, it is recommended to try both sets of irons in a fitting session or consult with a professional club fitter who can assess your swing and provide personalized recommendations based on your specific needs. Ultimately, the Mizuno MP 30 and MP 60 irons are both excellent choices that can elevate your game to the next level.

Mizuno MP 30 vs MP 60


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