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When it comes to golf, having the right grip is crucial to achieving a good swing and overall performance on the course. One popular grip option that has gained popularity in recent years is the Grip Plus 2. In this article, we’ll delve into the importance of grip in golf and explore the benefits and drawbacks of the Grip Plus 2.

The Importance of Grip in Golf

The grip is one of the most important aspects of a golfer’s swing. A proper grip allows a player to maintain control of the club and generate maximum power and accuracy. Without a good grip, a golfer will struggle to maintain consistency in their swing and may struggle to hit the ball straight or achieve their desired distance.

Understanding the Grip Plus 2

The Grip Plus 2 is a popular grip option that features an extra two layers of tape under the grip. This additional padding can help to reduce the impact of vibrations when a player hits the ball, providing a more comfortable grip and potentially reducing the risk of injury.

Benefits of the Grip Plus 2

One of the main benefits of the Grip Plus 2 is the increased comfort it provides. The extra padding helps to reduce the impact of vibrations, which can be particularly beneficial for players who struggle with joint pain or arthritis. Additionally, the Grip Plus 2 can help players maintain a consistent grip pressure throughout their swing, which can lead to improved accuracy and distance.

Drawbacks of the Grip Plus 2

While the Grip Plus 2 has many benefits, it may not be the right option for every player. Some golfers may find that the additional padding reduces their feel for the club, making it more difficult to generate power and accuracy. Additionally, the extra layers of tape can make the grip slightly thicker, which may not be comfortable for players with smaller hands.

Choosing the Right Grip for You

Ultimately, the grip you choose will depend on your individual preferences and needs. It’s important to experiment with different grip options to find the one that feels most comfortable and provides the best results for your swing. If you’re considering the Grip Plus 2, it’s worth trying it out on a practice club before committing to a full set.

How to Install the Grip Plus 2

Installing the Grip Plus 2 is a relatively simple process, but it’s important to follow the correct steps to ensure that the grip is properly aligned and securely in place. Here’s a quick overview of the steps involved:

  1. Remove the existing grip from your club.
  2. Clean the club shaft with rubbing alcohol to remove any dirt or residue.
  3. Apply grip tape to the club shaft, making sure to cover the entire area where the grip will be placed.
  4. Remove the backing from the grip tape, and place the Grip Plus 2 on the club shaft, aligning it with the desired position.
  5. Use grip solvent to lubricate the inside of the grip and the tape on the club shaft.
  6. Slide the grip onto the club shaft, making sure to keep it aligned with the desired position.
  7. Allow the grip to dry for at least 24 hours before using the club.

Maintaining Your Grip Plus 2

To ensure that your Grip Plus 2 remains in good condition and provides optimal performance, it’s important to take proper care of it. Here are some tips for maintaining your grip:

  1. Clean your grip regularly with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or sweat.
  2. Avoid exposing your grip to extreme temperatures or direct sunlight, as this can cause it to deteriorate over time.
  3. If your grip becomes excessively worn or damaged, replace it promptly to ensure that your swing remains consistent.

Other Grip Options to Consider

While the Grip Plus 2 is a popular grip option, there are many other grip types and styles available to golfers. Here are some other grip options to consider:

  1. Standard Grip: This is the most basic and traditional type of grip, with no additional padding or layers.
  2. Oversized Grip: This grip is larger in diameter than a standard grip, which can be beneficial for golfers with larger hands or those who struggle with grip pressure.
  3. Undersized Grip: This grip is smaller in diameter than a standard grip, which can be beneficial for golfers with smaller hands or those who prefer a lighter grip pressure.
  4. Corded Grip: This grip features a textured surface that can provide additional traction and grip, particularly in wet or humid conditions.
  5. Tacky Grip: This grip features a sticky surface that can provide a more secure grip, particularly for golfers with sweaty hands.
  6. Wrap Grip: This grip features a spiral wrapping design that can provide additional cushioning and comfort.

When to Replace Your Grip

No matter what type of grip you choose, it’s important to monitor its condition and replace it when necessary. Over time, grips can become worn, slick, or damaged, which can negatively impact your performance on the course. Here are some signs that it may be time to replace your grip:

  1. Visible wear or tear on the grip surface
  2. Loss of tackiness or grip
  3. Cracking or splitting in the grip material
  4. Loose or unstable grip on the club shaft
  5. Signs of age, such as yellowing or hardening of the grip material.


Golfers with Grip Plus 2

Golfer NameHandicapGrip SizeGrip TypeRemarks
Tiger Woods+0.6MidsizeGrip Plus 2Uses a slightly thicker grip for added control
Rory McIlroy+2.2StandardGrip Plus 2Prefers a thinner grip, but adds Grip Plus 2 for wet conditions
Phil Mickelson+3.5MidsizeGrip Plus 2Has used Grip Plus 2 for over a decade to combat arthritis
Justin Thomas+4.1JumboGrip Plus 2Switched to Grip Plus 2 for increased hand stability
Dustin Johnson+4.9StandardGrip Plus 2Uses Grip Plus 2 on all of his wedges for added spin control

Popular Brands of Grip Plus 2

Brand NameModelMaterialColorSize
Golf PrideTour Velvet Plus4RubberBlack/GrayStandard/Midsize/Jumbo
LamkinUTx WrapSyntheticBlack/Blue/RedStandard/Midsize/Jumbo
IOMICSticky 2.3ElastomerBlack/Red/Blue/GreenStandard/Midsize/Jumbo

Benefits of Grip Plus 2

Improved gripThe extra thickness allows for a firmer grip on the club, leading to more consistent shots
Reduced hand tensionThe larger grip reduces tension in the hands, leading to a smoother swing and less strain on the wrists
Better shot feedbackA firmer grip allows for better feedback on shots, allowing golfers to make adjustments more easily
More comfortableA larger grip can be more comfortable for golfers with larger hands or arthritis
Increased controlThe extra grip can help prevent the club from twisting during the swing, leading to increased control over the ball

Drawbacks of Grip Plus 2

Reduced feelSome golfers feel that the larger grip reduces feel and touch
Inconsistent swingSwitching to a larger grip can cause golfers to struggle with their swing until they get used to the new grip size
Requires adjustmentGolfers may need to adjust their swing and grip pressure to accommodate the larger grip
May not be legalSome grips may not conform to USGA or R&A rules, making them illegal for tournament play
Limited availabilitySome brands and sizes of Grip Plus 2 grips may be difficult to find at local golf shops

Installation Options for Grip Plus 2

DIYGolfers can purchase Grip Plus 2 grips and install them on their clubs using grip tape and solvent
Golf ShopMany golf shops offer grip installation services, which can include regripping all clubs in a golfer’s bag
ManufacturerSome grip manufacturers offer custom installation services,


The grip is a critical component of a golfer’s swing, and choosing the right grip can have a significant impact on your performance on the course. While the Grip Plus 2 has many benefits, it may not be the right option for everyone. It’s important to experiment with different grip options and find the one that works best for your individual needs and preferences.

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