Lamkin vs Golf Pride

Golf grips play a crucial role in your performance on the course, as they are the only point of contact between you and your golf club. Two of the leading golf grip brands are Lamkin and Golf Pride . In this article, we’ll compare these brands to help you determine which is the best fit for your game.

History and Reputation


Founded in 1925 by Elver B. Lamkin, Lamkin Grips is one of the oldest and most respected golf grip manufacturers in the industry. With a commitment to quality and innovation, Lamkin has built a strong reputation for producing reliable and high-performing grips.

Golf Pride

Golf Pride, established in 1949 by Thomas L. Fawick, is another reputable golf grip manufacturer. Known for their innovative designs and commitment to quality, Golf Pride has become the most popular grip brand among professional golfers worldwide.

Grip Material and Durability

Lamkin Grips

Lamkin offers a variety of materials for their grips, including rubber, synthetic, and hybrid options. Their advanced materials are designed to provide excellent durability and performance in various weather conditions.

Golf Pride Grips

Golf Pride also offers a diverse range of grip materials, including rubber, cord, and hybrid options. Their grips are known for their durability and resistance to wear, even in challenging weather conditions.

Performance and Feel

Lamkin Grips

Lamkin is known for providing excellent traction and control in their grips, helping golfers maintain a secure grip on their club throughout the swing. Their grips are designed to provide excellent shock absorption, promoting a more comfortable and consistent swing.

Golf Pride Grips

Golf Pride offers a range of grips designed to enhance performance and feel for golfers at all skill levels. Their grips provide excellent traction and control, allowing golfers to maintain a secure grip on the club throughout the swing.

Price and Selection

Lamkin Grips

Lamkin offers a wide range of grips in various styles, sizes, and materials, catering to golfers with different preferences and budgets. Their grips tend to be competitively priced, making them an affordable option for many golfers.

Golf Pride Grips

Golf Pride also offers a diverse selection of grips, ensuring that golfers can find a grip that suits their specific needs and preferences. Their grips may be slightly more expensive than Lamkin grips, but they are still reasonably priced given their quality and performance.

Customization and Innovation

Lamkin Grips

Lamkin continually invests in research and development to create innovative grip designs. They have introduced various grip technologies, such as the ACE (Advanced Cohesive Elastomer) material, which enhances tackiness, durability, and shock absorption. Lamkin also offers customizable grip options, allowing golfers to choose the perfect grip size, style, and color to match their preferences and game.

Golf Pride Grips

Golf Pride is also known for its commitment to innovation and has introduced several groundbreaking grip technologies. For example, their ALIGN technology helps golfers maintain consistent hand placement for improved clubface awareness and control. Golf Pride also offers a wide range of customization options, including various sizes, styles, and colors to suit individual golfers’ needs and preferences.

Environmental Sustainability

Lamkin Grips

Lamkin has taken steps to reduce its environmental impact by incorporating sustainable materials and processes in its grip manufacturing. They have introduced eco-friendly grip options, such as the REL 3GEN series, which uses a unique synthetic rubber compound that is more sustainable than traditional rubber grips.

Golf Pride Grips

Golf Pride also recognizes the importance of environmental sustainability and has made efforts to reduce its ecological footprint. Their innovative MCC Plus4 grips, for example, feature a hybrid material that reduces the amount of rubber used in the manufacturing process, resulting in a more environmentally friendly grip option.

Professional Endorsements

Lamkin Grips

Several professional golfers have trusted Lamkin grips for their game, including legends like Arnold Palmer and current tour players like Justin Rose. This endorsement by professional golfers is a testament to the performance and reliability of Lamkin grips.

Golf Pride Grips

Golf Pride has a long history of being the preferred grip choice among professional golfers. According to the company, over 80% of Tour professionals choose Golf Pride grips. Golf Pride has been used in more major championship victories than any other grip brand, which speaks to the confidence that top players have in their products.


Lamkin Golf Grips Comparison

ModelMaterialSizeWeight (grams)Price ($)
UTX CordCordStandard497.99
Comfort PlusRubberStandard488.99
Sonar TourPolyurethaneStandard5312.99
Crossline 360RubberStandard506.99
Sink Fit SkinnyRubberJumbo9014.99
Z5RubberMidsize Plus618.99

Golf Pride Golf Grips Comparison

ModelMaterialSizeWeight (grams)Price ($)
Tour VelvetRubberStandard505.99
MCC Plus4HybridStandard569.99
CP2 ProRubberMidsize577.99
Z-Grip CordCordStandard508.99
MCC TeamHybridStandard6011.99
Tour Wrap 2GSyntheticStandard506.99
Tour Velvet Plus4RubberStandard527.99
Tour Velvet AlignRubberStandard508.99
MCC AlignHybridStandard529.99
CP2 WrapRubberStandard527.99

Rubber Grips Comparison

ModelBrandSizeWeight (grams)Price ($)
Comfort PlusLamkinStandard488.99
Sink Fit SkinnyLamkinJumbo9014.99
Tour VelvetGolf PrideStandard505.99
Tour Wrap 2GGolf PrideStandard506.99

Midsize Grips Comparison

ModelBrandSizeWeight (grams)Price ($)
CP2 ProGolf PrideMidsize577.99
Sonar TourLamkinStandard5312.99
CP2 WrapLamkinMidsize577.99
CP2 Pro JumboGolf PrideJumbo7511.99

Cord Grips Comparison

ModelBrandSizeWeight (grams)Price ($)
UTX CordLamkinStandard497.99
Z-Grip CordGolf PrideStandard508.99
Sonar Tour CordLamkinStandard5714.99
MCC Plus4Golf PrideStandard569.99
Sonar WrapLamkinStandard609.99

Oversize Grips Comparison

ModelBrandSizeWeight (grams)Price ($)
Tour Wrap 2G XLGolf PrideXL9310.99
Sonar WrapLamkinJumbo7812.99
CP2 Wrap JumboGolf PrideJumbo7511.99
Crossline XLLamkinXL7010.99

Putter Grips Comparison

ModelBrandSizeWeight (grams)Price ($)
Sink Fit PistolLamkinStandard6824.99
Tour SNSR ContourGolf PrideStandard7822.99
Straight PolyLamkinStandard557.99
Pro OnlyGolf PrideStandard6419.99
Deep EtchedLamkinStandard6811.99

Junior Grips Comparison

ModelBrandSizeWeight (grams)Price ($)
Junior TourGolf PrideJunior394.99
R.E.L. ACE Jr.LamkinJunior346.99


Both Lamkin and Golf Pride are leading golf grip manufacturers, offering high-quality grips designed to enhance performance and feel on the course. While Golf Pride may have a slight edge in terms of popularity among professional golfers, Lamkin grips offer comparable quality and performance at a competitive price. Ultimately, the choice between Lamkin and Golf Pride grips will come down to personal preference, budget, and individual needs.


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