How to Hit a Golf Ball Above your Feet

Hitting a golf ball above your feet can be a challenging task for many golfers, but it doesn’t have to be an obstacle. With the correct technique and adjustments to your stance, you can confidently hit the ball and improve your overall game. This guide will walk you through the steps to hit a golf ball above your feet, and provide you with helpful tips to make the shot easier and more consistent.

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Step 1: Adjust Your Stance

  1. Widen your stance: A wider stance will lower your center of gravity, providing more stability and balance during the swing.
  2. Bend your knees: Flexing your knees more than usual will help lower your body and allow you to reach the ball better. This will also increase stability and help maintain balance.
  3. Choke down on the club: Grip the club lower than you normally would. Choking down on the club will reduce the length of the club, making it easier to control and helping you maintain a consistent swing.

Step 2: Choose the Right Club

When hitting a ball above your feet, the natural tendency is for the ball to travel left (for right-handed golfers) or right (for left-handed golfers) due to the slope of the ground. To counteract this, choose a club with less loft or aim slightly right (for right-handed golfers) or left (for left-handed golfers) of your target to account for the expected curve.

Step 3: Align Your Body and the Ball

Position the ball slightly forward in your stance, closer to your front foot. This will allow you to make solid contact with the ball and promote a higher ball flight. Your shoulders, hips, and feet should be parallel to the slope, ensuring that you’re fully aligned with the ball.

Step 4: Swing and Follow Through

  1. Maintain balance: As you begin your backswing, ensure that your weight remains evenly distributed between both feet. Focus on maintaining balance throughout the entire swing.
  2. Swing with a shallower path: When swinging on a slope, a shallower swing path will help you make better contact with the ball. Avoid trying to lift the ball, and instead, allow the natural loft of the club to do the work.
  3. Follow through: Complete your swing with a smooth follow-through, maintaining balance and control. Don’t force the swing, as this can lead to poor contact and misalignment.

Types of Golf Shots with Ball Above Feet

Shot TypeClub SelectionStanceBall PositionSwing Path
High DrawHybridUprightForwardIn-to-Out
Low Fade5 IronWide & BalancedCenterOut-to-In
Mid-Trajectory7 IronSlightly OpenMiddleNeutral
Punch Shot6 IronNarrow & LowBackOut-to-In
Full Swing8 IronSquareMiddleNeutral

Adjusting for Slope

Slope AngleClub Selection AdjustmentStance AdjustmentSwing AdjustmentAlignment Adjustment
MildClub up 1Slightly widerSlight leanAim right
ModerateClub up 2WiderModerate leanAim further right
SteepClub up 3WidestSignificant leanAim farthest right

Common Mistakes and Corrections

Common MistakeCauseCorrectionImpact on Shot
SlicingOut-to-In swingFocus on In-to-Out swingStraighter shot
PullingOver-rotationLimit body rotationStraighter shot
Hitting it fatPoor weight shiftTransfer weight properlyCleaner contact
Topping the ballLifting head earlyKeep head steadyBetter ball contact

Golf Drills for Ball Above Feet Shots

Drill NameObjectiveSet-upExecution
Uphill Lie PracticeDevelop feel for uphill liesFind a sloped area at driving rangePractice hitting balls on the slope
Alignment StickImprove alignment on sloped liesPlace Alignment Stick on ground at target lineSwing parallel to stick
One-Foot BalanceImprove balanceStand on uphill foot, trail foot on its toesSwing slowly, maintaining balance
Choke DownControl club on uneven liesChoke down on club gripPractice swinging with shortened grip
Step DrillImprove weight transfer on slopesTake a step with lead foot after backswingPractice stepping and swinging

Tips for Different Club Types with Ball Above Feet

Club TypeAim AdjustmentStance AdjustmentBall PositionSwing AdjustmentClub Selection Adjustment
WoodsAim rightWideForwardMore uprightClub up 2
Long IronsAim rightWideMiddleMore uprightClub up 2
Mid IronsAim rightWideMiddleUprightClub up 1
Short IronsAim rightWideMiddleSlightly uprightClub up 1
WedgesAim rightWideMiddleSlightly uprightClub up 1



Hitting a golf ball above your feet can be challenging, but with practice and the right adjustments to your stance and swing, you can confidently execute this shot. Remember to maintain balance, adjust your club selection, and focus on a smooth, controlled swing. By incorporating these tips into your game, you’ll be better prepared to handle this unique shot on the course.


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