How Old is My Ping Anser Putter

The Ping Anser putter is one of the most iconic putters in the golf industry. It was first introduced in the 1960s and has since become one of the most popular and widely used putters in the game of golf. Its design and technology have evolved over time, but it remains a favorite among many golfers.

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Determining the Age of Your Ping Anser Putter

If you are wondering how old your Ping Anser putter is, there are a few ways to determine its age. The easiest way is to check the serial number on the putter. You can find the serial number on the heel of the putter, just below the grip. The serial number will consist of a series of letters and numbers.

Decoding the Serial Number

Ping uses a specific coding system for their serial numbers, which can help you determine the age of your putter. The first two letters in the serial number indicate the model of the putter. For example, if the first two letters are “AP,” then your putter is an Anser putter.

The next two numbers indicate the year the putter was made. For example, if the numbers are “06,” then your putter was made in 2006. If the numbers are “14,” then your putter was made in 2014.

The last four numbers in the serial number indicate the production sequence of the putter. This number helps to identify the specific putter within the production run.

Design and Technology Evolution

The Ping Anser putter has undergone several design and technology changes since its introduction in the 1960s. The original Anser putter was designed by Karsten Solheim and featured a heel-toe weighting system that provided better balance and stability. In the following decades, Ping continued to innovate and refine the Anser putter design, introducing advancements such as cavity-back technology, adjustable weighting, and grooved faces.

Collectibility and Value

Due to its popularity and status as a classic golf club, Ping Anser putters are highly collectible and can be quite valuable. The age, rarity, and condition of the putter are all factors that can influence its value. Vintage Ping Anser putters from the 1960s and 1970s are particularly sought after by collectors.

Ping Anser Putter Models

Over the years, Ping has introduced several different models of the Anser putter. These include the Anser 2, Anser 3, Anser 4, and Anser 5. Each model has its own unique design features and specifications.

Customization Options

One of the benefits of the Ping Anser putter is that it can be customized to fit the golfer’s individual preferences. Ping offers a wide range of customization options, including grip size and style, shaft length and material, and weighting. This allows golfers to optimize their putter for their specific putting style and stroke.

Ping Anser Putter Age Reference Guide (based on serial number)

Serial Number RangeYear of Manufacture
21801 – 252501966
25251 – 313001967
31301 – 430001968
43001 – 537501969
53751 – 611001970
61101 – 684501971
68451 – 758001972
75801 – 831501973
83151 – 902001974
90201 – 973501975

Ping Anser Putter Age Reference Guide (based on length)

Length (inches)Age Range

Ping Anser Putter Age Reference Guide (based on grip)

Grip ColorAge Range

Ping Anser Putter Age Reference Guide (based on shaft)

Shaft MaterialAge Range
Stainless Steel2013-2021
Carbon Fiber2022-present

 Ping Anser Putter Age Reference Guide (based on head style)

Head StyleAge Range
Half Mallet2002-2021
Compact Mallet2007-2021


The Ping Anser putter is a timeless classic that has been used by some of the greatest golfers in history. Its design and technology have evolved over the years, but it remains a popular and highly regarded putter among golfers of all skill levels. By understanding how to determine the age of your Ping Anser putter, you can gain a better appreciation for its history and value.


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