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Jim Furyk is a renowned professional golfer known for his unique swing and consistent performance on the PGA Tour. His golf bag, often referred to as “WITB” (What’s in the Bag), is a source of curiosity for golf enthusiasts and fans alike. In this article, we will provide a detailed breakdown of the golf equipment that Jim Furyk carries in his bag.

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I. Driver:

Jim Furyk’s driver is a crucial club in his arsenal. While Furyk is known for his unconventional swing, his choice of driver has always been top-notch. As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, Furyk was using a Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero driver. This driver is known for its low spin characteristics, helping Furyk control his ball flight and maximize distance off the tee.

II. Fairway Woods:

  1. 3-Wood: Furyk typically carries a Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero 3-wood. This club offers a combination of distance and control, allowing him to navigate long par-5s and tight fairways with ease.
  2. 5-Wood: For added versatility, Furyk might include a Callaway Epic Flash 5-wood in his bag. This club is great for approach shots into par-5s or when he needs to reach a long par-3.

III. Irons:

Jim Furyk’s iron play has been a cornerstone of his success over the years. He is known for his accuracy and consistency with his irons. As of 2021, he was using Callaway X Forged UT irons, which are designed for better players seeking precision and control.

IV. Wedges:

Furyk carries a set of Callaway Jaws MD5 wedges in his bag. These wedges are designed to provide maximum spin and control around the greens. The specific loft and bounce angles of his wedges may vary depending on the course conditions, but he typically has a pitching wedge, gap wedge, sand wedge, and sometimes a lob wedge.

V. Putter:

The putter is arguably the most important club in a golfer’s bag, and Furyk’s choice is crucial for his consistent performance. As of 2021, he used an Odyssey Versa 1 Wide White putter. This mallet-style putter is designed for improved alignment and control, helping him sink those critical putts.

VI. Golf Ball:

Jim Furyk has been known to use Callaway golf balls, often favoring the Callaway Chrome Soft model. These balls are designed to offer a combination of distance, control, and soft feel around the greens.

VII. Hybrid:

Jim Furyk often includes a hybrid club in his bag to bridge the gap between his fairway woods and irons. The specific hybrid club may vary depending on the course conditions and his preferences, but he typically uses a Callaway Apex Hybrid. These hybrids are known for their forgiveness and versatility, making them an excellent choice for long approach shots or navigating tricky lies.

VIII. Golf Glove and Accessories:

Beyond clubs, Furyk pays attention to the smaller details that can impact his game. He wears a high-quality golf glove, which provides a secure grip on the club and helps maintain control during his swings. Additionally, he may have various accessories in his bag, such as alignment aids, divot repair tools, and golf tees, to ensure that he’s prepared for any situation on the course.

IX. Golf Bag:

Jim Furyk’s golf bag is typically a Callaway bag, consistent with his endorsement deal with the company. The bag is designed to carry and protect his clubs while providing easy access to them during his rounds. It’s equipped with multiple pockets for storing golf balls, gloves, rangefinders, and other essentials.

X. Apparel and Footwear:

While not part of his golf bag per se, Jim Furyk’s choice of apparel and footwear is essential for comfort and performance during his rounds. He often wears moisture-wicking and breathable clothing to stay comfortable in varying weather conditions. His golf shoes are designed for stability and grip, providing him with a solid foundation for his unique swing.

Driver Table:

Driver BrandModelLoftShaft FlexShaft Type
CallawayEpic Flash9.0°X-StiffProject X HZRDUS

Fairway Woods Table:

Fairway Wood BrandModelLoftShaft FlexShaft Type
CallawayRogue15.0°StiffAldila Synergy
CallawayRogue18.0°StiffAldila Synergy

Irons Table:

Iron BrandModelTypeShaft FlexShaft Type
CallawayApex Pro ’193-PWStiffKBS Tour V 110
CallawayMack Daddy56°StiffTrue Temper Dynamic Gold S200

Wedges Table:

Wedge BrandModelLoftBounceShaft FlexShaft Type
CallawayMack Daddy 452°10°StiffTrue Temper Dynamic Gold S200
CallawayMack Daddy 458°StiffTrue Temper Dynamic Gold S200

Putter Table:

Putter BrandModelLength (inches)Grip Type
OdysseyWhite Hot Pro 2-Ball34″SuperStroke Pistol GT Tour


Jim Furyk’s “What’s in the Bag” reveals the meticulous attention to detail that professional golfers pay to their equipment. While the specific clubs and gear may have changed since my last knowledge update in September 2021, Furyk’s commitment to using the best-suited equipment for his game remains constant. His WITB serves as a source of inspiration and guidance for golfers of all skill levels who want to optimize their equipment to improve their performance on the course. Understanding the importance of club selection and customization can help golfers make more informed choices and elevate their game.


Jim Furyk Witb


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