Justin Leonard WITB

When discussing the golf equipment of professional golfers like Justin Leonard, it’s essential to understand the clubs and gear they use to compete at the highest level. Justin Leonard, a well-respected PGA Tour veteran, has had a long and successful career, which means his choice of clubs has evolved over time. Below is an overview of Justin Leonard’s WITB, breaking down his bag club by club:

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Justin Leonard’s driver is a critical component of his bag. While the specific driver model can change over time based on endorsements and equipment deals, he has often favored drivers from well-known brands like TaylorMade, Callaway, or Titleist. The choice of driver shaft and loft is customized to suit his swing speed and launch conditions.

Fairway Woods:

In addition to his driver, Leonard typically carries a couple of fairway woods in his bag. These clubs are essential for long shots from the fairway and off the tee on shorter holes. The choice of fairway woods can vary, but they are usually from the same brand as his driver for consistency in feel and performance.


Justin Leonard’s iron set is a crucial aspect of his bag. Most professional golfers carry a set of irons that match their swing and playing style. The specific iron model may vary, but it’s common for professionals to use irons from well-known manufacturers like Titleist, TaylorMade, or Mizuno. The iron shafts are custom-fitted to his swing for optimal control and distance.


Wedges play a vital role in a golfer’s bag, especially for precision shots around the green. Leonard typically carries several wedges, including a pitching wedge, gap wedge, sand wedge, and sometimes a lob wedge. The choice of wedge brand and model may vary, but they are selected based on their ability to control spin and trajectory.


The putter is arguably the most critical club in a golfer’s bag, and Justin Leonard’s putter choice is no exception. He may use a blade-style putter or a mallet putter, depending on his personal preferences and what suits his putting stroke. The length and grip of the putter are customized to his comfort and putting style.

Golf Ball:

The golf ball is another critical piece of equipment in a professional golfer’s bag. Golfers like Justin Leonard often use balls from major manufacturers like Titleist, TaylorMade, or Callaway. The choice of golf ball is based on factors like feel, spin, and distance, and it’s essential for consistency in play.


In addition to clubs and balls, there are various accessories that Justin Leonard and other professional golfers carry in their bags. These may include:

  • Golf Glove: A high-quality golf glove provides a better grip on the club and helps prevent blisters.
  • Tees: Wooden or plastic tees are used to tee up the ball on the tee box.
  • Ball Markers: Golfers use ball markers to mark their ball’s position on the green when lifting it to clean or when another player’s ball is in the way.
  • Divot Repair Tool: A tool used to repair ball marks and divots on the green.
  • Rain Gear: Waterproof clothing and covers for the clubs to protect against inclement weather.
  • Yardage Book: A detailed book with hole layouts, yardage markers, and notes on slopes and hazards on the course.
  • Rangefinder or GPS: Some professionals use rangefinders or GPS devices to accurately measure distances to the flag or hazards.
  • Alignment Aids: Training aids or alignment sticks used during practice and warm-up.

Customizations and Adjustments:

One of the most intriguing aspects of a professional golfer’s bag like Justin Leonard’s is the level of customization and the meticulous adjustments made to suit their game. These customizations include:

  • Shaft Flex and Length: The shafts of all clubs, from the driver to the putter, are often custom-fitted to match the golfer’s swing speed and tempo. This ensures optimal control and distance.
  • Lie and Loft Angles: The lie angle and loft of irons and wedges can be adjusted to fine-tune ball flight and trajectory.
  • Grip Size and Type: Golfers have different preferences when it comes to grip size and type, which can significantly affect how they hold and control the club.
  • Swing Weight: The swing weight of each club is carefully calibrated to ensure that the clubs feel balanced and consistent throughout the set.
  • Clubhead Weight: Golfers may experiment with adding weight to the clubhead to alter the feel and performance of their clubs.
  • Ball Position Markers: Some golfers use special markers on their clubheads to ensure consistent ball placement in their stance.
  • Putting Alignment Aids: Alignment aids on the putter head or shaft help golfers ensure that they are aiming correctly on the greens.
  • Putter Customization: Professional golfers often have their putters fine-tuned to their liking. This can include adjustments to the putter’s weight, lie angle, and loft.

Evolution of Justin Leonard’s WITB:

Justin Leonard, like most professional golfers, has seen his bag evolve over the course of his career. As he gained experience and his swing changed, he may have made significant changes to his WITB. For instance:

  • Early Career: In the early stages of his career, Leonard may have used equipment that catered to his natural playing style. This could include clubs that emphasized control and precision over distance.
  • Mid-Career: As he gained experience and possibly changed his swing mechanics, he may have transitioned to clubs that offered more distance or forgiveness, depending on his needs.
  • Later Career: In the later stages of his career, Leonard may have returned to clubs that provided greater control and feel, especially on the greens and around the green.

Endorsements and Sponsorships:

It’s worth noting that professional golfers like Justin Leonard often have endorsement deals with equipment manufacturers. These deals can influence their choice of clubs and gear. Golfers are typically required to use a certain brand’s clubs and wear their apparel and accessories as part of these agreements.


Justin Leonard’s Driver Setup

Club ModelLoft (degrees)Shaft FlexShaft ModelGrip Model
Driver9.5StiffAldila Rogue 60 XGolf Pride MCC
Fairway Wood3 Wood15StiffFujikura Speeder
Hybrid19StiffMitsubishi Tensei ProGolf Pride MCC
Irons (4-PW)Titleist 716 AP24-PWStiffGolf Pride MCC
WedgesVokey SM752, 56, 60Dynamic Gold S300Golf Pride MCC

Justin Leonard’s Ball and Putter

Ball ModelPutter ModelPutter TypePutter Length (inches)Putter Grip
Titleist Pro V1xScotty Cameron Select Newport 2Blade34Golf Pride Tour SNSR

Justin Leonard’s Irons Details

IronLoft (degrees)Lie Angle (degrees)Shaft FlexShaft Model
4 Iron2461StiffProject X LZ 5.5
5 Iron2761StiffProject X LZ 5.5
6 Iron3061.5StiffProject X LZ 5.5
7 Iron3462StiffProject X LZ 5.5
8 Iron3862.5StiffProject X LZ 5.5
9 Iron4263StiffProject X LZ 5.5
PW4663.5StiffProject X LZ 5.5

Justin Leonard’s Wedge Specifications

WedgeLoft (degrees)Bounce (degrees)Shaft FlexShaft Model
Vokey SM7528Dynamic Gold S300Golf Pride MCC
Vokey SM75610Dynamic Gold S300Golf Pride MCC
Vokey SM76012Dynamic Gold S300Golf Pride MCC

Justin Leonard’s Fairway Wood and Hybrid

Club TypeLoft (degrees)Shaft FlexShaft ModelGrip Model
Fairway Wood3 WoodStiffFujikura SpeederGolf Pride MCC
Hybrid19StiffMitsubishi Tensei ProGolf Pride MCC


In conclusion, Justin Leonard’s WITB represents a carefully curated selection of clubs and gear customized to his game and playing style. It has likely evolved over the years as he adapted to changes in his swing and the demands of the professional golf circuit. While the specific clubs and brands may vary, the attention to detail and customization are constants in the bags of professional golfers like Justin Leonard.


Justin Leonard WITB


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