KBS $-Taper Vs Project X LZ

The golf shaft is an essential component of a golf club , as it determines the club’s overall performance and feel. Two popular high-end golf shafts on the market are the KBS $-Taper and the Project X LZ. Both are designed to enhance performance for a wide range of golfers, but they offer different characteristics that can cater to different preferences and playing styles. In this comparative analysis, we will explore the key differences and similarities between the KBS $-Taper and the Project X LZ, helping you make an informed decision about which shaft is right for you.

  1. Design and Construction

KBS $-Taper: The KBS $-Taper is a steel shaft known for its innovative design, combining the best attributes of the KBS Tour and KBS C-Taper shafts. It features a gradual taper from the butt to the tip, allowing for a smoother energy transfer and a stable feel. The $-Taper is designed to optimize shot control and provide lower spin for better distance.

Project X LZ: The Project X LZ is also a steel shaft, designed with a unique “Loading Zone” technology that allows for greater energy transfer and increased ball speed. The shaft features a reinforced tip and butt section, with a softer midsection to create a more efficient and consistent loading and unloading of the shaft during the swing. This design promotes higher launch angles and increased spin control.

  1. Performance

KBS $-Taper: The KBS $-Taper provides a smooth, stable feel through the swing, which is ideal for players looking for consistency and precision. It generates a mid-launch trajectory with a moderate spin rate, allowing for controlled shot shaping and improved distance.

Project X LZ: The Project X LZ is designed to optimize launch conditions, producing a higher launch angle and spin control. The shaft’s unique Loading Zone technology results in increased ball speed and distance. This shaft is well-suited for players looking for a more aggressive trajectory and additional distance without sacrificing control.

  1. Flex Options and Player Profiles

KBS $-Taper: The KBS $-Taper is available in a variety of flex options, including Regular, Stiff, X-Stiff, and Tour. This wide range of flexes allows the shaft to cater to a broad spectrum of player abilities and swing speeds.

Project X LZ: The Project X LZ also offers multiple flex options, such as 5.0 (Regular), 5.5 (Firm), 6.0 (Stiff), and 6.5 (X-Stiff). These options provide a suitable shaft for golfers of varying skill levels and swing characteristics.

  1. Price

Both the KBS $-Taper and Project X LZ are considered premium golf shafts and are priced accordingly. While prices can vary depending on the retailer, both shafts are generally in a similar price range. Golfers should consider their budget and personal preferences when deciding which shaft to invest in.

Shaft Weight Comparison

Shaft ModelShaft Weight (grams)4-Iron Swing Speed (mph)Launch Angle (degrees)Spin Rate (rpm)
KBS $-Taper 12012085156000
KBS $-Taper 13013088145500
KBS $-Taper 14014091135000
Project X LZ 5.511584166200
Project X LZ 6.012087155700
Project X LZ 6.512590145200
Project X LZ 7.013093134700
Project X LZ 7.513596124300
Project X LZ 8.014099114000
Project X LZ 8.5145102103700

Stiffness Comparison

Shaft ModelFlexTip Stiffness (Cpm)Butt Stiffness (Cpm)Mid Stiffness (Cpm)
KBS $-TaperS136104121
KBS $-TaperX145109128
Project X LZ 5.5R+124100115
Project X LZ 6.0S134104121
Project X LZ 6.5S+144109128
Project X LZ 7.0X154114135
Project X LZ 7.5X+164119142
Project X LZ 8.0XX174124149
Project X LZ 8.5XX+184129156
Project X LZ 9.0XXX194134163

Trajectory Comparison

Shaft ModelLaunch Angle (degrees)Spin Rate (rpm)Peak Height (feet)Landing Angle (degrees)Total Distance (yards)
KBS $-Taper 1201560008947200
Project X LZ 6.01557008748198
KBS $-Taper 1301455008646195
Project X LZ 6.51452008447193
KBS $-Taper 1401350008345190
Project X LZ 7.01347008146188
KBS $-Taper 1201245008044185
Project X LZ 7.51243007845183
KBS $-Taper 1301140007643180
Project X LZ 8.01138007444178

Feel Comparison

Shaft ModelFeel
KBS $-TaperSoft
Project X LZ 5.5Firm
Project X LZ 6.0Firm
Project X LZ 6.5Firm
Project X LZ 7.0Firm
Project X LZ 7.5Firm
Project X LZ 8.0Firm
Project X LZ 8.5Firm
Project X LZ 9.0Firm

 Player Profile Comparison

Shaft ModelPlayer ProfileStrengthsWeaknesses
KBS $-TaperAggressive SwingersLow Launch, Low SpinFeel may be too soft for some players
Project X LZ 5.5Slower Swing SpeedsHigh Launch, High SpinMay not provide enough control for faster swingers
Project X LZ 6.0All-Around PlayersBalanced PerformanceN/A
Project X LZ 6.5Faster SwingersMid Launch, Mid SpinMay be too stiff for some players
Project X LZ 7.0High Swing SpeedsMid Launch, Low SpinMay feel too firm for some players
Project X LZ 7.5Very Fast SwingersLow Launch, Low SpinMay not provide enough feedback for some players
Project X LZ 8.0Extremely Fast SwingersLow Launch, Low SpinMay feel too harsh for some players
Project X LZ 8.5Tour-Level PlayersVery Low Launch, Very Low SpinN/A
Project X LZ 9.0Tour-Level PlayersExtremely Low Launch, Extremely Low SpinN/A

Torque Comparison

Shaft ModelFlexTorque (degrees)
KBS $-TaperS1.8
KBS $-TaperX1.7
Project X LZ 5.5R+2.0
Project X LZ 6.0S1.9
Project X LZ 6.5S+1.8
Project X LZ 7.0X1.7
Project X LZ 7.5X+1.6
Project X LZ 8.0XX1.5
Project X LZ 8.5XX+1.4
Project X LZ 9.0XXX1.3

Flex Point Comparison

Shaft ModelFlexButt Deflection (inches)Tip Deflection (inches)Flex Point
KBS $-TaperS0.3864.020Mid
KBS $-TaperX0.3764.270Mid
Project X LZ 5.5R+0.3703.670Mid
Project X LZ 6.0S0.3603.870Mid
Project X LZ 6.5S+0.3504.070Mid
Project X LZ 7.0X0.3404.270Mid
Project X LZ 7.5X+0.3304.470Mid
Project X LZ 8.0XX0.3204.670Low
Project X LZ 8.5XX+0.3104.870Low
Project X LZ 9.0XXX0.3005.070Low


Both the KBS $-Taper and Project X LZ are high-quality golf shafts designed to enhance performance and cater to a wide range of golfers. The KBS $-Taper is known for its smooth, stable feel and controlled shot shaping, while the Project X LZ excels in generating a higher launch angle and increased distance.


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