How do you Keep Score in Golf

Keeping score in golf is an essential part of the game, as it helps players keep track of their progress and compete with others. The scoring system in golf is based on the number of strokes a player takes to complete each hole, and the total number of strokes taken during the round. In this article, we will explain how to keep score in golf.

To keep score in golf, you need to record the number of strokes taken by each player on each hole. This is typically done on a scorecard, which is a piece of paper or a digital app that displays the layout of the course and provides space to record scores.

Each hole on the scorecard will be listed in order from 1 to 18, along with the par for the hole. Par is the number of strokes that an expert player is expected to take to complete the hole. For example, a par-3 hole requires the player to hit the ball from the tee box to the green in three strokes.

To record the score for each hole, the player writes down the number of strokes they took to complete the hole next to the corresponding hole number on the scorecard. For example, if the player took two shots to reach the green on a par-3 hole and then two-putted, they would write down a score of 4 on the scorecard.

At the end of the round, the player adds up the total number of strokes taken and writes down the final score at the bottom of the scorecard. This is the player’s overall score for the round. The winner of the game is typically the player with the lowest overall score.

In addition to the total number of strokes, golfers can also keep track of other statistics on the scorecard, such as fairways hit, greens in regulation, and putts taken. These statistics can help players identify areas where they need to improve their game.

In summary, keeping score in golf is a simple process of recording the number of strokes taken on each hole and adding up the total number of strokes at the end of the round. With a little practice and attention to detail, anyone can become proficient at keeping score in golf.

 Stroke Play Scoring

HoleParScoreStrokes Over/Under ParTotal Score

 Match Play Scoring

HoleParGolfer 1 ScoreGolfer 2 ScoreResult
1445Golfer 2 wins hole
2556Golfer 2 wins hole
3333Hole halved
4454Golfer 1 wins hole
5444Hole halved
6323Golfer 2 wins hole
7565Golfer 1 wins hole
8444Hole halved
9444Hole halved
10455Hole halved

 Stableford Scoring

HoleParScorePoints EarnedTotal Points


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