Kevin Chappell WITB

Kevin Chappell, a professional golfer hailing from the United States, has a well-rounded set of clubs that he relies on to compete at the highest level. In this article, we’ll take a detailed look at what’s in Kevin Chappell’s bag (WITB), exploring the clubs and equipment he uses to navigate the golf course with precision and skill.

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Chappell’s driving prowess is a crucial element of his game, and he trusts a high-quality driver to get the job done. As of my last update in September 2021, he was using the Titleist TSi3 driver. This driver is known for its adjustable features, allowing Chappell to fine-tune his launch conditions and maximize distance off the tee.

Fairway Woods

For those long approach shots from the fairway and tee, Kevin Chappell carries a set of fairway woods. His bag typically includes the Titleist TSi2 and TSi3 fairway woods. These clubs are designed to provide forgiveness and distance, making them ideal choices for players like Chappell who need both accuracy and power.


Chappell’s iron game is one of his strengths, and he relies on Titleist’s T100 and T100S irons. These irons offer a blend of precision and feel, allowing Chappell to shape his shots and attack pins with confidence. The T100S irons, in particular, offer a slightly stronger loft, providing extra distance without sacrificing control.


Around the greens, Kevin Chappell carries a selection of Titleist Vokey Design SM8 wedges. These wedges come in varying lofts and grinds, allowing Chappell to adapt to different turf conditions and make precise shots from various lies. Wedges are crucial for his short game, and these trusted Vokey wedges offer the spin and control he needs.


The putter is often considered the most critical club in a golfer’s bag, and Chappell’s choice is the Scotty Cameron by Titleist putter. The specific model may vary, but Cameron’s putters are renowned for their craftsmanship and feel, helping Chappell hole crucial putts under pressure.

Golf Ball

The golf ball is another essential element of a golfer’s arsenal, and Chappell plays with the Titleist Pro V1x. This premium golf ball is known for its consistent performance, offering a balance of distance, spin, and control that suits Chappell’s game.

Golf Bag and Accessories

To carry and protect his clubs, Chappell relies on Titleist’s golf bags. These bags are not only functional but also stylish, reflecting his professional image on the course. Additionally, he may have various accessories such as alignment aids, rangefinders, and rain gear, depending on the weather and course conditions.

Career Highlights

Kevin Chappell has had a successful career on the PGA Tour, showcasing his skills with the clubs mentioned in his WITB. Some of his notable career achievements include:

  1. 2017 Valero Texas Open Champion: Chappell’s first and only PGA Tour victory came at the Valero Texas Open in 2017. He clinched the title with a clutch birdie on the 72nd hole.
  2. Ryder Cup Experience: Chappell had the honor of representing the United States in the Ryder Cup, which is one of golf’s most prestigious team events. His performance in the 2017 Ryder Cup demonstrated his ability to compete on the international stage.
  3. Top Finishes: Over the years, Chappell has consistently posted top-10 and top-25 finishes in various PGA Tour events, showcasing his competitiveness and skill on the tour.

Approach to the Game

Kevin Chappell is known for his methodical and analytical approach to golf. He is a player who focuses on the finer details of his game and equipment, which is evident in his choice of clubs and their customization. Here are some aspects of his approach to the game:

  1. Precision and Control: Chappell’s WITB selections emphasize precision and control. His irons and wedges, in particular, allow him to shape shots and control distances with accuracy, crucial elements in his game.
  2. Customization: Many professional golfers, including Chappell, work closely with club fitters and manufacturers to customize their equipment to match their swing and playing style. This attention to detail ensures that each club in his bag is optimized for his game.
  3. Mental Toughness: To succeed at the highest level of professional golf, mental toughness is essential. Chappell’s focus on the course and ability to handle pressure situations have been key to his success.
  4. Work Ethic: Like many successful golfers, Chappell’s work ethic is commendable. He puts in the hours of practice and preparation necessary to compete at the elite level.
  5. Adaptability: Golf is a dynamic sport with ever-changing conditions. Chappell’s adaptability in terms of equipment and strategy allows him to excel in various scenarios, from different courses to changing weather conditions.

Looking Forward

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, Kevin Chappell was an established PGA Tour professional with a promising career ahead. His dedication to the game, combined with his carefully chosen equipment, positioned him well for future successes on the tour.

Kevin Chappell’s Driver Setup

Driver ModelLoftShaftGripLength (inches)
Titleist TSi39.5°Mitsubishi Tensei CKGolf Pride Tour45.5
Pro Orange 60Velvet Cord

Kevin Chappell’s Fairway Woods

Fairway WoodLoftShaftGripLength (inches)
Titleist TSi215°Mitsubishi Tensei CKGolf Pride Tour43
Pro White 70Velvet Cord

Kevin Chappell’s Irons

IronModelShaftGripLength (inches)
3 IronTitleist T100Project X LZ 6.0Golf Pride TourStandard
4-9 IronsTitleist T100Project X LZ 6.0Golf Pride Tour+0.5 inches
Pitching WedgeTitleist VokeyProject X LZ 6.0Golf Pride Tour+0.75 inches

Kevin Chappell’s Wedges

WedgeLoftBounceShaftGripLength (inches)
Sand Wedge54°12°Titleist Vokey SM8Project X LZ 6.0Standard
Lob Wedge58°10°Titleist Vokey SM8Project X LZ 6.0Standard

Kevin Chappell’s Putter and Ball

Putter ModelPutter Length (inches)Putter GripBall Model
Scotty Cameron34MatadorTitleist Pro
Special SelectMidsizeV1x



It’s important to note that the world of professional golf is dynamic, and players often make adjustments to their equipment and strategies to stay competitive. To stay updated on Kevin Chappell’s current status and performance, you may want to follow his official social media profiles or check the latest golf news and PGA Tour updates.


Kevin Chappell WITB


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