Srixon ZX7 AW Review

The Srixon ZX7 AW is a game-changing approach wedge designed for golfers who want to elevate their short game. This innovative wedge provides impressive distance control, spin, and feel, making it an essential addition to any golfer’s bag.

Key Features of the Srixon ZX7 AW

  1. Tour-Inspired Design: The Srixon ZX7 AW boasts a tour-inspired design, featuring a compact shape and clean lines. This makes it a favorite among professional golfers and serious amateurs alike.
  2. High-Grade Forged Construction: The Srixon ZX7 AW is crafted from high-quality, soft 1020 carbon steel. This forging process gives the club a premium feel and exceptional feedback.
  3. Aggressive Groove Pattern: The club’s aggressive groove pattern provides increased spin and control, allowing golfers to attack the pin with confidence.
  4. V-Shaped Sole Grind: The V-shaped sole grind offers smooth turf interaction and optimal versatility, making it easier to navigate various course conditions and lie angles.

Benefits of the Srixon ZX7 AW

  1. Improved Shotmaking: The Srixon ZX7 AW enables golfers to execute precise shots with ease, whether from the fairway, rough, or around the green.
  2. Consistent Spin Rates: The aggressive groove pattern ensures consistent spin rates, allowing players to better control the ball and hit shots closer to the pin.
  3. Enhanced Feel: The club’s forged construction provides a soft, responsive feel at impact, giving players greater confidence and feedback with each swing.
  4. Adaptability: The V-shaped sole grind allows the Srixon ZX7 AW to perform well in a variety of course conditions, making it a versatile tool in any golfer’s arsenal.

Comparing the Srixon ZX7 AW to Other Wedges

When selecting a wedge, golfers must consider factors such as design, feel, spin, and versatility. The Srixon ZX7 AW stands out from competitors in several ways:

  1. The tour-inspired design and forged construction make it a top choice among professionals and serious amateurs.
  2. The aggressive groove pattern and V-shaped sole grind provide a unique combination of spin and adaptability, setting the ZX7 AW apart from its peers.

Advanced Technologies in the Srixon ZX7 AW

  1. Laser Milling: The Srixon ZX7 AW utilizes laser milling technology, which involves etching the clubface with a laser to achieve more precise and consistent groove dimensions. This results in better contact, increased spin, and improved control.
  2. Progressive Groove Design: The club features a progressive groove design, with the grooves getting wider and shallower as you move from the higher-lofted wedges to the lower-lofted ones. This technology promotes optimal spin and control for each specific loft.
  3. Heat Treatment: The Srixon ZX7 AW undergoes a heat treatment process to increase the club’s overall durability and prolong the life of the grooves. This ensures that the wedge maintains its performance characteristics over time.

Customization Options

  1. Shaft Options: The Srixon ZX7 AW offers a variety of shaft options to accommodate different swing speeds, preferences, and playing styles. Players can choose from steel, graphite, and custom aftermarket shafts to find the ideal match for their game.
  2. Loft and Bounce Options: Golfers can choose from multiple loft and bounce options to ensure they have the appropriate wedge configuration for their specific needs. This allows players to optimize their short game arsenal for various course conditions and shot types.
  3. Grip Choices: The Srixon ZX7 AW is available with a range of grip options, including standard, midsize, and jumbo sizes, as well as various textures and materials. This enables golfers to find the perfect grip for their hand size and personal preferences.

How the Srixon ZX7 AW Fits Into Your Bag

The Srixon ZX7 AW can complement your existing club set, providing a versatile and precise tool for your short game. Here are some suggestions on how to incorporate the wedge into your bag:

  1. Filling Gaps: Evaluate the loft gaps between your current wedges and identify any potential areas where an additional club could be beneficial. The Srixon ZX7 AW can help fill these gaps, providing a more complete range of options for your short game.
  2. Replacing Older Wedges: If your existing wedges are showing signs of wear, the Srixon ZX7 AW can be an excellent replacement. With its advanced technologies, durability, and customizability, it can provide a noticeable upgrade in performance.


LoftBounceLie AngleLengthSwing Weight

Shaft Options

Shaft ModelFlexWeight (g)TorqueKick Point
True TemperStiff1191.8Mid
True TemperRegular1121.8Mid
Dynamic GoldStiff1201.8High
Dynamic GoldRegular1121.8High
Nippon ModusStiff1201.7Mid
Nippon ModusRegular1101.7Mid
KBS TourStiff1201.7Mid
KBS TourRegular1101.7Mid
Project XStiff1201.8Mid
Project XRegular1101.8Mid

Appearance and Design

Clubhead ShapeClassic blade shape with a thin topline, minimal offset, and straight leading edge
Sole GrindTour V.T. sole provides heel, toe and trailing edge relief for versatility in a variety of lies and turf conditions
GroovesLaser-milled grooves with a sharper, narrower profile for maximum spin and control
ClubfaceForged from 1020 carbon steel for a soft, solid feel and enhanced feedback
FinishBrushed satin finish reduces glare and provides a sleek, professional look

Customer Reviews

RatingReview TitleReview Text
5“Perfect Blend of Performance and Looks”“The Srixon ZX7 AW is the perfect club for golfers who demand both performance and looks. The compact blade shape is sleek and sexy, while the laser-milled grooves provide maximum spin and stopping power. I love the Tour V.T. sole grind, which allows me to hit a variety of shots from any lie. And the soft, solid feel is unbeatable. This is a must-have club for serious golfers!”
4“Great Wedge, but a Little Pricey”“I recently purchased the Srixon ZX7 AW, and I have to say, it’s a great club. The feel and feedback are fantastic, and the spin and stopping power are top-notch. However, I do think it’s a bit overpriced compared to other wedges on the market. That being said, if you’re willing to pay for performance and quality, this is a great choice.”
5“Best Wedge I’ve Ever Used”“I’ve been playing golf for over 30 years, and the Srixon ZX7 AW is hands down the best wedge I’ve ever used. The precision and control are amazing, and the ball just stops on a dime. The feel and feedback are second to none, and the design is simply beautiful. I highly recommend this wedge to any serious golfer out there.”
3“Good Wedge, but Not Great”“I picked up the Srixon ZX7 AW recently, and while it’s a good wedge, it just didn’t blow me away. The spin and stopping power are decent, but I’ve used other wedges that are just as good for a lower price point. The feel and feedback are solid, but again, not exceptional. Overall, it’s a good wedge, but I don’t think it’s worth the premium price tag.”
5“Worth Every Penny”“I was hesitant to spend so much money on a wedge, but after trying out the Srixon ZX7 AW, I can honestly say it’s worth every penny. The spin and stopping power are unmatched, and the feel and feedback are incredible. I love the classic blade shape, and the Tour V.T. sole grind allows me to hit a variety of


The Srixon ZX7 AW is a cutting-edge approach wedge that offers numerous benefits and advanced technologies to help golfers elevate their short game. With its tour-inspired design, high-quality forged construction, aggressive groove pattern, and V-shaped sole grind, this club delivers exceptional performance. Golfers can also take advantage of customization options to tailor the wedge to their specific needs. Incorporating the Srixon ZX7 AW into your bag can provide a valuable tool for conquering the greens and lowering your scores.


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