How to Make a Golf Towel

A golf towel is an essential accessory for any golfer. It helps keep your clubs and golf balls clean and dry, while also serving as a handy tool to wipe away sweat and moisture from your hands. Making a golf towel is a simple and cost-effective way to create a personalized accessory for your golf game. This guide will walk you through the steps to create a stylish and functional golf towel.

Materials Needed:

  1. A high-quality, absorbent towel (microfiber or cotton, approximately 16 x 24 inches)
  2. A fabric marker or tailor’s chalk
  3. A sewing machine or needle and thread
  4. Scissors
  5. A grommet kit (including grommets and grommet tool)
  6. A carabiner or towel clip
  7. Optional: fabric paint, iron-on patches, or embroidery materials for customization

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Choose the towel material: Select a high-quality, absorbent towel made of microfiber or cotton. These materials are ideal because they are soft, durable, and can effectively remove dirt and moisture.
  2. Cut the towel to size: Measure and mark the dimensions of the towel (approximately 16 x 24 inches) using a fabric marker or tailor’s chalk. This size provides enough surface area for cleaning clubs and balls, while still being compact enough to hang on your golf bag. Carefully cut along the marked lines with scissors.
  3. Hem the edges: To prevent fraying, fold the raw edges of the towel about 1/4 inch inwards and pin them in place. Using a sewing machine or needle and thread, sew a straight stitch along the folded edges, removing the pins as you go.
  4. Add a grommet: Choose a corner of the towel where you would like to attach the grommet. It’s best to select a corner that will make the towel hang naturally when attached to your golf bag. Mark the center of the chosen corner, approximately 1-2 inches from the edges. Following the instructions on the grommet kit, install the grommet in the marked location.
  5. Customize your golf towel (optional): You can personalize your golf towel by adding your name, initials, or a favorite logo. Use fabric paint, iron-on patches, or embroidery materials to create your desired design. Allow the paint or adhesive to dry completely before proceeding to the next step.
  6. Attach the carabiner or towel clip: To easily attach your golf towel to your bag, loop a carabiner or towel clip through the grommet. This will allow you to quickly and securely fasten the towel to your bag, making it easily accessible during your round of golf.


Materials Required for Making a Golf Towel

MaterialQuantityPurposePossible SourcesEstimated Cost
Terry Cloth1 yardFabric for the towelFabric store$5-$10
Thread1 spoolSewing the edges of the towelCraft store$1-$3
Sewing Needle1Sewing the edges of the towelCraft store$1-$2
Grommet Kit1 setAttach grommet to the towelHardware store$5-$10
Carabiner Clip1Attach towel to golf bagOutdoor store$2-$5

Types of Terry Cloth for Golf Towels

Terry Cloth TypeDescriptionAbsorbencyDurabilityPrice Range
Standard TerryCommon and widely available terry cloth materialMediumMedium$5-$10
Microfiber TerryMade from finer fibers, providing better absorbencyHighHigh$10-$20
Bamboo TerrySoft, eco-friendly, and highly absorbentHighHigh$15-$25
Organic CottonNatural, chemical-free, and gentle on the skinMediumHigh$10-$20
Egyptian CottonLuxurious and highly absorbentHighHigh$20-$30

Steps to Make a Golf Towel

StepDescriptionTime RequiredDifficulty LevelTools Required
1Cut the terry cloth to desired size (e.g., 16″ x 24″)5 minEasyScissors, ruler
2Fold and pin the edges of the towel (1/2″ to 1″)5 minEasyPins
3Sew the folded edges to create a hem10-15 minMediumSewing needle, thread
4Attach the grommet to one corner of the towel following the kit5 minMediumGrommet kit
5Attach the carabiner clip to the grommet1 minEasyNone

Golf Towel Customization Options

CustomizationDescriptionProcessCost RangeTime Required
EmbroideryAdd a name, logo, or designHand or machine embroidery$10-$3030-60 min
Screen PrintingAdd a design with inkScreen printing$10-$2010-20 min
Dye SublimationAdd a design with heat transferDye sublimation$15-$2520-30 min
PatchAdd a premade patch to the towelSewing or iron-on$5-$105-10 min

Maintenance and Care for Golf Towels

Maintenance StepDescriptionFrequencyTime RequiredTools/Supplies
WashingClean the towel to remove dirt, sweat, and grass stainsAs needed30-60 minWashing machine, detergent
DryingDry the towel thoroughly to prevent mold and mildewAfter washing60-120 minDryer or drying rack
Ironing (Optional)Keep the towel smooth and wrinkle-freeAs needed5-10 minIron, ironing board
Grommet InspectionCheck the grommet for damage or wearMonthly1-2 minNone
Carabiner InspectionCheck the carabiner for damage or wearMonthly1-2 minNone


Creating a custom golf towel is a simple and rewarding DIY project. With just a few materials and some creativity, you can make a functional and stylish accessory that will keep your clubs clean and your hands dry on the golf course. Plus, a personalized golf towel makes a thoughtful gift for the golf enthusiast in your life.


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