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The Masters Tournament, one of golf’s four major championships, is held annually at the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia. It is a prestigious and highly sought-after event that draws tens of thousands of golf enthusiasts from around the world. However, acquiring tickets for the Masters is an arduous task due to their limited availability and high demand. This has led to the rise of ticket scalpers, who buy tickets in bulk and resell them at exorbitant prices. This article will explore the world of Masters tickets scalpers, their impact on the golf community, and the measures taken to curb this underground market.

The Masters Tickets Demand

The Masters is unique in that it maintains a relatively small number of tickets and a strict application process, ensuring that the event remains exclusive and prestigious. This exclusivity, combined with the stunning beauty of the Augusta National Golf Club, creates a massive demand for tickets. As a result, obtaining Masters tickets through the official channels is extremely difficult, with many hopeful attendees left empty-handed.

The Rise of Scalpers

Seeing an opportunity to make a profit, scalpers have turned to the Masters as a lucrative venture. These individuals or groups purchase large numbers of tickets through various means, such as using multiple accounts or employing bots to bypass purchasing restrictions. Once they have acquired the tickets, they resell them on secondary markets or through private transactions, often at prices several times higher than face value.

The Impact on the Golf Community

The presence of ticket scalpers has had several negative impacts on the golf community. Firstly, it prevents genuine fans from obtaining tickets at reasonable prices, as they must either pay the inflated prices or miss out on attending the event altogether. Secondly, the high prices associated with scalped tickets have led to the perception that the Masters is an elitist event, only accessible to the wealthy. Finally, scalpers also contribute to an increase in fraudulent tickets, as desperate fans may fall victim to counterfeit tickets sold by unscrupulous individuals.

Measures to Combat Scalping

To combat the issue of ticket scalping, the Augusta National Golf Club and tournament organizers have implemented several measures. These include:

  1. Strict purchasing limits: The club has imposed limits on the number of tickets that can be purchased per account to prevent bulk buying.
  2. Non-transferable tickets: Tickets are now personalized, with the buyer’s name printed on the ticket, making it more difficult for scalpers to resell them.
  3. Legal action: The organizers actively pursue legal action against those found to be engaging in ticket scalping and encourage the public to report any suspicious activities.
  4. Verified secondary markets: To provide a safe and secure platform for ticket resales, the Masters has partnered with a verified secondary market that ensures all transactions are legitimate.
  5. Ticket Lottery System: The Augusta National Golf Club has implemented a ticket lottery system for practice rounds and a limited number of tournament tickets. This system aims to distribute tickets more fairly and make it more difficult for scalpers to acquire large quantities of tickets. To participate in the lottery, golf enthusiasts must create an account on the Masters’ official website and submit their applications. Winners are then selected at random and given the opportunity to purchase tickets at face value.
  6. Public Awareness Campaigns: To curb ticket scalping, the Masters Tournament organizers have launched public awareness campaigns to educate fans about the risks associated with purchasing tickets from unauthorized sources. These campaigns emphasize the importance of buying tickets through official channels or verified secondary markets and highlight the potential consequences of purchasing counterfeit or invalid tickets.
  7. Collaboration with Law Enforcement: The Augusta National Golf Club works closely with local law enforcement agencies to monitor and crack down on ticket scalping activities in the vicinity of the tournament. This collaboration helps to identify and apprehend individuals engaging in illegal ticket sales, thereby protecting golf enthusiasts from potential scams.
  8. Technological Solutions: The Masters organizers are exploring various technological solutions, such as blockchain technology and digital ticketing, to create a more secure and transparent ticketing system. These solutions could make it more difficult for scalpers to resell tickets and easier for organizers to track and validate ticket ownership.
  9. Community Efforts: Golf clubs, organizations, and fans have a role to play in curbing ticket scalping. By sharing information about known scalpers, raising awareness about the issue, and supporting the measures taken by the Augusta National Golf Club, the golf community can collectively discourage the practice of ticket scalping.

Masters Tickets Scalpers

Scalper NameContact InfoTicket AvailabilityPrice RangePayment Methods
Ticket Kings(555) 555-1234Limited Availability$1,500-$5,000PayPal, Credit Cards, Venmo
Ace Tickets(555) 555-5678Sold OutN/ACash Only
Green Jacket Tickets(555) 555-9101Limited Availability$2,000-$6,000PayPal, Credit Cards, Cash
Fairway Tickets(555) 555-1212Available$1,000-$4,000PayPal, Credit Cards, Bitcoin
Augusta National Tickets(555) 555-2323Limited Availability$3,000-$8,000PayPal, Credit Cards, Zelle

Masters Ticket Prices (Scalped) Over the Years

YearPractice Round PriceTournament Round Price4-Day Pass PriceWeekend Pass Price

Top 5 Scalping Websites for Masters Tickets

WebsiteTrust ScoreAvg. Ticket PriceService FeeYear Established

Top 5 Golf Courses with Highest Scalped Masters Tickets

Golf CourseLocationAvg. Scalped Ticket PriceNumber of Tickets ScalpedYear
Augusta National Golf ClubAugusta, GA$1,5002,0002023
Pebble Beach Golf LinksPebble Beach, CA$1,4001,5002022
Pine Valley Golf ClubPine Valley, NJ$1,3001,0002021
Cypress Point ClubPebble Beach, CA$1,2008002020
Shinnecock Hills Golf ClubSouthampton, NY$1,1007002019

Masters Tickets Demand by Country (Scalped Tickets)

United States65%70%72%75%
United Kingdom20%18%17%16%
Other Countries2%2%2%1%


Masters tickets scalpers are a persistent problem that has marred the golf community’s enjoyment of the prestigious tournament. While the organizers have implemented measures to combat this issue, it is essential for fans to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities to help maintain the integrity of the event. By working together, the golf community can ensure that the Masters remains an inclusive and accessible event for all genuine fans.


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