Srixon Z965 vs Mizuno MP 18

When it comes to choosing the perfect set of irons for your golf game, the options can seem overwhelming. Two of the most popular and highly regarded forged blade irons in the market are the Srixon Z965 and the Mizuno MP 18. Both offer exceptional feel, control, and precision, but how do they compare head-to-head? In this article, we will delve into the similarities and differences between these two stellar iron sets, helping you decide which one is the best fit for your game.

Aesthetics and Design

Srixon Z965: The Srixon Z965 irons are designed with a compact and traditional shape that appeals to better players. They feature a classic, thin topline and minimal offset, giving them a clean, uncluttered appearance at address. The chrome finish adds a touch of elegance, making them an attractive option for golfers who appreciate a timeless look.

Mizuno MP 18: Mizuno’s MP 18 irons also boast a traditional blade design, with a slightly thinner topline and minimal offset. The satin finish offers a slightly more muted appearance compared to the chrome finish on the Z965 irons. Both irons have a similar compact shape, but the MP 18’s slightly more rounded leading edge may appeal to some golfers.

Feel and Feedback

Srixon Z965: The Z965 irons are constructed using Srixon’s 1020 Carbon Steel, which is known for providing excellent feel and feedback. Golfers can expect a soft, yet solid feel at impact, allowing them to easily discern mishits and make necessary adjustments.

Mizuno MP 18: Mizuno’s renowned Grain Flow Forging process is used to create the MP 18 irons, resulting in exceptional feel and feedback. Made from 1025E Pure Select Mild Carbon Steel, these irons offer a buttery soft feel that many golfers find unmatched. The MP 18 irons might have a slight edge in this department.

Performance and Forgiveness

Srixon Z965: While the Z965 irons are designed for skilled players, they offer a touch more forgiveness than a traditional blade. This can be attributed to the V.T. Sole design, which improves turf interaction and helps maintain clubhead speed. The Z965 irons also have a slightly lower center of gravity, which can help generate a higher launch and more consistent ball flight.

Mizuno MP 18: The MP 18 irons are less forgiving than the Z965 irons, catering to players with a higher degree of skill and ball-striking ability. The MP 18 irons are known for their precise shot-shaping capabilities, providing golfers with unparalleled control over their ball flight.

Customization and Shaft Options

Srixon Z965: Srixon offers a variety of shaft options for the Z965 irons, catering to golfers with different swing speeds and preferences. Some popular options include the Nippon Modus3 Tour 120, Dynamic Gold, and Project X shafts. These shafts are available in various flexes, ensuring the perfect fit for your swing. Additionally, Srixon offers custom fitting services, allowing golfers to fine-tune their club specifications, such as lie angle and length, for optimal performance.

Mizuno MP 18: Mizuno is known for their extensive shaft selection and custom fitting services. The MP 18 irons can be paired with various shaft options, including the KBS Tour, Project X, and Nippon Modus3 Tour 120, among others. Mizuno’s Shaft Optimizer system aids in finding the ideal shaft for each golfer, taking into account factors like swing speed, tempo, and release point. Customization options such as lie angle, length, and grip size are also available to ensure a perfect fit.

Workability and Spin Control

Srixon Z965: The Z965 irons are designed to provide golfers with excellent workability and control over their shots. The compact head and thin topline encourage shot-shaping, allowing skilled players to hit various types of shots with ease. The V.T. Sole design also contributes to improved spin control, giving golfers the ability to manipulate their ball flight as needed.

Mizuno MP 18: The MP 18 irons are known for their precise shot-shaping capabilities and exceptional spin control. The traditional blade design and compact head make it easy for skilled players to maneuver the clubface and produce desired shot shapes. The MP 18’s design and construction allow golfers to generate optimal spin rates, providing control over the trajectory and stopping power of their shots.

Price and Value

Srixon Z965: The Srixon Z965 irons are typically priced slightly lower than the Mizuno MP 18 irons, offering great value for the performance and quality they deliver. The Z965 irons are an excellent choice for golfers seeking a combination of feel, workability, and a touch of forgiveness in a classic blade design.

Mizuno MP 18: While the Mizuno MP 18 irons tend to be priced higher, they still offer excellent value for the premium feel and performance they deliver. Golfers who prioritize buttery soft feel and precision shot-shaping capabilities may find the MP 18 irons to be worth the investment.

Design Comparison

FeatureSrixon Z965Mizuno MP 18WinnerReason
Blade LengthShorterLongerSrixon Z965Better for precision shots
OffsetMinimalMinimalTieBoth have minimal offset
ToplineThinnerThickerSrixon Z965Sleeker appearance
Sole WidthNarrowerWiderSrixon Z965Better for turf interaction
Back DesignSimplerMore intricateMizuno MP 18More appealing to some players

Material Comparison

FeatureSrixon Z965Mizuno MP 18WinnerReason
Head MaterialForged Carbon SteelForged Carbon SteelTieSame material used
Shaft MaterialSteelSteelTieSame material used
Grip MaterialRubberRubberTieSame material used
FinishSatinSatinTieSame finish used
Loft MaterialSteelSteelTieSame material used

Performance Comparison

FeatureSrixon Z965Mizuno MP 18WinnerReason
ForgivenessLessMoreMizuno MP 18Better for less skilled players
WorkabilityMoreLessSrixon Z965Better for skilled players
DistanceSimilarSimilarTieSame distance potential
TrajectoryLowerHigherSrixon Z965Better for windy conditions
SpinMoreLessSrixon Z965Better for controlling the ball

Set Makeup Comparison

FeatureSrixon Z965Mizuno MP 18WinnerReason
Iron Set3-PW4-PWSrixon Z965More iron options
Wedge SetAvailable, 52°-60°Available, 50°-62°Mizuno MP 18More wedge options
Left-HandedYesYesTieBoth offer left-handed sets
Custom FitAvailableAvailableTieBoth offer custom fitting
Combo SetAvailableAvailableTieBoth offer combo sets

Price Comparison

FeatureSrixon Z965Mizuno MP 18WinnerReason
MSRP (per iron)$174.99$149.99Mizuno MP 18Lower price point
Street Price$139.99$124.99Mizuno MP 18Lower street price
ValueGoodVery GoodMizuno MP 18Better value for money
AvailabilityWidely AvailableWidely AvailableTieBoth are widely available
DiscountsOccasionally AvailableOccasionally AvailableTieBoth have occasional discounts available

Player Comparison

FeatureSrixon Z965Mizuno MP 18WinnerReason
Handicap RangeLow-MidMid-HighSrixon Z965Better for low to mid handicappers
Swing SpeedFastModerateSrixon Z965Better for faster swing speeds
Ball FlightLowerHigherSrixon Z965Better for players who prefer a lower ball flight
Shot ShapingMoreLessSrixon Z965Better for players who like to shape shots
Feel and FeedbackSofterCrispTieDepends on player preference

Set Configuration Comparison

FeatureSrixon Z965Mizuno MP 18WinnerReason
Length of IronsStandardStandardTieSame standard length
Grip SizeCustomizableCustomizableTieBoth offer customizable grip size
Loft OptionsCustomizableCustomizableTieBoth offer customizable loft options
Iron CoversAvailableNot AvailableSrixon Z965Iron covers can help protect clubs and improve longevity
Club BagNot IncludedNot IncludedTieNeither includes a club bag

Warranty Comparison

FeatureSrixon Z965Mizuno MP 18WinnerReason
Warranty2 years1 yearSrixon Z965Longer warranty period
Return Policy30-day Satisfaction30-day SatisfactionTieBoth offer a 30-day return policy

Brand Comparison

FeatureSrixon Z965Mizuno MP 18WinnerReason
Company HistoryEstablished in 1930Established in 1916Mizuno MP 18Longer company history
Tour PlayersHideki Matsuyama, Keegan Bradley, Graeme McDowellBrooks Koepka, Paul Casey, Keith MitchellTieBoth have

Shaft Options Comparison

FeatureSrixon Z965Mizuno MP 18WinnerReason
Shaft OptionsLimitedLimitedTieBoth have limited shaft options
Shaft FlexRegular, Stiff, X-StiffRegular, StiffSrixon Z965More flex options available
Shaft MaterialSteelSteelTieSame material used
Shaft Weight120g120gTieSame weight
Shaft LengthStandardStandardTieSame standard length

Appearance Comparison

FeatureSrixon Z965Mizuno MP 18WinnerReason
Overall DesignClassicClassicTieBoth have classic design
FinishSatinSatinTieSame finish used
BrandingMinimalMinimalTieBoth have minimal branding
Clubhead SizeMediumMediumTieSame clubhead size
Alignment AidsMinimalMinimalTieBoth have minimal alignment aids

Launch Comparison

FeatureSrixon Z965Mizuno MP 18WinnerReason
LaunchLowerHigherSrixon Z965Better for players who want a lower ball flight
Center of GravityRearwardCenteredSrixon Z965Better for more skilled players
Sweet Spot SizeSmallerLargerMizuno MP 18Better for less skilled players
OffsetMinimalMinimalTieBoth have minimal offset
Face DesignTraditionalTraditionalTieBoth have traditional face designs


Both the Srixon Z965 and Mizuno MP 18 irons are exceptional options for low-handicap golfers seeking a classic blade design with superior feel and control. The Z965 irons offer a touch more forgiveness, while the MP 18 irons may have a slight edge in terms of feel. Ultimately, the decision between these two fantastic iron sets will come down to personal preference, feel, and the specific needs of your game. It is highly recommended to test both sets out on the range or course to determine which set is the perfect match for you.


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