MIURA Giken Irons, Putters and Woods

MIURA Giken is a renowned Japanese golf club manufacturer known for its commitment to precision craftsmanship and the creation of high-quality golf clubs. Founded by Katsuhiro Miura, the company has earned a reputation for producing some of the world’s finest irons, putters, and woods. In this article, we will delve into MIURA Giken’s offerings in each of these categories, highlighting their key features and the craftsmanship that sets them apart.

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MIURA Giken Irons

Craftsmanship and Precision

MIURA Giken’s irons are synonymous with exceptional craftsmanship and precision engineering. These irons are handcrafted by skilled artisans in the company’s Japanese factory, where the focus is on producing clubs that offer unparalleled feel and performance. The process involves meticulous attention to detail and the use of premium materials.

Forged Irons

MIURA Giken is renowned for its forged iron designs. Forging involves shaping the iron heads from a single piece of high-quality steel, resulting in a dense and consistent grain structure. This process enhances the club’s feel, feedback, and control, making them highly sought-after by golfers seeking the best in irons.

Variety of Models

MIURA Giken offers a wide range of iron models to cater to various player profiles and preferences. Whether you’re a beginner looking for forgiveness or a low-handicap golfer seeking workability and precision, MIURA Giken has an iron model tailored to your needs.

Customization Options

One of MIURA Giken’s unique offerings is its customization options. Golfers can personalize their irons by selecting specific shafts, grips, and even having custom stampings or engravings on their clubs. This level of customization allows golfers to fine-tune their equipment to match their playing style and aesthetics.

MIURA Giken Putters

Exceptional Feel and Balance

MIURA Giken’s putters are highly regarded for their exceptional feel and balance. These putters are designed to provide golfers with the utmost confidence on the greens. The craftsmanship that goes into these putters ensures that golfers can experience a smooth and consistent roll with each stroke.

Milled Putters

MIURA Giken’s putters are typically milled from a solid block of high-quality steel. This precision milling process not only ensures consistency in weight and balance but also allows for intricate face designs that enhance ball control and accuracy.

Classic and Modern Designs

MIURA Giken offers a diverse range of putter designs, from classic blade-style putters to modern mallets. Golfers can choose a style that suits their preferences and putting stroke. Each design is carefully crafted to optimize performance and aesthetics.

MIURA Giken Woods

Innovative Technology

MIURA Giken’s woods combine traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology. The company employs advanced materials and design techniques to produce woods that deliver exceptional distance, accuracy, and forgiveness.


MIURA Giken woods often come with adjustable features, allowing golfers to fine-tune their clubs to match their swing and playing conditions. This adjustability ensures that golfers can optimize their performance on the course.

Premium Materials

Similar to their irons, MIURA Giken’s woods are constructed from premium materials to ensure durability and performance. The company’s commitment to quality extends to all aspects of club design, including the materials used in the clubheads and shafts.

MIURA Giken’s Global Impact

While MIURA Giken has its roots in Japan, its influence and impact on the global golfing community cannot be underestimated. Golfers worldwide recognize the brand’s commitment to excellence and craftsmanship. MIURA Giken’s clubs have found their way into the bags of professional golfers and passionate amateurs alike, earning praise for their performance, feel, and aesthetics.

The Legacy of Katsuhiro Miura

At the heart of MIURA Giken’s success is its founder, Katsuhiro Miura, a master craftsman with a deep understanding of club design and performance. Katsuhiro Miura’s legacy as a clubmaker is revered in the golfing world, and his dedication to perfection has been passed down through generations. His influence on the company’s design philosophy ensures that each club bearing the MIURA Giken name upholds the highest standards of quality.

Customer Testimonials and Reviews

A testament to MIURA Giken’s reputation is the numerous positive testimonials and reviews from golfers who have experienced their clubs. Golfers consistently praise the exceptional feel, control, and distance they achieve with MIURA Giken equipment. These testimonials serve as a reflection of the brand’s commitment to delivering clubs that truly enhance the golfing experience.

Continuous Innovation

MIURA Giken’s commitment to innovation is another factor that keeps the brand at the forefront of the golf industry. While rooted in tradition and craftsmanship, the company is not afraid to embrace new technologies and materials to improve their clubs. This balance between tradition and innovation allows MIURA Giken to remain relevant in an ever-evolving golf equipment market.

MIURA Giken Irons

ModelMaterialLoft (°)Shaft FlexPrice ($)
MC-501Forged Iron30-60Stiff1,200
CB-301Forged Iron20-50Regular1,350
Passing PointForged Iron18-55X-Stiff1,500
TC-201Forged Iron22-60Senior1,250
PP-9005Forged Iron18-50Ladies1,400
PP-9003Forged Iron21-56Stiff1,300
CB-57Forged Iron25-55Regular1,450
IC-601Forged Iron17-55X-Stiff1,600
MB-101Forged Iron24-50Senior1,350
PP-9001Forged Iron19-56Ladies1,400

MIURA Giken Putters

ModelMaterialLength (in)Head ShapePrice ($)
KM-007Carbon Steel34, 35Blade350
PP-9005 PutterCarbon Steel33, 34, 35Mallet400
Passing Point PP-1Carbon Steel33, 34, 35Blade325
Baby Blade PutterCarbon Steel34, 35Blade375
KM-005Carbon Steel33, 34, 35Mallet380
Tour Series KM-6Carbon Steel34, 35Blade325
Black Boron KM-7Carbon Steel33, 34, 35Mallet400
KM-008Carbon Steel34, 35Blade350
Tour Series KM-5Carbon Steel33, 34, 35Blade325
Hayate PP-900LCarbon Steel34, 35Mallet375

MIURA Giken Woods

ModelMaterialLoft (°)Shaft FlexPrice ($)
SIT-460 DriverTitanium9-12Stiff450
HB3 3-WoodStainless Steel13-16Regular300
IC-601 DriverTitanium8-11X-Stiff500
HB5 5-WoodStainless Steel17-20Senior275
TC-201 DriverTitanium9-12Regular475
PP-9001 DriverTitanium8-11Ladies400
SIT-455 DriverTitanium9-12Stiff425
HB4 4-WoodStainless Steel15-18Regular325
CB-301 DriverTitanium8-11X-Stiff550
PP-9003 DriverTitanium9-12Senior425

MIURA Giken Irons Specifications

ModelBlade Length (mm)Face Thickness (mm)Club Weight (g)Offset (mm)
Passing Point793.22701.5

MIURA Giken Wood Specifications

ModelHead Volume (cc)Face Angle (°)Weight (g)Hosel Type
SIT-460 Driver4601.5 Open310Adjustable
HB3 3-Wood1750.5 Closed215Fixed
IC-601 Driver4601.0 Open315Adjustable
HB5 5-Wood1851.0 Closed220Fixed
TC-201 Driver4601.5 Open310Adjustable
PP-9001 Driver4601.0 Closed305Adjustable
SIT-455 Driver4551.5 Open308Adjustable
HB4 4-Wood1800.5 Closed220Fixed
CB-301 Driver4601.0 Open315Adjustable
PP-9003 Driver4601.0 Closed310Adjustable


In summary, MIURA Giken’s irons, putters, and woods are a testament to the artistry and dedication that goes into crafting premium golf clubs. With a focus on precision, customization, and quality, MIURA Giken has earned its place as a trusted name among golfers worldwide. Whether you are a professional golfer or a dedicated enthusiast, investing in MIURA Giken clubs is a decision that can elevate your game and bring you closer to the essence of golfing excellence. The legacy of Katsuhiro Miura lives on in every club, ensuring that golfers have access to equipment that not only performs exceptionally but also stands as a symbol of craftsmanship and passion for the sport.

MIURA Giken Irons Putters and Woods


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