Project X vs KBS Tour V

When it comes to selecting the right golf shaft for your game, two names often stand out: Project X and KBS Tour V. Both of these shafts have garnered a strong following among golfers, but they have distinct characteristics that make them suitable for different player profiles and swing types. In this comparison, we will delve into the features and performance of Project X and KBS Tour V shafts to help you make an informed decision about which one might be the best fit for your golf game.

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Project X Shaft

1. Background:

  • Project X is a well-known golf shaft brand, and it’s part of True Temper, a leading shaft manufacturer.
  • Project X shafts are popular among professional golfers and amateurs alike due to their reputation for stability and consistency.

2. Characteristics:

  • Low launch and low spin: Project X shafts are often preferred by golfers who want to reduce spin for more control and distance.
  • Firm feel: These shafts typically have a firm feel, which can provide feedback to the golfer and help with shot control.
  • Available in various models: Project X offers a range of shaft models (e.g., Project X HZRDUS, Project X LZ) to cater to different swing profiles.

3. Player Profile:

  • Project X shafts are generally well-suited for golfers with a faster swing speed who seek to control ball flight and minimize spin.

KBS Tour V Shaft

1. Background:

  • KBS (Kim Braly Signature) is another respected name in the golf shaft industry, known for its innovative designs.
  • The KBS Tour V is a part of the KBS Tour Series, which is popular among many touring professionals.

2. Characteristics:

  • Mid launch and mid spin: KBS Tour V shafts offer a balanced combination of launch and spin, making them versatile for a wide range of golfers.
  • Responsive feel: These shafts tend to provide golfers with a responsive feel, aiding in shot shaping and feedback.
  • Available in multiple flexes and weights: KBS Tour V comes in various flex options and weights, allowing golfers to fine-tune their shaft choice.

3. Player Profile:

  • KBS Tour V shafts are suitable for golfers who desire a versatile shaft that can accommodate different swing speeds and playing styles.

Performance Comparison

1. Launch and Spin:

  • If you’re seeking a low launch and low spin, the Project X shaft may be more suitable.
  • For a mid-launch and mid-spin option, the KBS Tour V offers a balanced performance.

2. Feel and Feedback:

  • Project X provides a firm and stable feel, which can be beneficial for those who prefer more control.
  • KBS Tour V offers a responsive feel, allowing golfers to better sense the clubhead during their swing.

3. Player Flexibility:

  • Project X is tailored for golfers with faster swing speeds and a specific desire for lower spin.
  • KBS Tour V is versatile and can accommodate a broader range of golfers, including those with varying swing speeds.

Fitting and Testing

Before making a final decision between Project X and KBS Tour V shafts, it’s essential to emphasize the importance of getting a professional fitting. A club fitting can provide valuable data on your swing speed, launch angle, spin rate, and other crucial factors that will help you choose the right shaft for your specific needs.


Both Project X and KBS Tour V shafts can be further customized to match your preferences precisely. You can adjust the shaft flex, weight, and even experiment with shaft length to optimize your golf club’s performance. Customization can have a significant impact on your ability to control your shots and maximize your distance.

Cost Considerations

It’s also worth mentioning that there can be differences in the price range of Project X and KBS Tour V shafts. While both brands offer quality products, the cost of each shaft can vary based on the model, customization options, and where you purchase them. Therefore, it’s essential to establish a budget and explore both brands’ offerings within that range.

Long-Term Investment

When selecting a golf shaft, it’s not just about immediate performance but also about the long-term investment. Consider how the shaft will fit into your overall golf equipment setup and whether it complements your other club selections. The right shaft can enhance your consistency and confidence on the course, potentially leading to better scores and more enjoyable rounds.

Shaft Material Comparison

Shaft TypeMaterialFlexibilityWeight (grams)Torque (degrees)
Project XSteelLow1202.0
KBS Tour VSteelMid1102.5

Launch and Spin Characteristics

Shaft TypeLaunch Angle (degrees)Spin Rate (RPM)FeelPrice ($)
Project XLowLowFirm$150
KBS Tour VMidMidSmooth$160

Length and Tip Size

Shaft TypeLength (inches)Tip Size (inches)
Project X460.355
KBS Tour V45.50.355

 Availability in Flex Options

Shaft TypeX-StiffStiffRegularSeniorLadies
Project XYesYesYesNoNo
KBS Tour VYesYesYesYesYes

Player Preferences

Shaft TypePlayer Feedback
Project XOffers more control and accuracy, preferred by pros.
KBS Tour VProvides a smoother feel, favored by amateur golfers.


In the Project X vs. KBS Tour V debate, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Both of these shaft brands have their strengths and are trusted by golfers of various skill levels. Your choice should ultimately align with your unique swing characteristics, playing style, and preferences.

Remember that a club fitting by a qualified professional is invaluable in making the right decision. They can provide data-driven insights and recommendations, ensuring that you get the best golf shaft for your game. Whether you end up with Project X or KBS Tour V, the goal is to optimize your golf club’s performance to help you achieve lower scores and greater enjoyment on the golf course.

Project X vs KBS Tour V


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