Miura IC-601 Irons

The Miura IC-601 Irons are a premium golf club offering from the renowned Japanese club manufacturer, Miura Golf. Known for their meticulous craftsmanship and commitment to quality, Miura has a dedicated following among golf enthusiasts worldwide. The IC-601 Irons are a testament to Miura’s dedication to precision engineering and performance. In this article, we’ll delve into the key features and details of the Miura IC-601 Irons.

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Design and Materials:

The Miura IC-601 Irons are designed with a focus on blending modern technology with classic aesthetics. They feature a cavity-back design, which combines the forgiveness of a cavity-back iron with the feel and control associated with traditional blade irons.

  • Forged from Premium Materials: These irons are forged from a high-quality carbon steel, known for its exceptional feel and feedback. The forging process ensures a consistent grain structure, enhancing the club’s overall performance.
  • Cavity-Back Design: The cavity-back design in the IC-601 irons provides perimeter weighting, offering improved forgiveness and stability on off-center hits. This design is particularly appealing to golfers seeking the best of both worlds in terms of distance and control.
  • Progressive Set Design: The set is designed with a progressive transition from long to short irons. This means that the long irons have a larger cavity, providing more forgiveness, while the short irons offer more precision and control.


The Miura IC-601 Irons are engineered to deliver exceptional performance on the golf course.

  • Enhanced Forgiveness: The cavity-back design and perimeter weighting result in a larger sweet spot, making it easier for golfers to achieve consistent distance and accuracy, even on mishits.
  • Improved Launch and Distance: These irons are designed to provide a higher launch angle, helping golfers get the ball in the air quickly for longer distances. The progressive design ensures each club in the set performs optimally for its intended purpose.
  • Superior Feel and Feedback: Miura’s reputation for producing clubs with unmatched feel and feedback is evident in the IC-601 Irons. Golfers can expect a soft, buttery feel at impact, allowing them to connect with the ball with confidence.


Miura understands that golfers have unique preferences and playing styles. To cater to this, they offer various customization options for the IC-601 Irons.

  • Shaft Options: Golfers can choose from a variety of shaft options to match their swing speed and preferences. This allows for greater customization to optimize performance.
  • Grip Choices: Miura offers different grip options, allowing golfers to select the one that feels most comfortable and suits their grip style.

User Experience:

Beyond the technical aspects, it’s crucial to consider the golfer’s experience when using the Miura IC-601 Irons.

  • Aesthetics: Miura is known not only for performance but also for the aesthetics of their clubs. The IC-601 Irons showcase a classic, clean design that appeals to traditionalists while maintaining a modern touch.
  • Sound and Feel: Golfers often appreciate the auditory and tactile feedback they get from their clubs. These irons provide a satisfying, soft sound and feel at impact, which can enhance a golfer’s overall experience and confidence on the course.

Price Point:

It’s important to note that Miura Golf is synonymous with premium quality, and this is reflected in the price of the IC-601 Irons. These clubs are an investment, and potential buyers should be prepared for a higher price point compared to more mass-produced alternatives. However, for golfers who prioritize quality and performance, the investment can be justified.


Availability of Miura products can sometimes be limited, especially when compared to larger golf club manufacturers. Interested golfers may need to check with authorized Miura dealers or directly with the company for availability and customization options.


ClubLoft (°)Lie Angle (°)Shaft TypeShaft Flex
3 Iron2060SteelRegular
4 Iron2360.5GraphiteStiff
5 Iron2661SteelRegular
6 Iron2961.5GraphiteRegular
7 Iron3362SteelStiff
8 Iron3762.5GraphiteStiff
9 Iron4163SteelRegular


Final Thoughts:

The Miura IC-601 Irons epitomize the commitment to precision and excellence that Miura Golf is known for. They offer golfers a unique combination of forgiveness and control, all wrapped in a beautifully crafted package. These irons are designed to cater to golfers who appreciate the artistry and science behind golf club manufacturing and are willing to invest in a club set that can potentially enhance their performance and enjoyment on the golf course. Ultimately, the Miura IC-601 Irons are more than just golf clubs; they represent a fusion of craftsmanship and technology that appeals to golfers seeking the highest level of quality and performance in their game.


Miura IC-601 Irons


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