Mizuno MX 950 Hybrid Review

The Mizuno MX 950 hybrid golf club is a versatile and forgiving option for golfers of all skill levels. The club is designed to help players hit longer, straighter shots from a variety of lies and situations on the course. The club’s combination of a wide sole, low center of gravity, and hybrid design make it a great option for golfers who struggle with longer irons or fairway woods.

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Design and Technology

The Mizuno MX 950 hybrid features a number of design and technology features that make it an effective club on the course. Here are some of the key features:

  • Wide sole: The club’s wide sole helps to lower the center of gravity, which promotes a higher launch and more forgiveness on off-center hits.
  • Hybrid design: The hybrid design combines the best features of a fairway wood and an iron to create a club that is easy to hit from a variety of lies.
  • Hot metal face: The club’s face is made from a high-strength steel that is designed to increase ball speed and distance.
  • Internal weighting: The club’s internal weighting is designed to promote a neutral ball flight, which can help players hit straighter shots.

Performance on the Course

In terms of performance on the course, the Mizuno MX 950 hybrid is a solid option for golfers looking for a versatile club that can help them hit longer, straighter shots. The club’s wide sole and low center of gravity make it easy to get the ball airborne, even from difficult lies. The hybrid design also allows players to hit the ball higher and softer than they might with a long iron or fairway wood.

One of the key strengths of the Mizuno MX 950 hybrid is its forgiveness. Even on off-center hits, the club can produce solid results and minimize the amount of distance lost. This forgiveness can be particularly helpful for golfers who struggle with consistency in their long game.

Pros and Cons


  • Forgiving club that can help golfers hit longer, straighter shots
  • Hybrid design makes it versatile from a variety of lies
  • Wide sole and low center of gravity promote a high launch and forgiveness on off-center hits
  • Hot metal face technology increases ball speed and distance


  • Some players may find the club’s design to be too bulky or heavy
  • The club may not be suitable for golfers who prefer a more traditional long iron or fairway wood

Feel and Sound

One important factor to consider when evaluating a golf club is the feel and sound it produces when struck. The Mizuno MX 950 hybrid has a relatively soft feel when compared to other hybrids on the market. This can be attributed to the club’s wide sole and internal weighting, which help to create a more solid and stable impact. The club also produces a muted, almost “thuddy” sound upon contact with the ball, which some players may find appealing.

Customization Options

Mizuno offers a number of customization options for the MX 950 hybrid, which can help golfers optimize the club for their swing and playing style. Players can select from a range of shafts and grips to create a personalized setup that suits their needs. Mizuno also offers a club fitting service, which can help golfers find the right combination of loft and shaft flex for their game.

Comparison to Other Hybrids

When evaluating the Mizuno MX 950 hybrid, it’s important to consider how it stacks up against other hybrids on the market. Compared to some other models, the MX 950 has a larger and more forgiving head, which can be a benefit for players who struggle with consistency in their long game. However, some players may find the club’s bulkier design to be a drawback, particularly if they prefer a more streamlined look and feel.


The Mizuno MX 950 hybrid is priced in the mid-range for hybrid golf clubs. While it’s not the most affordable option on the market, it’s also not the most expensive. Golfers who are looking for a high-quality hybrid without breaking the bank may find the MX 950 to be a good option.



LoftLie AngleLength (in)Clubhead Volume (cc)Shaft Material


Hot Metal FaceEnhances ball speed for greater distance
Internal WeightingOptimizes center of gravity for better launch and control
Harmonic Impact TechnologyProvides a solid and consistent feel at impact
Large Sweet SpotIncreases forgiveness on off-center hits
Customizable Weighting System (optional)Allows for precise tuning of the club’s performance


MetricRating (1-10)
Feel and Sound8

Pros and Cons

High ball speed and great distanceNot adjustable
Large sweet spot for increased forgivenessMay not suit all players’ swing
Excellent accuracy and control
Harmonic Impact Technology for solid feel
Customizable weighting system (optional)


PublicationRating (1-10)Review Summary
Golf Digest8A great option for golfers seeking distance and accuracy. The customizable weighting system is a nice touch.
Golf.com8.5A solid performer with great feel and control. The large sweet spot is a real game-changer.
Golf Monthly8The MX 950 Hybrid is one of the most forgiving and accurate hybrids on the market. Highly recommended.
MyGolfSpy8The MX 950 Hybrid delivers great distance and playability. The only downside is the lack of adjustability.
Golfalot8.5A well-designed hybrid that offers excellent performance and a solid feel. The customizable weighting system

Final Verdict

Overall, the Mizuno MX 950 hybrid is a solid option for golfers who are looking for a forgiving and versatile club that can help them hit longer, straighter shots. While the club’s design may not be suitable for all players, those who are willing to give it a try may find that it helps improve their long game on the course. The club’s soft feel, customization options, and mid-range price point make it a good value for golfers who are looking for a quality hybrid without breaking the bank.

Mizuno MX 950 Hybrid Review


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