MP20 vs JPX 919 Tour

Mizuno is a renowned brand when it comes to producing top-quality golf equipment. Among their impressive lineup of irons are the MP-20 and JPX 919 Tour models. Both of these clubs have garnered rave reviews from golfers around the world, making it a difficult choice for those looking to upgrade their game. In this article, we’ll compare the Mizuno MP-20 and JPX 919 Tour irons, examining their key features, performance, and target golfer profiles to help you make an informed decision.

  1. Design and Aesthetics

MP-20: The MP-20 irons are a beautiful set of clubs that boast a classic, timeless look. They feature a thin top line, minimal offset, and a compact blade length, giving them a sleek and elegant appearance. The MP-20 irons utilize a Grain Flow Forged HD process, which enhances the feel and feedback on each shot. The clubs are completed with a stunning satin finish and a touch of copper underlay, ensuring they look as good as they perform.

JPX 919 Tour: The JPX 919 Tour irons also feature a clean and stylish design. With a compact head, minimal offset, and a thin top line, these clubs are designed to appeal to the discerning golfer. The Grain Flow Forged HD process is used in the JPX 919 Tour as well, offering a soft and consistent feel. The irons are finished with a durable Pearl Brush finish, giving them a modern and sophisticated look.

  1. Performance

MP-20: The MP-20 irons are designed for the better player who seeks precision, control, and workability in their shots. The clubs’ muscle-back design ensures excellent feedback and a soft feel at impact. A layer of soft copper under the satin finish provides enhanced feel and playability. The MP-20 irons are particularly well-suited for golfers who like to shape their shots and control ball flight.

JPX 919 Tour: The JPX 919 Tour irons are designed to provide a blend of workability, stability, and forgiveness. They feature a compact, tour-inspired design with a stability frame that enhances forgiveness on off-center hits. The irons also offer a narrow sole for improved turf interaction, making them versatile in various playing conditions. The JPX 919 Tour irons cater to low- and mid-handicap golfers who want the best of both worlds – control and forgiveness.

  1. Target Golfer Profiles

MP-20: The MP-20 irons are best suited for skilled golfers with low handicaps who prioritize precision, feel, and workability. These players are typically confident in their ball-striking ability and seek an iron that will provide them with maximum control and feedback.

JPX 919 Tour: The JPX 919 Tour irons are ideal for low- to mid-handicap golfers who desire a mix of control, workability, and forgiveness. These players appreciate the added stability and playability offered by the JPX 919 Tour without sacrificing the aesthetics and feel of a compact, tour-inspired design.

  1. Customization and Shaft Options

MP-20: Mizuno offers a wide variety of customization options for the MP-20 irons to ensure the perfect fit for each golfer. With an extensive selection of shaft options, including steel and graphite shafts from leading manufacturers, golfers can find the ideal combination for their swing characteristics and preferences. Additionally, Mizuno provides custom fitting through their Swing DNA fitting system, which helps golfers dial in the ideal specifications for their game.

JPX 919 Tour: The JPX 919 Tour irons also come with numerous customization options to cater to each golfer’s unique needs. A vast array of shaft choices is available, including both steel and graphite shafts from top brands. Custom fitting through Mizuno’s Swing DNA system allows golfers to find the perfect fit for their swing and playing style.

  1. Price and Value

MP-20: The MP-20 irons are positioned at a premium price point, reflecting their high-quality materials, craftsmanship, and advanced design. While they may be more expensive than some other options on the market, golfers who prioritize precision, feel, and workability will find that the MP-20 irons offer excellent value for their investment.

JPX 919 Tour: The JPX 919 Tour irons are also priced at the higher end of the market, but they deliver a combination of performance and forgiveness that is hard to find in other clubs. Golfers who are looking for a blend of control, workability, and forgiveness in a tour-inspired design will find the JPX 919 Tour irons to be a worthwhile investment.


Technical Specifications

ModelSet MakeupLoft RangeLie AngleClub LengthSwing Weight
JPX 919 Tour4-PW21°-48°59°-63°38″-36.5″D3

Clubhead Design

ModelClubhead DesignMaterialFinishHosel Type
MP20Grain Flow Forged, Muscleback1025E PureSatin, ChromeTrue Temper Dynamic Gold
JPX 919 TourGrain Flow Forged, Compact1025B CarbonPearl BrushedTrue Temper Dynamic Gold

Performance Characteristics

ModelDistance ControlAccuracyWorkabilityForgivenessTrajectory Control
JPX 919 TourGoodHighGoodModerateGood

Customization Options

ModelCustomization Options
MP20Available in multiple shaft and grip options
JPX 919 TourAvailable in multiple shaft and grip options, left-handed

Player Type

ModelPlayer Type
MP20Low to Mid Handicap Players
JPX 919 TourMid to Low Handicap Players

Shaft Options

ModelShaft Options
MP20True Temper Dynamic Gold, Project X, Nippon Modus 3, KBS Tour, True Temper XP
JPX 919 TourTrue Temper Dynamic Gold 120, Project X LZ, KBS Tour, Nippon Modus 3

Grip Options

ModelGrip Options
MP20Golf Pride MCC, Golf Pride Z Cord, Golf Pride Tour Velvet
JPX 919 TourGolf Pride MCC Plus 4, Golf Pride Tour Velvet, Lamkin Crossline

Set Composition

ModelSet Composition
MP204-PW (7 clubs)
JPX 919 Tour4-GW, including a gap wedge (8 clubs), with the option for a SW

Awards and Recognition

ModelAwards and Recognition
MP20Named “Best Irons” by Golf Digest in their 2020 Hot List
JPX 919 TourNamed “Players Iron of the Year” by MyGolfSpy in their 2018 Most Wanted Testing

Face Technology

ModelFace Technology
MP20Precision CNC-milled face
JPX 919 TourReverse milled face

Feel and Sound

ModelFeel and Sound
MP20Soft, solid feel and sound
JPX 919 TourSolid, powerful feel and sound

Sole Design

ModelSole Design
MP20Thinner sole, traditional cambered design
JPX 919 TourSlightly wider sole with multi-tiered grind design


MP20Available in both right- and left-handed options
JPX 919 TourAvailable in both right- and left-handed options

 Launch Date

ModelLaunch Date
MP20September 2019
JPX 919 TourSeptember 2018


Both the Mizuno MP-20 and JPX 919 Tour irons are exceptional choices for golfers looking to elevate their game. The MP-20 is perfect for those seeking ultimate control and workability, while the JPX 919 Tour offers a blend of performance and forgiveness. Consider your skill level, playing style, and personal preferences when choosing between these two outstanding iron sets.


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