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MyGolfSpy is a website that provides unbiased reviews and testing of golf equipment. One of the products they have tested is the MyGolfSpy Utility Iron. This is a club designed for golfers who want the benefits of a long iron but with more forgiveness and ease of use. In this article, we will take a closer look at the MyGolfSpy Utility Iron and what makes it unique.

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Design and Technology

The MyGolfSpy Utility Iron is designed with a hollow-body construction. This allows for weight to be distributed to the perimeter of the club, creating a larger sweet spot and more forgiveness on off-center hits. The clubhead is also made with a high-strength steel face, which helps to increase ball speed and distance.

One of the unique features of the MyGolfSpy Utility Iron is the adjustable weight system. The weight can be adjusted between the heel and toe of the club, allowing golfers to fine-tune the club to their swing and shot shape preferences. This also helps to promote a higher launch and more spin, which is important for hitting long shots into greens.


The MyGolfSpy Utility Iron has been tested by golfers of varying skill levels, and the results have been positive. Golfers have noted that the club is easy to hit and provides a high launch with plenty of spin. The forgiveness on off-center hits is also a notable feature, with many golfers reporting that they have been able to save shots from difficult lies and situations.

The adjustable weight system has also received praise from golfers who have used the club. Being able to fine-tune the club to their swing has helped many golfers find the perfect balance between distance and accuracy. The club also provides a great alternative to long irons and hybrids, with many golfers preferring the feel and control of the MyGolfSpy Utility Iron.

Specifications of MyGolfSpy Utility Iron

The MyGolfSpy Utility Iron is available in four different lofts: 18, 20, 22, and 24 degrees. The club also comes with a KBS Tour Hybrid shaft, which is designed to provide a mid-launch with a low spin. The grip is a Golf Pride MCC Plus4, which provides a comfortable feel and plenty of traction.


The MyGolfSpy Utility Iron has a sleek and modern appearance, with a matte black finish and minimal branding. The clubhead is slightly larger than a traditional long iron, but not as bulky as a hybrid. The adjustable weight system is also subtle and does not detract from the overall look of the club.

Price and Availability

The MyGolfSpy Utility Iron is a premium club and is priced accordingly. It is currently available for purchase on the MyGolfSpy website and select retailers for around $250. While this may be a higher price point than some other utility irons on the market, the MyGolfSpy Utility Iron offers a unique combination of technology and customization options.

Pros and Cons


  • Hollow-body construction provides forgiveness on off-center hits
  • High-strength steel face increases ball speed and distance
  • Adjustable weight system allows for fine-tuning of club to swing and shot shape preferences
  • Provides a great alternative to long irons and hybrids


  • Higher price point than some other utility irons on the market
  • Limited availability in terms of loft options

Comparison to Similar Utility Irons

When considering purchasing a MyGolfSpy Utility Iron, it’s important to compare it to similar utility irons on the market. Two of the most popular options are the Titleist U500 and U510 Utility Irons.

Compared to the Titleist U500, the MyGolfSpy Utility Iron has a larger sweet spot and more forgiveness on off-center hits. The adjustable weight system also provides more customization options for golfers. However, the U500 does have a slightly thinner topline and more traditional look that some golfers may prefer.

Compared to the Titleist U510, the MyGolfSpy Utility Iron has a more compact head and less offset. The adjustable weight system also allows for more fine-tuning of the club. However, the U510 does have a higher launch and more spin, which may be preferable for some golfers.

Overall, the MyGolfSpy Utility Iron offers a unique combination of forgiveness, distance, and customization options that make it a great option for golfers who want a long iron alternative.

MyGolfSpy Utility Iron User Reviews

Many golfers who have used the MyGolfSpy Utility Iron have left positive reviews. They note the ease of use and forgiveness on off-center hits, as well as the customization options provided by the adjustable weight system. Some users have also noted that the club provides a more consistent ball flight than their previous long irons or hybrids.

However, some users have found the club to be too expensive compared to other utility irons on the market. Others have reported that the clubhead feels a bit heavy, which may take some getting used to.


Comparison of Top MyGolfSpy Utility Irons

Titleist U50520°, 22°, 24°39.5″, 40″, 40.5″Steel, GraphiteRH, LH
Callaway X Forged UT18°, 21°, 24°39.5″, 40″, 40.5″SteelRH, LH
Ping G425 Crossover18°, 20°, 22°, 25°39.75″, 40.125″, 40.5″, 40.875″Steel, GraphiteRH, LH
Srixon ZX Utility18°, 20°, 23°39.5″, 40″, 40.5″Steel, GraphiteRH, LH
Cobra King Utility18°, 20°, 22°, 24°39.5″, 40″, 40.5″, 41″Steel, GraphiteRH, LH

Key Features of Titleist U505 Utility Iron

Hollow body constructionProvides high launch and forgiveness
Tungsten weightingIncreases MOI and lowers CG for improved ball speed and accuracy
Variable face thicknessMaximizes ball speed across the face
Adjustable hoselAllows for loft and lie adjustments

Performance Data of Ping G425 Crossover

ClubCarry Distance (yards)Total Distance (yards)Spin (rpm)Launch Angle (degrees)

Customer Reviews of Srixon ZX Utility Iron

John8“The Srixon ZX Utility is a game changer. It’s incredibly forgiving and easy to hit. I’ve added it to my bag and am hitting more greens in regulation.”
Sarah12“I recently switched to the Srixon ZX Utility and have seen a noticeable improvement in my ball striking. It’s helped me hit more accurate shots and get out of tough lies with ease.”
Tom15“I was hesitant to try a utility iron, but the Srixon ZX changed my mind. It’s a versatile club that can be used off the tee, in the fairway, or around the green. Highly recommended.”

Specifications of Cobra King Utility Iron

Baffler railsProvide improved turf interaction and versatility
Forged face insertMaximizes ball speed and distance
Tungsten weightingIncreases MOI and stability
Adjustable loft and lieAllows for customization to fit player preferences
Cobra Connect compatibleAllows for shot tracking and analysis through a smartphone


The MyGolfSpy Utility Iron is a unique and high-performing club that is worth considering for golfers who are looking for a long iron alternative. The hollow-body construction, high-strength steel face, and adjustable weight system all work together to provide forgiveness, distance, and customization options. While the price may be higher than some other utility irons, the MyGolfSpy Utility Iron offers a premium experience for golfers who want the best in technology and performance.


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