NDMC Grips Review

Golfers are always in search of ways to improve their game . While clubs and balls play a vital role in golfing, accessories such as grips also play an essential role. One of the best grips on the market today is the NDMC Grip. In this article, we will review the NDMC Grip and explain why it’s an excellent addition to any golfer’s equipment.

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What is the NDMC Grip? The NDMC Grip is a product of Golf Pride, a leading manufacturer of golf accessories. It’s a hybrid grip that combines the performance of rubber and cord. The upper part of the grip is made of a soft rubber compound, while the lower part is made of a firm cord material. The NDMC Grip is designed to provide a comfortable and secure grip, even in wet conditions.

Features of the NDMC Grip:

The NDMC Grip has several features that make it a popular choice among golfers. Some of these features include:

  1. Dual Material Construction: As mentioned earlier, the NDMC Grip is made of a combination of rubber and cord material. This construction provides excellent grip and control, allowing golfers to play their shots with more confidence.
  2. Moisture Management: The NDMC Grip has a moisture-wicking technology that helps to keep the grip dry even in wet conditions. This feature is especially useful for golfers who play in areas with high humidity or frequent rainfall.
  3. Traction Control: The cord material in the lower part of the grip provides extra traction, making it easier for golfers to maintain their grip during their swing.
  4. Comfort: The soft rubber compound in the upper part of the grip provides a comfortable feel, reducing hand fatigue during long rounds of golf.

Benefits of the NDMC Grip:

The NDMC Grip offers several benefits to golfers. Some of these benefits include:

  1. Improved Performance: The NDMC Grip provides excellent grip and control, allowing golfers to play their shots with more accuracy and confidence.
  2. Durability: The NDMC Grip is designed to last, even with regular use. The cord material in the lower part of the grip is highly durable and can withstand wear and tear.
  3. Comfort: The soft rubber compound in the upper part of the grip provides a comfortable feel, reducing hand fatigue during long rounds of golf.
  4. Moisture Management: The NDMC Grip’s moisture-wicking technology helps to keep the grip dry, even in wet conditions, providing golfers with a consistent grip throughout their game.

Installation of the NDMC Grip:

Installing the NDMC Grip is easy and straightforward. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Remove the old grip: Use a utility knife or grip tape remover to cut the old grip off the club. Be careful not to damage the shaft or grip tape underneath.
  2. Clean the shaft: Use a cloth or solvent to clean any residue left on the shaft after removing the old grip.
  3. Apply grip tape: Wrap a layer of grip tape around the shaft. Make sure to overlap the tape by about 1/8 inch.
  4. Apply solvent: Apply a small amount of solvent to the inside of the new grip and the tape on the shaft.
  5. Align the grip: Align the grip with the clubface, making sure the logo is facing the right way.
  6. Slide the grip onto the shaft: Slide the grip onto the shaft, twisting slightly to ensure an even distribution of the solvent.
  7. Allow the grip to dry: Allow the grip to dry for at least 24 hours before using the club.

Maintenance of the NDMC Grip:

To maintain the performance and durability of the NDMC Grip, it’s essential to keep it clean and dry. Here are some tips for maintaining your NDMC Grip:

  1. Clean the grip regularly: Use a soft brush or cloth to clean the grip regularly. Avoid using harsh chemicals or solvents that can damage the grip’s surface.
  2. Dry the grip after use: Wipe the grip dry after each use, especially if it gets wet during play. Moisture can cause the grip to deteriorate over time.
  3. Store the club properly: Store the club in a dry, cool place, away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.
  4. Replace the grip when necessary: Over time, the grip will wear out and lose its performance. Replace the grip when you notice signs of wear, such as cracking or slipping.

Texture and Tackiness

Golf PrideNDMCCoarseHighGoodFair
IomicSticky 2.3FineHighGoodFair

Design and Feel

Golf PrideNDMCClassicFirmGoodFair
IomicSticky 2.3UniqueStickyGoodFair

Color and Appearance

Golf PrideNDMCBlack/RedSleekGoodFair
IomicSticky 2.3White/BlackUniqueGoodFair

Price and Value

BrandModelPrice RangeValueDurabilityComfort
Golf PrideNDMC$10-$12AverageGoodFair
LamkinUTx$10-$13Above AverageGoodGood
IomicSticky 2.3$15-$17Below AverageGoodFair

Size and Weight

Golf PrideNDMCStandardMediumGoodFair
IomicSticky 2.3StandardLightGoodFair


The NDMC Grip is an excellent accessory for any golfer looking to improve their game. With its hybrid construction, moisture-wicking technology, and superior grip, the NDMC Grip offers golfers a comfortable and secure grip that enhances their performance on the course. If you’re looking for a reliable and durable grip that provides excellent control, the NDMC Grip is a great choice.

NDMC Grips Review


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