Nick Faldo Power Plane

So you just came across one of those ads on YouTube advocating how you can unleash the extra yards on your shots quickly by simply tweaking some minute elements in your shots. It’s very likely that one of those must be about Nick Faldo’s Power plane or hidden power plane as he stresses upon it.

In this blog post, we are going to discuss Faldo’s hidden power plane and take it critically if it’s even worth spending money on his training course.

nick faldo power plane

Initial Assessment

Unlike some other video series where the focus on instructors is on fixing instantaneous movements at the last moment of the shop what I liked about Nick Faldo’s claim is that he talks more about the swing. To me how good you swing the club has a huge impact on how your shot would turn out to be.

The swing is the foundation on which you are going to build the other aspects of your shot. Like changing the plane, moving the wrists, shifting the balance, changing the alignment, increasing the loft, aiming off from the target etc. If you are swing is not in a smooth good muscle memory then the advanced level changes are going to merely hurt your progress.

You will get inconsistent results, especially because as soon as you take a little break from golf your muscle memory would have vanished by now and you would find it hard to do last-minute changes to your game.

What is the Hidden Power Plane Claim

As per Nick what differentiates an average golfer from the top ranking ones is that amateurs do not use the power from their hidden resources that come via the hidden power plane.

The hidden power plane is about aligning the hips, shoulders and knees in such a way that they form a harmonic plane with the swing plane and as a result, you are able to get instant hidden power that gives you extra power to your shot.

He has divided the drill into two parts in one part he teaches you can improve your swing and lock the hidden power plane that is aligning of your major joints in during the swing.

In the second part, he makes you understand the factors that remove the smoothness from the swing. He helps to explain that by asking the student to hold two clubs, one in each hand and then through his training you can understand where the hidden power plane lies and how you can consistently remain in that.

So the point of the whole training series is to understand what is the hidden power plane and then how you can lock yourself in that whenever you are about to play the game. So you get into the frame of mind where the idea to play a shot without locking the hidden power plane is totally out of question.

As per Nick’s claim once you have learned how to lock yourself into the hidden power plane then you will consistently add extra power to your shots regularly.

Critical Analysis

To me it feels like a very well-organised and orchestrated sales pitch. It feels like a great attempt to hide everything yet reveal most of the things via Jargons only. The terms like a chain reaction, power shift, power plane, Leonardo’s arm etc all seem to be very nicely placed in.

The focus is to talk about the hidden power plane without telling what exactly it is. Also the sales pitch is focused on a word power plane. Power is a very important factor when it comes to golf but what the pitch creator has done smartly is to attach two more words that are adding extra stress on the technique. Those two words are hidden and plane.

The plane is pretty straight forward but when you add hidden to it, the element of mystery gets attached to the training course. You get confused and feel promised a life-changing coaching series is just a transaction away.

The point of adding this jargon is to raise the potential buyer’s curiosity and then present them a shortcut that would help solve all of their golf woes.

What You Actually Need

There is one thing every golfer needs from amateurs to pros that is personalised coaching. All pros have someone who tells them what they are doing wrong and where they can improve. If these video lessons were the perfect way of improving the game then the concept of coaching would have died down by now.

You see these training videos work great in the academic world where a simple formula is applicable to all situations but the reality is that in sports we all have a different swing. Our genetics are different, the way our muscles and joints interact with each other during a shot is different.

A generic solution cannot be applied to each and every one of us. Therefore, one on one coaching through a well-reputed coach can help you identify what you are doing wrong and how you can improve. The lessons would help build the foundations on which later you can employ little tweaks that can help you improve the distance on your shot.

So if you are planning to spend the money on the course its totally upto you but if i were in your place, I would take one on one session. If that was not possible then I would spend loads of time in understanding the basic mechanics of a swing through YouTube. Understand what helps makes a great swing.

After employing all the free information available which is agreed upon in consensus by all big instructor it is only then I would try to do the experiment of opening up hidden power worlds.


Nick Faldo’s Power Plane Swing Analysis

AspectDescriptionIdealFaldo’s Swing
BackswingClubhead should travel along a plane tilted 45 degreesMaintain consistent planeFaldo maintains plane but tilts slightly less
DownswingClubhead should follow the same plane as backswingMaintain consistent planeFaldo drops clubhead slightly but returns to plane
ImpactClubface should be square to target lineClubface square to target lineFaldo often opens clubface slightly
Follow-throughClubhead should continue along the same plane as backswing and downswingMaintain consistent planeFaldo’s follow-through is slightly more upright

Nick Faldo’s Power Plane Swing Mechanics

Maintaining Wrist AnglesHighKeep wrists cocked throughout swing for maximum clubhead speed and power
Proper FootworkMediumShift weight correctly during swing to generate power and maintain balance
Rotating HipsHighHips should rotate towards target to generate power and create a consistent swing path
Swing PlaneHighConsistent swing plane ensures a consistent swing and helps generate maximum power and distance
Follow-ThroughMediumMaintain balance and posture during follow-through to ensure consistent ball flight and power

Nick Faldo’s Power Plane Training Equipment

Power PlaneA training aid that helps maintain a proper swing plane
Resistance BandsUsed for strength training and to improve swing mechanics
Medicine BallUsed for rotational exercises and to improve core strength

Nick Faldo’s Power Plane Workout Plan

ExerciseSetsRepsWeight (lbs)Notes
Deadlift38-10185Focus on maintaining a neutral spine
Barbell Squat38-10135Drive through heels for maximum power
Standing Military Press38-1065Emphasize controlled movement and form
Barbell Rows38-10135Maintain a straight back throughout movement
Weighted Pull-Ups38-1025Build strength in back and arms for a powerful swing


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