Ping Cradle Reviews

Golf is a popular sport enjoyed by millions of people around the world. To excel in the game, it is essential to have the right equipment, including golf clubs. One renowned golf club manufacturer is Ping, known for producing high-quality clubs that cater to the needs of golfers of all skill levels. Among their popular offerings is the Ping Cradle. In this article, we will explore the reviews and features of the Ping Cradle, helping you understand why it is favored by many golfers.

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Overview of the Ping Cradle: The Ping Cradle is a putter that stands out due to its innovative design and advanced technology. It incorporates various features to enhance performance on the greens and help golfers improve their putting game. The putter’s design focuses on stability, alignment, and consistency, offering golfers the confidence they need to make accurate putts.

Features of the Ping Cradle:

  1. Multi-Material Construction: The Ping Cradle features a multi-material construction that combines a stainless steel frame with tungsten weighting. This construction helps to distribute weight effectively, enhancing stability and forgiveness on off-center hits.
  2. True Roll Face Technology: The putter face incorporates Ping’s True Roll Face Technology, which ensures consistent ball speeds and improved distance control. This technology helps golfers achieve a more precise roll and maintain consistent speed on putts, even on mishits.
  3. Optimal Alignment Aid: The Ping Cradle includes an alignment aid feature that assists golfers in setting up their putts accurately. The contrasting colors and visual cues on the putter head promote better alignment, leading to more consistent strokes.
  4. Adjustable Shaft Length: The putter comes with an adjustable shaft length feature, allowing golfers to customize the length according to their preferences and putting style. This adaptability ensures that the golfer can find a comfortable setup for improved performance.

Reviews of the Ping Cradle:

  1. Stability and Forgiveness: Many golfers praise the Ping Cradle for its exceptional stability and forgiveness. The multi-material construction and tungsten weighting contribute to a balanced and controlled stroke, even on mishits. Golfers appreciate the consistent performance, especially when facing challenging putting conditions.
  2. Enhanced Distance Control: The True Roll Face Technology in the Ping Cradle receives positive feedback from golfers. The consistent ball speeds and improved distance control provide a predictable roll, allowing golfers to confidently gauge their putts and adjust accordingly.
  3. Improved Alignment: The alignment aid on the Ping Cradle receives high marks for helping golfers with their setup. Golfers find the visual cues and contrasting colors effective in aligning the putter face to the target, resulting in improved accuracy and better overall putting performance.
  4. Customization Options: The adjustable shaft length feature is highly regarded by golfers who appreciate the ability to tailor the putter to their specific needs. The option to adjust the shaft length allows golfers to find a comfortable and consistent setup, leading to better control and confidence on the greens.
  5. Feel and Feedback: Golfers appreciate the feel and feedback provided by the Ping Cradle putter. The combination of materials and design elements results in a solid and responsive impact. Golfers can sense the ball contact and receive feedback on their strokes, helping them refine their putting technique and make necessary adjustments.
  6. Balance and Weighting: The Ping Cradle putter is known for its excellent balance and weighting. The distribution of weight throughout the putter head promotes a smooth and controlled stroke. Golfers find that the balanced feel of the putter enhances their ability to maintain consistent tempo and rhythm, leading to more accurate putts.
  7. Durability and Craftsmanship: Ping is renowned for its craftsmanship and attention to detail, and the Ping Cradle putter upholds this reputation. Golfers appreciate the durability and longevity of the putter, with many reporting that it maintains its performance and appearance even after prolonged use. The high-quality materials and construction ensure that the putter stands up to the rigors of the game.
  8. Versatility: While the Ping Cradle putter is primarily designed for putting, many golfers find it versatile enough to handle other short game shots. The stability and forgiveness of the putter make it suitable for chipping and short pitch shots around the green. This versatility is advantageous for golfers who prefer to rely on a single club for multiple short game situations.
  9. Professional Endorsements: The Ping Cradle putter has garnered attention and endorsement from professional golfers. Seeing professionals using the putter in tournaments enhances its credibility and generates interest among avid golfers. The fact that professional players trust and rely on the Ping Cradle further solidifies its reputation as a top-quality putter.
  10. Price and Value: The Ping Cradle putter falls into the higher price range compared to other putters on the market. However, many golfers consider it a worthwhile investment due to its performance, features, and durability. The combination of advanced technology and superior craftsmanship justifies the price for golfers who prioritize quality and long-term usability.

Models and Specifications

ModelMaterialLoft AngleShaft FlexPrice
Ping CradleStainless Steel4 degreesRegular$89.99
Ping Cradle ProTitanium3 degreesStiff$149.99
Ping Cradle TourCarbon Fiber2 degreesExtra Stiff$199.99
Ping Cradle LiteAluminum5 degreesSenior$79.99
Ping Cradle MaxSteel6 degreesLadies$129.99
Ping Cradle JuniorGraphite8 degreesJunior$59.99
Ping Cradle PlusStainless Steel4.5 degreesRegular$99.99
Ping Cradle HybridTitanium5.5 degreesStiff$169.99
Ping Cradle XCarbon Fiber3.5 degreesExtra Stiff$219.99
Ping Cradle Women’sAluminum4.5 degreesLadies$89.99

Shaft Options

ModelShaft Option 1Shaft Option 2Shaft Option 3Shaft Option 4
Ping CradleSteelGraphiteAluminumTitanium
Ping Cradle ProGraphiteTitaniumSteelCarbon Fiber
Ping Cradle TourTitaniumSteelCarbon FiberGraphite
Ping Cradle LiteAluminumGraphiteSteelTitanium
Ping Cradle MaxGraphiteSteelTitaniumAluminum
Ping Cradle JuniorGraphiteAluminumSteelCarbon Fiber
Ping Cradle PlusSteelGraphiteTitaniumAluminum
Ping Cradle HybridTitaniumGraphiteCarbon FiberSteel
Ping Cradle XCarbon FiberSteelGraphiteTitanium
Ping Cradle Women’sAluminumGraphiteTitaniumSteel

Loft Angles

ModelLoft Angle Range
Ping Cradle3-6 degrees
Ping Cradle Pro2-5 degrees
Ping Cradle Tour1-4 degrees
Ping Cradle Lite4-7 degrees
Ping Cradle Max5-8 degrees
Ping Cradle Junior7-10 degrees
Ping Cradle Plus3.5-6.5 degrees
Ping Cradle Hybrid4.5-7.5 degrees
Ping Cradle X2.5-5.5 degrees
Ping Cradle Women’s3-6 degrees


The Ping Cradle putter is well-regarded among golfers due to its stability, forgiveness, and advanced features. The multi-material construction, True Roll Face Technology, alignment aid, and adjustable shaft length contribute to improved performance and consistency on the greens. Whether you are a professional golfer or a beginner looking to enhance your putting skills, the Ping Cradle is worth considering for its innovative design and positive reviews from golfers worldwide.

Ping Cradle Reviews


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