Ping Craz e G2i Putter Review

The Ping Craz-E G2i putter is a popular golf club manufactured by Ping, a well-known and respected golf equipment company. The Craz-E G2i putter is part of Ping’s extensive line of high-quality putters designed to improve a golfer’s accuracy and consistency on the green. In this review, we will delve into the key features, design elements, performance, and overall impression of the Ping Craz-E G2i putter.

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Key Features of the Ping Craz-E G2i Putter

  1. Multi-Material Construction: The Ping Craz-E G2i putter features a multi-material construction, combining a stainless-steel body with an aluminum face insert. This design optimizes the weight distribution and enhances the overall feel and responsiveness of the putter.
  2. Dual-Durometer Insert: The Craz-E G2i putter incorporates a dual-durometer insert, where the outer layer is softer to promote a smooth roll, while the inner layer is firmer to provide consistent feedback. This unique insert design helps golfers achieve better distance control and accuracy on their putts.
  3. Optimal Alignment Aid: The Craz-E G2i putter boasts a high contrast alignment aid, often referred to as the “Craz-E” alignment system. This feature assists golfers in aligning the putter face square to the target line, reducing the likelihood of mishits and improving overall putting performance.
  4. Heel-Toe Weighting: The putter head of the Ping Craz-E G2i is strategically weighted in the heel and toe areas to increase the moment of inertia (MOI). This design element enhances forgiveness and stability, reducing the impact of off-center strikes and providing more consistent results on mis-hits.

Design and Performance of the Ping Craz-E G2i Putter

The Ping Craz-E G2i putter showcases a modern mallet design, which appeals to golfers seeking a high level of forgiveness and stability in their putting stroke. The putter’s multi-material construction contributes to a solid and satisfying feel upon impact, while the dual-durometer insert delivers a smooth and consistent roll off the face.

The Craz-E alignment system proves to be an invaluable aid for golfers struggling with alignment. The contrasting colors and clear visual cues make it easier to square the putter face and align it accurately to the intended target line. This feature greatly improves a golfer’s confidence and helps eliminate alignment errors.

The heel-toe weighting of the Ping Craz-E G2i putter enhances stability throughout the stroke, minimizing twisting on off-center hits and providing a more forgiving experience. The increased MOI aids in maintaining a consistent swing path, resulting in improved accuracy and distance control.

Advanced Features and Customization Options

In addition to its key features, the Ping Craz-E G2i putter offers some advanced features and customization options that cater to individual golfer preferences:

  1. Length and Grip Options: The Craz-E G2i putter is available in various lengths to accommodate golfers of different heights and putting styles. Additionally, Ping offers a range of grip options, allowing players to choose a grip that feels comfortable and promotes a confident grip pressure.
  2. Adjustable Shaft Length: Some models of the Ping Craz-E G2i putter feature an adjustable shaft length system. This allows golfers to modify the length of the putter to suit their setup and stroke preferences, ensuring optimal alignment and posture during their putting stroke.
  3. Counter-Balanced Options: For golfers who prefer a counter-balanced putter, Ping offers counter-balanced versions of the Craz-E G2i. These putters have additional weight in the grip or shaft, which helps promote a smoother and more stable stroke, particularly for golfers with a tendency for wrist action.
  4. Custom Fit Options: Ping is known for its custom fitting capabilities, and the Craz-E G2i putter is no exception. Golfers can work with a professional fitter to customize various aspects of the putter, including lie angle, loft, and grip thickness. This ensures that the putter is perfectly suited to the golfer’s physique and stroke mechanics, maximizing performance.

Performance on the Green

The Ping Craz-E G2i putter excels in terms of performance on the green. Its multi-material construction and dual-durometer insert work in harmony to deliver consistent roll characteristics and excellent distance control. The softer outer layer of the insert imparts a gentle forward roll on the ball, reducing skidding and promoting accuracy.

The high moment of inertia (MOI) achieved through the heel-toe weighting enhances stability and forgives off-center hits. This helps to maintain consistent ball speeds and roll distances, even on mis-hits. The Craz-E alignment system proves to be an effective aid, allowing golfers to confidently align the putter face to the intended target line.

Overall, the Ping Craz-E G2i putter offers a combination of forgiveness, accuracy, and customization options that cater to a wide range of golfers. Whether you have a straight-back-straight-through stroke or an arced stroke, this putter provides the tools needed to improve your putting consistency and lower your scores on the green.

Improved Feel and Sound

One notable aspect of the Ping Craz-E G2i putter is its exceptional feel and sound feedback. The combination of the stainless-steel body and aluminum face insert results in a pleasing sensation upon impact. The aluminum face insert helps dampen any unwanted vibrations, providing a softer and more controlled feel during the putting stroke. This enhanced feel allows golfers to develop a better sense of touch and improve their distance control on the greens.

Furthermore, the sound produced by the Craz-E G2i putter is well-balanced and pleasing to the ear. The aluminum face insert contributes to a muted yet solid sound, which is preferred by many golfers. The consistent sound feedback aids in gauging the quality of contact and provides valuable information for making adjustments to the stroke.

Durability and Longevity

Ping is renowned for producing golf clubs that are built to last, and the Craz-E G2i putter is no exception. The stainless-steel body and high-quality materials used in its construction ensure durability and longevity, even with regular use on various green conditions. The putter’s resilient finish helps resist scratches and wear, maintaining its aesthetic appeal over time.

The Ping Craz-E G2i putter is designed to withstand the rigors of the golf course and provide golfers with reliable performance for years to come. Its robust construction makes it a solid investment for golfers who value long-lasting equipment.

Widespread Popularity and Positive Feedback

The Ping Craz-E G2i putter has gained significant popularity among golfers of all skill levels. Its reputation for excellent performance, forgiveness, and alignment assistance has earned it a loyal following in the golfing community. Many golfers who have used the Craz-E G2i putter praise its ability to improve their consistency on the greens and boost their confidence in their putting stroke.

Positive feedback from professional golfers and amateur players alike further demonstrates the effectiveness of the Craz-E G2i putter. Numerous success stories and positive reviews highlight its impact on lowering scores and enhancing overall putting performance.

General Specifications

ModelLengthLieLoftHead WeightMaterial
Ping Craz-E G2i34″70°345g17-4 Stainless Steel
Ping Craz-E G2i35″71°345g17-4 Stainless Steel
Ping Craz-E G2i33″69°345g17-4 Stainless Steel
Ping Craz-E G2i34″70°345g17-4 Stainless Steel
Ping Craz-E G2i36″72°345g17-4 Stainless Steel
Ping Craz-E G2i32″68°345g17-4 Stainless Steel
Ping Craz-E G2i35″71°345g17-4 Stainless Steel
Ping Craz-E G2i34″70°345g17-4 Stainless Steel
Ping Craz-E G2i33″69°345g17-4 Stainless Steel
Ping Craz-E G2i36″72°345g17-4 Stainless Steel

Pros and Cons

G2iExcellent feel and feedback during the strokeMay take some time to adjust to the mallet head design
G2iForgiving on off-center hitsLimited customization options
G2iAlignment aids help with accuracyRelatively higher price compared to other putters in the same category
G2iConsistent distance controlNot suitable for players who prefer a blade-style putter
G2iDurable constructionSome users find the grip size to be too large
G2iWide range of length options for a personalized fitThe headcover may not fit securely
G2iPerforms well on different green conditionsAvailability of different finishes is limited
G2iSuitable for both beginners and experienced golfersRelatively less feedback on off-center hits
G2iHigh-quality materials and craftsmanshipLimited adjustability options
G2iWell-balanced weight distribution for a smooth and stable strokeLack of insert technology for enhanced feel

Overall Impression

The Ping Craz-E G2i putter stands out as a reliable and high-performing option for golfers seeking consistency and forgiveness on the greens. Its multi-material construction, dual-durometer insert, and strategic weighting combine to create a putter that provides excellent feel, roll, and alignment capabilities.

Whether you are a beginner looking to improve your putting skills or an experienced golfer seeking a dependable putter, the Ping Craz-E G2i is a worthy consideration. With its innovative features and performance-driven design, this putter has the potential to enhance your putting performance and lower your scores on the golf course.

Ping Craz e G2i Putter Review


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