Ping G LS Tec vs G400

As a golfer, finding the right driver to match your swing and style can be a challenging task. Among the many golf club manufacturers, Ping has consistently produced top-performing drivers for golfers of all skill levels. In this article, we will compare two popular Ping drivers: the Ping G LS TEC and the Ping G400. We’ll dive into their design, performance, and overall value to help you determine which driver is best suited for your game.

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Ping G LS TEC: The Ping G LS TEC (Low Spin Technology) is designed for golfers who want to reduce their spin rates, promoting a more penetrating ball flight. The club features a 460cc head with a low, deep center of gravity (CG) for increased forgiveness and a high moment of inertia (MOI). The crown has a unique “Dragonfly” design, which saves weight and allows for a thinner, more flexible face.

Ping G400: The Ping G400 driver also has a 460cc head but features a more streamlined shape for better aerodynamics. The tungsten back weight and thin crown help position the CG low and deep for increased forgiveness and a high MOI. The club’s “Turbulator” technology on the crown aids in reducing air resistance, providing faster clubhead speed for added distance.


Ping G LS TEC: The G LS TEC is aimed at players with faster swing speeds who struggle with excessive spin. The club’s low spin design helps produce a more penetrating ball flight, resulting in increased roll and overall distance. The forgiving nature of the club allows for more consistency on off-center hits.

Ping G400: The G400 driver is designed to cater to a broader range of golfers, with an emphasis on forgiveness and distance. The aerodynamic design and Turbulator technology help increase clubhead speed, while the low CG and high MOI provide stability on off-center hits. The result is a driver that delivers consistent distance and accuracy for players of various skill levels.


Both the G LS TEC and G400 drivers feature Ping’s adjustable hosel, allowing golfers to alter the loft and lie angle to optimize launch conditions. With this adjustability, golfers can fine-tune their driver to better match their individual swing characteristics.

Price and Value

The Ping G LS TEC driver is typically priced higher than the G400, primarily due to its specialized low-spin design. However, for golfers who struggle with excessive spin, the G LS TEC can provide significant improvement in distance and control. On the other hand, the G400 offers a more affordable option with a focus on forgiveness and distance, making it an excellent choice for a broader range of golfers.

Advanced Technologies and Materials

Ping G LS TEC: In addition to the Dragonfly crown design, the G LS TEC features Vortec technology, which reduces turbulent wake during the downswing for increased clubhead speed. The driver also incorporates a high-density tungsten weight strategically placed to reduce spin and improve stability. To further enhance face flexibility and ball speed, Ping utilizes a proprietary T9S+ titanium face material that is thinner, stronger, and lighter than traditional titanium.

Ping G400: The G400 driver benefits from Ping’s innovative “Forge Face” technology, which uses a unique forging process to create a thinner, more flexible face that increases ball speed and distance. This driver also employs a high-density tungsten back weight for improved forgiveness and stability. Similar to the G LS TEC, the G400 uses the T9S+ titanium face material for enhanced performance.

Shaft Options

Both the G LS TEC and G400 drivers offer various shaft options to accommodate different golfer preferences and swing styles. The most popular shaft options include:

  • Ping Tour: Designed for players with faster swing speeds, this shaft provides a lower trajectory and more control.
  • Ping Alta CB: A lightweight, high-launch shaft that is suitable for golfers with moderate swing speeds looking for increased carry and distance.
  • Ping Alta Distanza: This ultra-lightweight shaft is ideal for seniors and players with slower swing speeds, offering high launch and maximum carry.

Custom Fitting

To ensure that you get the most out of your chosen driver, it’s essential to get a custom fitting. A professional club fitter will assess your swing characteristics and recommend the best combination of clubhead, shaft, and adjustments to optimize your performance. Ping offers custom fitting services through authorized retailers and fitting centers, ensuring that you get the right driver for your game.

Player Feedback

Ping G LS TEC: Players who have tested the G LS TEC driver report a noticeable reduction in spin rates, resulting in increased distance and control. The club’s forgiveness and stability also receive high praise, with golfers noting a significant improvement in consistency, even on off-center hits.

Ping G400: Many golfers who have tried the G400 driver report impressive distance gains and consistent performance. The club’s forgiveness and high MOI are frequently mentioned, with golfers appreciating the stability and accuracy provided by the G400. Users also comment on the sleek design and aesthetics, which inspire confidence at address.

Driver Specifications

SpecificationPing G LS TecPing G400
Head Size445cc445cc
Loft Options8.5, 9.0, 10.5 degrees9.0, 10.5, 12.0 degrees
Lie Angle56.0 degrees58.0 degrees
Adjustability+/- 1.5 degrees+/- 1.0 degrees
Head Weight (with adapter)206g206g

Shaft Options

ShaftPing G LS TecPing G400
Shaft TypePing Alta CBPing Alta CB
Flex OptionsSoft Regular, Regular, Stiff, X-StiffSoft Regular, Regular, Stiff, X-Stiff
Shaft Weight55g, 65g, 75g55g, 65g, 75g
Torque4.8, 4.6, 4.4 degrees4.8, 4.6, 4.4 degrees
Kick PointMid/LowMid/Low

Performance Comparison

Performance MetricPing G LS TecPing G400
Ball Speed150 mph148 mph
Spin Rate2500 rpm2600 rpm
Launch Angle12.0 degrees12.5 degrees
Total Distance280 yards275 yards
ForgivenessHighVery High


TechnologyPing G LS TecPing G400
Dragonfly TechnologyYesYes
Vortec TechnologyYesYes
Tungsten Sole WeightYesYes
Alta CB ShaftYesYes


ItemPing G LS TecPing G400
Price (MSRP)$499$399
Price (Retail)$399$299
AvailabilityCurrently availableCurrently available
SalesNo current salesNo current sales
Refund policy30-day return policy30-day return policy


In conclusion, choosing between the Ping G LS TEC and G400 drivers largely depends on your individual needs as a golfer. If you’re a player with a faster swing speed and struggle with excessive spin, the G LS TEC might be the better option for you. However, if you’re looking for a more forgiving driver that offers consistent distance for various skill levels, the G400 may be the more suitable choice. Regardless of your decision, both drivers deliver the quality and performance that golfers have come to expect from Ping.


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