Low Launch Iron Shafts

Choosing the right shaft for your irons is crucial to maximizing your performance on the golf course. One important factor to consider is launch angle. If you struggle with a high launch and want to bring your ball flight down, low launch iron shafts may be the solution you’re looking for.

What Are Low Launch Iron Shafts?

Low launch iron shafts are designed to promote a lower ball flight. They are typically stiffer and heavier than high launch shafts, with a higher kick point and less torque. This combination helps golfers to generate less spin and a more penetrating ball flight, which can be particularly beneficial in windy conditions.

Who Should Use Low Launch Iron Shafts?

Low launch iron shafts are generally recommended for golfers who have a high launch angle or too much spin. This could be due to a variety of factors, such as swing speed, swing path, or the type of ball you play. Golfers who struggle to control their ball flight in windy conditions may also benefit from using a low launch shaft.

How to Choose the Right Low Launch Iron Shaft?

Choosing the right low launch iron shaft for your game can be a bit of a challenge. There are a few key factors to consider, including your swing speed, tempo, and ball flight preferences. It’s also important to take into account the flex of the shaft and the weight, as these can have a big impact on how the club feels and performs.

Benefits of Using Low Launch Iron Shafts:

There are several benefits to using low launch iron shafts. These include:

  1. More control over your ball flight: By reducing your launch angle and spin, you can keep the ball on a lower trajectory and avoid ballooning shots.
  2. Increased distance: Low launch iron shafts are often heavier and stiffer, which can help you to generate more power and distance.
  3. Better performance in windy conditions: A lower ball flight is generally more stable and less affected by the wind, making it easier to control your shots in gusty conditions.

Understanding Shaft Flex:

Shaft flex is a measure of how much a shaft will bend during the swing. In general, the faster your swing speed, the stiffer the shaft you will need. Low launch iron shafts tend to be stiffer than high launch shafts, which can help golfers with faster swing speeds to control their ball flight and reduce spin.

Weight and Balance:

The weight and balance of your shaft can also impact your ball flight. Low launch iron shafts are typically heavier and have a higher balance point than high launch shafts. This can help to promote a more consistent swing and generate more power through impact.

Tip Design:

The design of the tip of your shaft can also have an impact on your ball flight. Some low launch iron shafts feature a low torque design, which can help to reduce spin and keep the ball on a lower trajectory. Other shafts may have a more flexible tip, which can help to launch the ball higher but may not be ideal for golfers looking to reduce their launch angle.

Custom Fitting:

To get the most out of your low launch iron shafts, it’s important to get properly fitted by a professional. A custom fitting can help you to identify the right shaft weight, flex, and design for your swing, as well as ensure that your clubs are properly adjusted for length and lie angle.

Low Launch Iron Shafts with Regular Flex

BrandModelWeight (grams)TorqueLaunch
Project XLZ1151.9Low
True TemperDynamic Gold AMT Tour Issue1161.8Low
NipponModus3 Tour 1051031.7Low
AldilaRIP Alpha 1051051.5Low

Low Launch Iron Shafts with Stiff Flex

BrandModelWeight (grams)TorqueLaunch
KBSTour 90902.1Low
True TemperDynamic Gold S3001291.9Low
FujikuraMCI 1001041.9Low
UST MamiyaRecoil 95951.8Low
Graphite DesignTour AD-95951.8Low

Low Launch Iron Shafts with X-Stiff Flex

BrandModelWeight (grams)TorqueLaunch
KBSC-Taper X1301.6Low
True TemperProject X LZ1201.5Low
NipponModus3 Tour 1201201.5Low
AldilaRogue X1101.4Low
MitsubishiKuro Kage Silver Dual-Core TiNi 1001001.4Low

Low Launch Iron Shafts for Players with Slower Swing Speeds

BrandModelWeight (grams)TorqueLaunch
True TemperXP 95952.0Low
NipponN.S. Pro 950GH941.3Low
UST MamiyaRecoil 660/67063/674.4/4.2Low
Graphite DesignTour AD-65/7565/753.3/3.1Low
KBSTour 80802.1Low

Low Launch Iron Shafts for Players with Faster Swing Speeds

BrandModelWeight (grams)TorqueLaunch
True TemperDynamic Gold X71301.5Low
NipponModus3 Tour 1301301.2Low
AldilaTour Green TX85-1052.9-2.2Low
MitsubishiTENSEI CK Pro White85-1002.7-2.4Low


Low launch iron shafts can be a great option for golfers looking to improve their ball flight and control on the course. By choosing the right shaft for your swing, you can enjoy a more penetrating trajectory, increased distance, and better performance in challenging conditions.

Low Launch Iron Shafts


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