Ping G25 Iron Reviews

The Ping G25 Irons are a popular choice among golfers of all skill levels. Designed to provide forgiveness, distance, and control, these irons have gained a reputation for their performance on the golf course. In this article, we will delve into the reviews of the Ping G25 Irons, examining their key features and benefits.

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Key Features:

  1. Perimeter Weighting: The Ping G25 Irons feature perimeter weighting, which helps distribute the weight around the clubhead. This design enhances forgiveness and stability, reducing the impact of mishits and improving the overall consistency of shots.
  2. Cavity Back Design: The irons have a cavity back design that increases the moment of inertia (MOI). This design feature helps to minimize the twisting of the clubface during off-center hits, resulting in straighter shots and increased accuracy.
  3. Custom Tuning Port (CTP): The Custom Tuning Port in the back cavity of the clubhead allows for precise placement of the center of gravity (CG). This optimization of the CG location promotes a higher ball flight and improved control, making it easier for golfers to hit the ball consistently.
  4. Progressive Sole Width: The G25 Irons feature a progressive sole width design, where the sole width becomes wider as you move from the long irons to the short irons. This design promotes a higher launch angle in the longer irons and helps with turf interaction and precision in the shorter irons.
  5. Thin Face Technology: The irons incorporate Ping’s Thin Face Technology, which helps to increase ball speed and maximize distance. The thin face design allows for greater flexing at impact, resulting in increased energy transfer to the golf ball.


Shaft Options

Shaft ModelFlexWeight (grams)KickpointTorque (degrees)
Ping CFSRegular95Mid2.1
Ping CFSStiff100Mid2.0
Ping CFSX-Stiff110Mid1.9
Ping TFC 189iRegular88Mid1.8
Ping TFC 189iStiff94Mid1.7
Ping TFC 189iX-Stiff104Mid1.6
Ping AWTRegular95Mid1.9
Ping AWTStiff104Mid1.8
Ping AWTX-Stiff114Mid1.7
Ping NS Pro Modus3 105Stiff105Mid1.8

Performance Data

Clubhead NumberCarry Distance (yards)Total Distance (yards)Clubhead Speed (mph)Ball Speed (mph)

Reviews and Feedback:

  1. Forgiveness: Many golfers praise the Ping G25 Irons for their forgiveness. The perimeter weighting and cavity back design contribute to a larger sweet spot, reducing the negative effects of mishits and providing more consistent results. Golfers note that even off-center strikes still produce reasonable distance and accuracy.
  2. Distance and Ball Flight: The G25 Irons are known for their ability to generate impressive distance. The combination of the Thin Face Technology and optimized CG location helps golfers achieve longer shots. Additionally, the higher launch angle facilitated by the progressive sole width design allows for higher ball flights, providing more carry and stopping power on the greens.
  3. Feel and Control: Many golfers appreciate the solid feel and feedback provided by the Ping G25 Irons. The CTP placement and optimized CG contribute to a balanced clubhead, resulting in improved control and shot shaping capabilities. Golfers find it easier to work the ball left or right and achieve the desired trajectory.
  4. Design and Appearance: The G25 Irons feature a clean and traditional design that appeals to a wide range of golfers. The clubhead’s sleek look, combined with the chrome finish and contrasting alignment aid, gives the irons a visually appealing appearance that instills confidence at address.
  1. Sound and Feedback: Golfers also appreciate the sound and feedback produced by the Ping G25 Irons. The clubhead’s construction and design contribute to a satisfying sound at impact, providing a sense of confidence and assurance. Golfers can feel the feedback through their hands, which helps them assess the quality of their shots and make adjustments as needed.
  2. Versatility: The Ping G25 Irons offer versatility, allowing golfers to handle various shots and on-course situations. The combination of forgiveness and control makes these irons suitable for a wide range of players, including those who prefer a more forgiving club and those who want to shape their shots with precision.
  3. Durability: Golfers appreciate the durability of the Ping G25 Irons. The clubheads are constructed using high-quality materials, ensuring longevity and resistance to wear and tear. This durability ensures that golfers can enjoy consistent performance from their clubs over an extended period.
  4. Adjustability: Although the Ping G25 Irons are not adjustable in terms of loft and lie, they come in a variety of custom fitting options. Golfers can choose from different shaft flexes, grips, and lengths to optimize their clubs for their swing characteristics and preferences. Custom fitting allows golfers to maximize the performance of the G25 Irons and tailor them to their specific needs.
  5. Professional Endorsement: The Ping G25 Irons have been used by professional golfers on various tours, further highlighting their performance and quality. The endorsement of these irons by professionals adds to their credibility and gives golfers confidence in their ability to deliver exceptional results.
  6. Value for Money: The Ping G25 Irons are often praised for offering excellent value for money. While they may not be the latest model from Ping, they still provide outstanding performance and features at a more affordable price point. Golfers find that the G25 Irons deliver comparable performance to newer models, making them a cost-effective choice without sacrificing quality.

Ping G25 Iron Reviews

Overall, the Ping G25 Irons receive positive reviews for their forgiveness, distance, control, feel, and versatility. With their combination of advanced technology, classic design, and affordability, these irons continue to be a popular choice among golfers looking for a reliable and high-performing set of clubs.


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