Ping Golf Bag Replacement Parts

Golf bags are essential for any golfer, providing a convenient way to carry clubs, balls, and other golf accessories. Ping is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality golf equipment, including golf bags. Over time, parts of a golf bag may wear out or get damaged, requiring replacement. This article will discuss the various Ping golf bag replacement parts available to keep your bag in top condition.

Strap System

Dual Strap System

A dual strap system distributes the weight of the golf bag evenly across your shoulders, ensuring a comfortable carrying experience. Ping offers replacement dual straps that can easily be attached to your golf bag, so you can continue to carry your bag with ease.

Single Strap

For golfers who prefer a single strap, Ping also provides replacement single straps. These straps are durable and designed to withstand the wear and tear of regular use.

Stand Mechanism

Stand Legs

Ping golf bags often come with a built-in stand mechanism that allows the bag to stand upright on the course. If your stand legs become damaged or bent, Ping offers replacement legs that can be easily attached to your bag to restore its functionality.

Leg Locks

Leg locks hold the stand legs in place when not in use, preventing them from opening accidentally. Ping provides replacement leg locks to keep your stand mechanism secure and in good working order.

Zippers and Pockets


Zippers are essential for keeping your belongings secure in your golf bag. If your zippers become damaged or broken, Ping offers replacement zippers to ensure your bag remains functional and protective.

Pocket Liners

The pocket liners in your golf bag may wear out over time, potentially leading to damage to your equipment or personal belongings. Ping supplies replacement pocket liners to maintain the protection and organization of your golf bag.

Bag Bottom

Cart Strap Pass-Through

The cart strap pass-through allows your golf bag to be secured to a golf cart without blocking access to any pockets. If this feature is damaged, Ping provides replacement cart strap pass-through parts to keep your bag functional and secure on a cart.

Bag Base

The base of your golf bag provides stability and support, ensuring it remains upright on the course. If your bag base becomes damaged or worn, Ping offers replacement bases to restore the stability and support of your golf bag.

Accessory Attachments

Umbrella Holder

An umbrella holder is a useful accessory to have on your golf bag, providing shade and protection from the rain. If your umbrella holder becomes damaged or lost, Ping offers replacement umbrella holders to keep you covered on the course.

Towel Ring

A towel ring allows you to attach a golf towel to your bag for easy access during a round. If your towel ring breaks or goes missing, Ping provides replacement towel rings so you can keep your golf clubs clean and dry.

By replacing worn or damaged parts on your Ping golf bag, you can extend its lifespan and maintain its functionality. Always check with your local authorized Ping dealer or visit the Ping website to ensure you purchase genuine replacement parts for your golf bag.

Dividers and Club Organization

Top Dividers

Ping golf bags feature top dividers to separate and organize your golf clubs. Over time, these dividers may become damaged or worn. Ping offers replacement top dividers to ensure your clubs remain organized and protected from damage caused by rubbing against each other.

Full-Length Dividers

Some Ping golf bags come with full-length dividers that run the entire length of the bag to provide further protection and organization for your clubs. If these dividers become damaged, Ping provides replacement full-length dividers to keep your clubs secure and in excellent condition.

Handles and Carry System

Top Handle

The top handle on your Ping golf bag allows for easy lifting and maneuvering. If your top handle becomes damaged or broken, Ping offers replacement top handles to restore the functionality and convenience of your bag.

Bottom Handle

The bottom handle of your Ping golf bag is designed to help you lift and load the bag onto carts or into vehicles. If this handle becomes damaged, Ping provides replacement bottom handles to ensure easy handling of your golf bag.

Cart-Compatible Handles

For golfers who frequently use carts, Ping offers cart-compatible handles that can be easily attached to your golf bag, making it more convenient to lift and secure the bag onto a golf cart. If your cart-compatible handle is damaged or lost, you can purchase a replacement from Ping.

Rain Cover and Weather Protection

Rain Cover

A rain cover is a crucial accessory to protect your clubs and bag from rain and other elements during inclement weather. If your rain cover is damaged or misplaced, Ping offers replacement rain covers to ensure your equipment remains dry and protected.

Waterproof Pocket

Some Ping golf bags feature a waterproof pocket to store your valuables and electronics during wet conditions. If the waterproof pocket becomes damaged or is no longer waterproof, Ping provides replacement waterproof pockets to keep your belongings safe and dry.

Customization and Aesthetics

Replacement Panels

For those who want to refresh the look of their golf bag or replace a damaged panel, Ping offers replacement panels in various colors and styles. This allows you to customize your golf bag to match your personal style or golf team colors.

Logo Patches

If your golf bag’s logo patch becomes damaged or worn, Ping provides replacement logo patches to maintain the professional appearance of your bag.

In conclusion, maintaining your Ping golf bag with genuine replacement parts ensures it remains functional, protective, and stylish for years to come. Always consult your local authorized Ping dealer or the Ping website for the most up-to-date information on replacement parts and availability.


Ping Golf Bag Replacement Strap Parts

Part NumberDescriptionCompatible BagsMaterialPrice ($)
33275-01Replacement Shoulder StrapHoofer, Hoofer Craz-E LiteNylon29.99
33276-01Replacement Backpack StrapPioneer, Pioneer MonsoonNylon34.99
33277-01Replacement Single StrapMoonlite, Moonlite DLXNylon19.99
33278-01Replacement Dual StrapHoofer 14, Hoofer LiteNylon39.99
33279-01Replacement Convertible StrapTraverse, Traverse 191Nylon44.99
33280-01Replacement Cart StrapDLX Cart, DLX ProNylon14.99
33281-01Replacement Shoulder Pads (Pair)Hoofer, Hoofer Craz-E LiteFoam19.99
33282-01Replacement Backpack Strap AssemblyPioneer, Pioneer MonsoonNylon44.99
33283-01Replacement Shoulder Strap AssemblyMoonlite, Moonlite DLXNylon29.99
33284-01Replacement Dual Strap AssemblyHoofer 14, Hoofer LiteNylon59.99c

Ping Golf Bag Replacement Pocket Parts

Part NumberDescriptionCompatible BagsMaterialPrice ($)
33285-01Replacement Ball PocketAll Bags Except Moonlite/Moonlite DLXNylon14.99
33286-01Replacement Apparel PocketAll Bags Except Moonlite/Moonlite DLXNylon19.99
33287-01Replacement Cooler PocketAll Bags Except Moonlite/Moonlite DLXNylon24.99
33288-01Replacement Valuables PocketAll Bags Except Moonlite/Moonlite DLXNylon14.99
33289-01Replacement Water Bottle PocketAll Bags Except Moonlite/Moonlite DLXNylon9.99
33290-01Replacement Pocket Zippers (Set of 3)All Bags Except Moonlite/Moonlite DLXNylon14.99
33291-01Replacement Cooler Pocket Insulation LinerDLX Cart, DLX ProNylon19.99
33292-01Replacement Insulated Water Bottle HolderPioneer, Pioneer MonsoonNylon14.99
33293-01Replacement Magnetic Rangefinder PocketHoofer, Hoofer Craz-E LiteNylon19.99
33294-01Replacement Zip-Off Ball Pocket Panel (Pair)Hoofer 14, Hoofer LiteNylon24.99

Ping Golf Bag Replacement Hardware Parts

Part NumberDescriptionCompatible BagsMaterialPrice ($)
33295-01Replacement Rain HoodAll BagsNylon14.99
33296-01Replacement Strap Connector (Set)All BagsNylon14.99
33297-01Replacement Stand Leg (Single)All BagsAluminum19.99
33298-01Replacement Stand Leg AssemblyAll BagsAluminum49.99
33299-01Replacement Top RingAll BagsPlastic9.99
33300-01Replacement Umbrella HolderAll BagsNylon14.99
33301-01Replacement Velcro Strap (Set)All BagsNylon9.99
33302-01Replacement Zipper Pulls (Set)All BagsNylon9.99
33303-01Replacement HandlePioneerRubber19.99
33304-01Replacement Putter Well TubeHoofer 14Plastic14.99

Ping Golf Bag Replacement Base Parts

Part NumberDescriptionCompatible BagsMaterialPrice ($)
33305-01Replacement Base AssemblyAll BagsNylon49.99
33306-01Replacement Leg Bracket (Single)All BagsAluminum14.99
33307-01Replacement Leg Bracket AssemblyAll BagsAluminum29.99
33308-01Replacement Stand Leg Clamp (Single)All BagsPlastic9.99
33309-01Replacement Stand Leg Clamp AssemblyAll BagsPlastic19.99
33310-01Replacement Stand MechanismAll BagsPlastic24.99
33311-01Replacement Non-Skid Base Pad (Set of 4)Hoofer, Hoofer Craz-E LiteRubber9.99
33312-01Replacement Non-Skid Base Pad (Set of 6)Pioneer, Pioneer MonsoonRubber14.99


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