Ping i500 Review

The Ping i500 irons are known for their exceptional distance and forgiveness, making them a popular choice among golfers of all skill levels. In this review, we will delve into the key features, performance, and overall impression of the Ping i500 irons.

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Key Features of the Ping i500 Irons

  1. Hollow Body Construction: The Ping i500 irons feature a hollow body construction, which allows for a thin face design and increases the flexion for added ball speed and distance.
  2. Forged Face and Cavity: The irons have a forged face and cavity design, providing a soft feel at impact and enhanced feedback to the golfer.
  3. Power Spec Lofts: The Ping i500 irons are engineered with power spec lofts, meaning they have stronger lofts compared to traditional irons. This design promotes higher launch angles and maximizes distance.
  4. Hydropearl 2.0 Chrome Finish: The irons come with a Hydropearl 2.0 chrome finish, which reduces friction with the turf and enhances durability.

Performance of the Ping i500 Irons

  1. Distance and Ball Speed: The hollow body construction of the i500 irons allows for a high amount of flexion at impact, resulting in increased ball speed and impressive distance. The power spec lofts also contribute to the overall distance gains.
  2. Forgiveness: Despite being designed for distance, the Ping i500 irons offer a good level of forgiveness. The hollow body construction and strategic weight placement help in improving stability and consistency on off-center strikes.
  3. Feel and Feedback: The forged face and cavity design of the irons provide excellent feedback and a soft feel at impact. Golfers will appreciate the responsiveness of these irons, allowing them to have better control over their shots.
  4. Playability: The Ping i500 irons are versatile and can be played by golfers of varying skill levels. The combination of distance, forgiveness, and workability makes them suitable for both mid-handicap players looking for distance gains and low-handicap players seeking shot-shaping capabilities.

Overall Impression of the Ping i500 Irons The Ping i500 irons excel in delivering impressive distance and forgiveness while maintaining a sleek and compact appearance. The hollow body construction, forged face, and cavity design work together to optimize performance and provide golfers with a satisfying feel at impact. The power spec lofts may require some adjustment for golfers accustomed to traditional iron lofts, but they contribute significantly to maximizing distance. With their combination of distance, forgiveness, and playability, the Ping i500 irons are a solid option for golfers looking to improve their game.

Custom Fitting Options:

Ping is well-known for its commitment to custom fitting, and the i500 irons are no exception. Golfers can take advantage of Ping’s fitting system to ensure that the irons are perfectly tailored to their swing characteristics, including length, lie angle, grip size, and shaft flex. Custom fitting can further optimize the performance and consistency of the i500 irons for individual golfers.

Appearance and Design:

The Ping i500 irons have a sleek and compact design that appeals to golfers who prefer a more traditional look at address. The clean lines and minimal offset provide confidence and promote a sense of control over the ball. The Hydropearl 2.0 chrome finish not only enhances durability but also adds a touch of elegance to the overall aesthetic.

Workability and Shot Shaping:

Despite being distance-focused irons, the Ping i500s offer a decent level of workability, allowing skilled golfers to shape their shots. The combination of a compact head, optimized weighting, and responsive face enables golfers to manipulate the trajectory and curve of their shots, adding an element of creativity to their game.

Sound and Acoustics:

The sound and acoustics of a golf club can greatly impact a golfer’s perception and feel at impact. The Ping i500 irons have a crisp and satisfying sound, providing auditory feedback that is highly regarded by many golfers. The sound, combined with the feel at impact, creates a sensory experience that contributes to the overall enjoyment of playing with these irons.

Suitability for Different Skill Levels:

While the Ping i500 irons are often associated with mid to low handicap players seeking distance, they can also benefit higher handicap players looking to add more distance to their game. The forgiveness and playability of the irons make them forgiving enough for golfers who may not consistently strike the center of the face. Additionally, the added distance can help golfers reach greens in regulation more easily, improving their overall scores.

Availability of Custom Shaft Options:

Ping offers a wide range of shaft options for the i500 irons, allowing golfers to choose a shaft that suits their swing characteristics and preferences. Whether you prefer a lightweight graphite shaft for increased swing speed or a heavier steel shaft for stability and control, Ping offers customization options to enhance the performance of the irons.

Price and Value:

The Ping i500 irons are positioned as a premium offering in the market, reflecting their high-quality construction, performance, and the brand’s reputation. While they may have a higher price point compared to some other irons, golfers who prioritize distance and forgiveness, and appreciate the craftsmanship and attention to detail, will find the Ping i500 irons to be a worthwhile investment that can significantly improve their game.


Club ModelLoft (degrees)Lie (degrees)Length (inches)Swing Weight
i500 3-iron19.060.039.75D2
i500 4-iron22.060.539.25D2
i500 5-iron25.061.038.75D2
i500 6-iron28.061.538.25D2
i500 7-iron31.562.037.75D2
i500 8-iron35.062.537.25D2
i500 9-iron40.063.036.75D2
i500 PW45.063.536.50D2
i500 UW50.063.536.50D2
i500 SW54.063.536.25D3

Shaft Options

Club ModelShaft MaterialFlexWeight (grams)Torque (degrees)
i500 3-ironSteelStiff1151.9
i500 4-ironSteelStiff1151.9
i500 5-ironSteelStiff1151.9
i500 6-ironSteelStiff1151.9
i500 7-ironSteelStiff1151.9
i500 8-ironSteelStiff1151.9
i500 9-ironSteelStiff1151.9
i500 PWSteelStiff1151.9
i500 UWSteelStiff1151.9
i500 SWSteelStiff1151.9


Club ModelBall Speed (mph)Launch Angle (degrees)Spin Rate (rpm)Carry Distance (yards)
i500 3-iron155174800220
i500 4-iron150184700210
i500 5-iron145194600200
i500 6-iron140204500190
i500 7-iron135214400180
i500 8-iron130224300170
i500 9-iron125234200160
i500 PW120244100150
i500 UW115254000140
i500 SW110263900130


The Ping i500 irons are an excellent choice for golfers seeking distance gains without compromising forgiveness. The hollow body construction, forged face, and cavity design contribute to improved performance, while the power spec lofts promote higher launch angles and longer shots. Whether you’re a mid-handicap player or a low-handicap player, the Ping i500 irons offer a compelling package of distance, forgiveness, and playability. Consider giving them a try to enhance your game on the golf course.


Ping i500 Review


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