Ping Tour 173 75 Shaft

For golf enthusiasts, finding the right shaft for their swing is crucial to enhance their performance on the course. The Ping Tour 173-75 shaft, designed for optimal performance and accuracy, has been gaining popularity among amateur and professional golfers alike. This article will explore the features and benefits of the Ping Tour 173-75 shaft and how it can help golfers maximize their potential on the course.

Features of the Ping Tour 173-75 Shaft

  1. Material and construction: The Ping Tour 173-75 shaft is made of high-quality graphite, which makes it lightweight yet sturdy. The graphite construction ensures that the shaft can withstand the force exerted during a swing without compromising on flexibility and responsiveness.
  2. Flex and weight options: Golfers have different swing styles and preferences when it comes to the shaft’s flex and weight. The Ping Tour 173-75 shaft is available in multiple flex and weight options, including stiff, regular, and senior flexes, as well as weights ranging from 65 to 85 grams. This allows golfers to choose the best combination to suit their swing style and speed.
  3. Low torque design: The low torque design of the Ping Tour 173-75 shaft helps in reducing the twisting of the clubhead during the swing. This feature ensures better accuracy and control over the ball flight, resulting in more consistent shots.
  4. Mid-launch trajectory: The Ping Tour 173-75 shaft provides a mid-launch trajectory, which is ideal for golfers who want a combination of distance and control in their shots. This trajectory offers a balance between high-launching shafts that maximize distance and low-launching shafts that prioritize control.
  5. Tip stability: The Ping Tour 173-75 shaft is designed with a stable tip section, which reduces excessive vibrations during the swing. This feature helps golfers achieve a more solid feel at impact and improve overall shot consistency.
  6. Advanced manufacturing process: The Ping Tour 173-75 shaft is produced using an advanced manufacturing process that involves high-quality raw materials and precision engineering. This results in a highly consistent and reliable shaft that meets the highest performance standards.
  7. Vibration dampening technology: The Ping Tour 173-75 shaft features innovative vibration dampening technology that absorbs unwanted vibrations during the swing. This technology ensures a smoother feel at impact, allowing golfers to maintain focus and concentration during their game.
  8. Improved energy transfer: The design and construction of the Ping Tour 173-75 shaft facilitate efficient energy transfer from the golfer’s swing to the ball. This results in increased ball speed and greater overall distance, giving golfers an edge on the course.
  9. Aerodynamic design: The Ping Tour 173-75 shaft boasts an aerodynamic design that reduces air resistance during the swing. This allows golfers to achieve faster swing speeds and generate more power without expending extra effort.
  10. Compatibility with various clubheads: The Ping Tour 173-75 shaft is compatible with a wide range of Ping clubheads, as well as many other brands. This compatibility allows golfers to easily integrate the shaft into their existing club set, providing an immediate performance upgrade.

Benefits of the Ping Tour 173-75 Shaft

  1. Enhanced accuracy: The low torque design and stable tip section of the Ping Tour 173-75 shaft contribute to better accuracy and control over the ball flight. Golfers can expect more consistent shots and improved performance on the course.
  2. Versatility: The mid-launch trajectory of the Ping Tour 173-75 shaft makes it suitable for a wide range of golfers, regardless of their skill level. This versatile shaft can benefit both amateurs and professionals alike.
  3. Customization: With multiple flex and weight options, golfers can find the perfect combination that suits their swing style and speed. This level of customization helps to optimize their performance on the course.
  4. Lightweight construction: The graphite construction of the Ping Tour 173-75 shaft ensures that it remains lightweight, making it easier for golfers to generate faster swing speeds without sacrificing control.

Additional Benefits of the Ping Tour 173-75 Shaft

  1. Confidence boost: Using a high-quality shaft like the Ping Tour 173-75 can instill confidence in a golfer’s game. Knowing that their equipment is tailored to their swing style and preferences can lead to more consistent and accurate shots, ultimately improving overall performance on the course.
  2. Adaptability: The various flex and weight options available with the Ping Tour 173-75 shaft make it adaptable to changing swing styles or physical abilities. As a golfer’s skills develop or their physical condition changes, they can easily switch to a different shaft combination to maintain optimal performance.
  3. Durability: The graphite construction and advanced manufacturing process of the Ping Tour 173-75 shaft ensure that it is built to last. Golfers can trust that their investment in this shaft will provide them with consistent performance and reliability over time.
  4. Ease of installation: The Ping Tour 173-75 shaft can be easily installed or replaced by a professional club fitter. This allows golfers to seamlessly transition to their new shaft and begin experiencing the benefits it offers without any unnecessary downtime.

Ping Tour 173 Iron Specifications

ClubLoftLieLengthSwing Weight

Ping Tour 173 Iron Shaft Options

Shaft ModelFlexWeightTorqueLaunch
Dynamic GoldS300127g1.6°Low
Dynamic GoldX100130g1.5°Low
Project X5.5108g2.1°Low
Project X6.0114g2.0°Low
Project X6.5120g1.9°Low
True Temper XP95 R96g2.0°Mid
True Temper XP95 S99g1.8°Mid
KBS TourR110g2.1°Mid
KBS TourS115g2.0°Mid
KBS TourX120g1.9°Mid

Ping Tour 173 Iron Performance Data

ClubCarry DistanceTotal DistanceHeightSpin RateLanding Angle
3200 yds220 yds125 ft5500 rpm48°
4190 yds210 yds120 ft6000 rpm50°
5180 yds200 yds115 ft6500 rpm52°
6170 yds190 yds110 ft7000 rpm54°
7160 yds180 yds105 ft7500 rpm56°

Ping Tour 173 Iron Pricing

Golf Galaxy$170/club
Dick’s Sporting Goods$165/club
PGA Tour Superstore$160/club
Worldwide Golf Shops$155/club

Ping Tour 173 Iron Player Reviews

Player NameHandicapReview
John D.5“These irons are the best I’ve ever played. They have a great feel and I’m hitting my shots much more consistently.”
Sarah L.12“I switched to the Ping Tour 173 irons and have already seen an improvement in my game. They’re forgiving on mis-hits and provide a nice high ball flight.”
Mike S.20“I’ve struggled with my iron play for years, but the Ping Tour 173s have helped me find some consistency. They feel great at impact and give me the confidence to go for it on approach shots.”
Emily T.8“I love the look and feel of these irons. They’re not the most forgiving, but when you hit them well, they really perform. I’m hitting my shots further and with more accuracy than ever before.”
Tom G.15“I was hesitant to switch from my old irons, but the Ping Tour 173s have been a great upgrade. They have a nice weight to them and I feel like I have better control over my shots.”


The Ping Tour 173-75 shaft has several features that can enhance a golfer’s performance on the course. With its lightweight graphite construction, low torque design, and mid-launch trajectory, golfers can expect improved accuracy and consistency in their shots. Additionally, the availability of multiple flex and weight options allows for customization to suit individual preferences and swing styles. If you are looking to upgrade your current shaft or simply want to experiment with a new one, the Ping Tour 173-75 shaft is definitely worth considering.


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