How to Play Golf in the Rain

Playing golf in the rain can be a challenging and sometimes unpleasant experience, but with the right preparation and mindset, you can still enjoy the game and perform well. Here are some tips to help you play golf in the rain:

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  1. Wear appropriate clothing: The most important thing to consider when playing golf in the rain is your clothing. Wear waterproof clothing, including a waterproof jacket and pants, and waterproof golf shoes. A hat or cap can also help to keep the rain out of your eyes.
  2. Protect your clubs: Make sure your golf bag has a rain cover to protect your clubs from getting wet. You can also use towels or plastic bags to cover your clubs during the round.
  3. Adjust your grip: The rain can make the grip on your club slippery, so adjust your grip accordingly. Use a firmer grip to maintain control of the club.
  4. Use the right ball: Choose a golf ball that is designed to perform well in wet conditions. Look for a ball that has a softer cover and better grip to help control your shots.
  5. Choose your shots carefully: Playing in the rain can make the course wet and muddy, which can affect the distance and trajectory of your shots. Consider using a shorter club to compensate for the conditions.
  6. Be patient: Playing in the rain can slow down the pace of play, so be patient with yourself and your fellow golfers. Take your time to make sure you’re hitting the right shots and don’t rush your swings.
  7. Stay focused: The rain and wet conditions can be distracting, so make a conscious effort to stay focused on your game. Take deep breaths and focus on your shots, rather than the weather.
  8. Stay dry: Finally, try to stay as dry as possible during the round. Take cover under an umbrella or shelter when you can, and keep a towel handy to dry off your equipment and yourself between shots.
  9. Check the weather forecast: Before heading out to the course, check the weather forecast to know what to expect. If there’s a chance of lightning, it’s better to postpone your round. However, if it’s just rain, be prepared with the right gear.
  10. Keep your hands dry: Wet hands can lead to slippery grips, which can affect your shots. Keep a towel or two handy to dry your hands and your club handles between shots.
  11. Use an umbrella: Using an umbrella can help you stay dry and protect your equipment from getting wet. Make sure the umbrella is big enough to cover you and your clubs, and use a clamp or holder to keep it secure.
  12. Be cautious on the course: Wet conditions can make the course slippery and hazardous. Be cautious when walking on wet grass or mud, and watch your step to avoid slipping or falling.
  13. Adjust your swing: Playing in the rain can affect your swing, so make some adjustments. Swing a little slower and with less force to maintain control of the club. Also, aim for the center of the green, as it’s more forgiving in wet conditions.
  14. Take advantage of the conditions: Playing in the rain can actually work in your favor. Wet greens are slower, which means your ball won’t roll as much. Also, the rain can make the fairways softer, which can help your shots stop quickly.
  15. Stay positive: Finally, maintain a positive attitude and focus on having fun. Remember, golf is a game, and you’re out there to enjoy yourself. Don’t let the rain dampen your spirits, and stay optimistic even when things don’t go as planned.

Clothing and Accessories

Clothing/AccessoryDescriptionAdvantagesDisadvantagesRecommended Brands
Waterproof Golf ShoesShoes with waterproof technology to keep feet dryPrevents slipping, keeps feet dryMore expensive than regular golf shoesFootJoy, adidas, Nike
Rain JacketJacket made of waterproof material to keep upper body dryKeeps upper body dry, can be layered over other clothingCan be bulky and restrict movementFootJoy, Under Armour, Callaway
UmbrellaLarge umbrella to protect golfer and equipmentProtects golfer and equipment from rainCan be difficult to use in windy conditionsTitleist, Sun Mountain, TaylorMade
Waterproof Golf GlovesGloves made of waterproof material to keep hands dryImproves grip on club, keeps hands dryCan be uncomfortable to wear for extended periods of timeFootJoy, Mizuno, Srixon
Rain HatHat made of waterproof material to keep head dryKeeps head dry, can be layered over other headwearCan be uncomfortable to wear for extended periods of timeTitleist, Nike, Ping

Golf Club Maintenance

Maintenance TaskDescriptionAdvantagesDisadvantagesRecommended Products
Wipe Down ClubsUse a towel to wipe down clubs after each shotPrevents rust and damage to clubsCan be time-consumingMicrofiber towels
Dry Clubs After RoundDry clubs with a towel and let them air dry before storingPrevents rust and damage to clubsCan be time-consumingClub Glove Caddy Towel
Apply Rust InhibitorApply a rust inhibitor to clubs after each roundPrevents rust and damage to clubsCan be messyWD-40 Specialist Long-Term Corrosion Inhibitor
Store Clubs in a Dry PlaceStore clubs in a dry place, away from moisturePrevents rust and damage to clubsCan be difficult to find a suitable storage spaceGolf Club Storage Rack
Check Club GripsCheck club grips regularly for wear and tearImproves grip and accuracyCan be time-consumingGolf Pride MCC Plus4 Grips

 Course Management

Course Management StrategyDescriptionAdvantagesDisadvantagesRecommended Courses
Play for PositionPlan shots to avoid water hazards and other obstaclesAvoids hazards and increases chance of successCan be difficult to executePebble Beach Golf Links, Augusta National Golf Club
Use More ClubUse a club with more loft to achieve better ball flight and distance controlImproves ball flight and distance controlMay sacrifice distanceTPC Sawgrass, Royal County Down Golf Club
Stay Below the HoleAim for the lower part of the green to avoid downhill puttsImproves chances of making puttsMay sacrifice distancePinehurst Resort, Whistling Straits
Play Conservative ShotsPlay safe shots that avoid risky shots and hazardsAvoids hazards and increases chance of successMay sacrifice distanceSt. Andrews Links, Muirfield Village Golf Club
Keep Ball LowUse lower trajectory shots to avoid wind and rainImproves distance and accuracy in windy conditionsMay sacrifice distanceThe Old Course at St. Andrews, Bandon Dunes Golf


Equipment ItemRecommended FeaturesBenefitsDrawbacks
Golf UmbrellaLarge canopy and sturdy frameProtects you and your equipment from rainMay interfere with your swing and take up space in your bag
Waterproof Golf BagWaterproof zippers and pocketsProtects your clubs and accessories from getting wetMay be heavier and more expensive than regular bags
TowelsAbsorbent and quick-drying materialKeeps your grips and hands dryMay get soaked quickly
Rain HoodTransparent and durable materialCovers your bag and clubs from rain and dirtMay be hard to use and require extra time to set up
Rain Cover for CartWaterproof and lightweight materialKeeps your bag and equipment dry while ridingMay not fit all types of carts

Safety Tips

Stay AlertBe aware of lightning and thunderAvoids the risk of getting struck by lightningMay interrupt your play and require you to seek shelter
Use CautionWalk carefully and slowly on wet and slippery surfacesPrevents slipping and fallingMay affect your pace of play and require more attention
Carry First AidBring a basic kit with bandages, antiseptics, and pain relieversTreats minor injuries and discomfortMay add weight to your bag
Keep WarmBring extra layers and blanketsPrevents hypothermia and cold-related illnessesMay be uncomfortable or bulky
Stay HydratedDrink water or sports drinks regularlyPrevents dehydration and fatigueMay require more frequent bathroom breaks

Practice Drills

Indoor PuttingPractice putting on carpet or artificial turf indoorsImproves your putting stroke and alignmentMay not simulate actual greens
Chipping in the RainPractice chipping onto a wet and soft surfaceImproves your control and touchMay require more effort to retrieve the balls
Driving Range in the RainPractice hitting shots with wet clubs and ballsGets you used to the feel and sound of wet shotsMay not be as comfortable or enjoyable as in good weather
Wet Bunker ShotsPractice hitting out of wet sand trapsImproves your technique and confidenceMay be messy and require more cleanup
Playing in a SimulatorPractice playing golf in simulated rainy conditionsProvides a realistic and challenging environmentMay require additional equipment and cost

By following these tips, you can enjoy playing golf in the rain while also staying safe and performing well on the course. With the right preparation and mindset, rainy days on the golf course can be just as enjoyable as sunny ones.


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